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Talib Kweli Wont You Stay

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Talib Kweli Wont You Stay

  • Blackstar - Mos Def & Talib Kweli - Redefinition - Blackstar
    "What what what, what what, what what, what what Woaaaahhhhhhh! One two three, Mos Def and Talib Kweli We came to rock it on to the tip-top Best alliance in hip-hop, wayohh I said, one two tree, Black Star"
  • Get Em High (feat. Talib Kweli, Common) - Kanye West
    "I'm tryin to catch the beat, uh I'm tryin to catch the beat I'm tryin to catch the beat, uh uh, uh I'm tryin to catch the beat N-now, th-th-throw ya motherfuckin hands GET EM HIGH All the girls pass"
  • Stay around - Talib Kweli
    "Ladies and gentlemenKweli! Won't you stay around with me?...And please say the rhymeCause these rappers think that I'mIn love with your state of mindCause you a favourite of mineAnd I know you on your"
  • Won't You Stay - Talib Kweli
    "(feat. Kendra Ross) Yeah ... this is the best part of the trip Hold on to something, hold on to something We about to take the road less travelled You ain't gotta go home, but you can't stay here Let's"
  • I wont cha - Black Eyed Peas
    "will I am] one two three.. like this..... ba ba duh, ba ba, yea yea, ba ba ba baduh check this out darlin I got something to say, say we could shovel love like all day, day instead of all this lonliness"
  • This Means You - Talib Kweli
    "Sometimes, you gotta be direct with the people, y'know like.. Give it to 'em (c'mon) Yo! Give it to 'em GET, UP, NOW! Yo, we keep it type raw, and know exactly what we fight for when the nightfall"
  • Back Up Offa Me - Talib Kweli
    "Yo, yo Niggas always wanna cheak u, make sure u keepin it real niggga Im over here doing me, you do u, come on [(chanting) + talib kweli] (Back up offa me)ah high tec (Back up offa me)why dont you"
  • My Wheels Wont Turn - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    "My Wheels Won't Turn Bachman-Turner Overdrive Freeways I met a man who bought up land Wherever his feet would tread He asked me to El Paso Said I could stay on his spread He has horses and cows and tractors"
  • Good To You - Talib Kweli
    "Yea (yeaaah) Come on Uhh Yeah Kweli Yo Yo Ayo my silent moments, loud as the crack of thunder My hunger is like the crocodile that attacks the hunter It ain't commercial or underground, its true cause"
  • Your Mama Wont Like Me - Suzi Quatro
    "I wear my jeans too short and my neckline is too low I'm sit and stared at wherever I go I wear my jeans too tight and I stay out all night When you turn me on you see how I can bite And now my preoccupation"
  • Stay - Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs
    "Stay Just a little bit longer Please, please, please please, please Tell me youre going to Now, your daddy dont mind And your mommy dont mind If we have another dance Just on more One more time Oh, wont"
  • Stay - Eskobar
    "speaking of love now that's alright but I feel you're hypnotized you play your game making plans of leave alright but i wont put up a fight you'll have your way but you should stay now stay and make"
  • Stay - Jeremy Camp
    "Well I can feel within your soul, The more you reason, the more you've shown he's there, You can see the only way of falling down, Is when your looking everywhere, So far from this, you can live, So far"
  • Stay - Jon Secada
    "Stay with me a while cause you know Ill always need you Dont go, dont go Stay with me a while cuase you know Ill always need you Dontgo, dont go away What if the night time comes without the moon If the"
  • Stay - The Veronicas
    "I watch you walk awayI didn't say the wordsI wanted to sayNow I'm sitting all aloneThinking bout the timesI had you here to holdoh yeahGiving you my reasons whyI feel this way when weSay good byeBut I"
  • Stay - Pretty Ricky
    "Stay E Yay E Yay Stay (Ooh Yea) Stay (Ooh Yea) Can You Stay Stay Stay With Me My Girl Yeah Baby Can U Stay Jus A Little Bit Longer Come A Little Closer And Lay Ur Head On My Shoulder The Night"
  • Stay - Ne-Yo
    "(feat. Peddi Peddi) que linda ma, que linda ma, tu que linda ma, que linda ma, que linda ma Let's go! The room is spinnin' And I can't breathe And o0h my head is just achin' Hands won't stop sweatin' And"
  • Stay - Candy Hill
    "Baby no talkin Just heavy breathin Now you bad fall back, be easy Hey Hear the clock tickin I dont wanna be asleep Que no pase ni un minuto quiero estar contigo Deep wit you Tracin my lips wit your fingers"
  • Stay - True Vibe
    "how many times have i been here before? without a light to lead me out of the tunnel how many times have i stopped-and took a good look around why am i tryin to make it on my own? nothing is goin my way i"
  • Stay - 2-4 Family
    "StayOne More DayGood job is taken to townStay, dont runaway, please lord just one more dayDont be walkin awayUh, thats right (x4)Fly Thai :It be I the Fly Thai , with the slanted eyes ,uhWhen Im high to"

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