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Take time

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Take time

  • Take Time - Anne-Marie
    "Hold on to me, don't say "bye" Don't let go of me, I won't be fine I put on a front to deal with it Even though it's killing me Can't let you think that I am here, crying I'll get over it, but it will"
  • Take Time - AM radio
    "Every day you're so frustrated working hard is overrated take time take time and make right what's wrong Everyday is like the last you never seem to get right past the same thing all the time and it gets"
  • Take Time - Chris Walker
    "Take time, show me, love me You know what I won't treat you good Take time, show me, love me You, the thought of you, brings happiness to me I can't deny it no more, you mean more than the world to me In"
  • Take Time - Lenny Kravitz
    "You can have it if you really want You can grasp it if you have the thought Feel your power that is deep within Are you ready? On your mark begin We should take time out to really love We should find"
  • Time After Time - Take 6
    "The Savior is waiting to enter your heart Why don't you let Him in? Why don't you let Him in? There's nothing in this world to keep you apart Why don't you answer Him? Why don't you answer Him? Chorus: Time"
  • Take Your Time - Buddy Holly
    "Take Your Time, I can wait For all the love I know will be mine If you Take Your Time Take Your Time, though its late Heart strings will sing like a string of twine If you Take Your Time Take Your Time"
  • Take Your Time - The Hollies
    "(Holly / Petty) Take your time, I can wait All of our love I know will be mine If you take your time Take your time, though it's late Heart strings will sing like a string of twine If you take your time Take"
  • Take Some Time - Bliss 66
    "Ooh oh oh oh... Ooh oh oh oh oh oh... We gotta take our time. I just don't know what to say. It seems we go through this everyday. I still don't know where we are. I wonder how we made it this far. I"
  • Take Your Time - Aphrodite's Child
    "Take your time Life is easy If you try Take your time It won't last If you living fast So just try To take your time Woman and wine what a sin! Riding around in a black limousine They take your money break"
  • Take Your Time - Al Green
    "Al Green Lay It Down Take Your Time Chorus: (Al Green and Corinne Bailey Rae in two-part harmony) Just you take your time, ohhh. Just you take your time. (Corinne) Do you remember when we used to take"
  • Take your time - Shocking Blue
    "People work so hard that they get heart attacks,A speed of life is much too high.I just wonder babeWhy they can't slow down?Take your time,Take your time,Hey you.The man next door, he always drove too"
  • Take The Time - Bad Company
    "When I see you start to cry, I stop and wonder But I know it's only because you love me so It ain't easy when I try to say, I'm sorry But you know, I'll find a way to get to you someday Oh baby, I want"
  • Take Your Time - Anderson Jon
    "Anderson Jon Song Of Seven Take Your Time Rushing here and there, I'm told to slow down Just relax, take your time, don't move so fast, so fast Tempers in the air, I'm told to slow down, ease back By the"
  • Take Your Time - Jefferson Starship
    "I'm gonna make one hour in inte just a few minutes I'm gonna get two days for the price of one there's a one word rhyme and that's called living thare's a one word love means plenty of giviing I'm"
  • Take My Time - Terri Clark
    "(Terri Clark/Angelo) Love is such a big rush You wanna hurry it along 'Cause you can't get close enough And I know it wouldn't feel wrong But it's all right gong slowly just fine getting to know me I'll"
  • Take My Time - Chris Brown
    "(*Prod. by Tha Bizness) I wanna hear you scream my name And girl you know the way Baby it's cool I'll wait for you baby Oohhhh I just wanna take my time Cause stingy as you are I think you're ready Girl"
  • Take My Time - Artefact
    "Spinning leafs Before my feet When summer leaves I am complete Nights in sweat I leave behind me Days of shining agony Now's your chance to finally find me Do you catch my irony?.... Take your time Wait"
  • Take Your Time - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "(Ronnie Van Zant - Ed King) My poor broke mama told me When I was twelve years old You eat and talk much too fast There's one thing you should know Take your time my sweet baby Take your time my blue"
  • Take The Time - Dream Theater
    "Hold it now Wait a minute C'mon... whew... Just let me catch my breath I've heard the promises, I've seen the mistakes I've had my fair share of tough breaks I need a new voice, a new law, a new way Take"
  • Take Your Time - Krezip
    "Have you ever had time, time to see If you'll ever know why why the days are so long When you're out on your own And nothing feels strong Take your time Try, I'm trying to, I'm trying so hard You"

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