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Tanzania tin

  • Tanzania - Anti-Flag
    "I wouldn't wanna be a kid in Africa Where the sun has never shown For the child soldiers soldiering all day long Never knew the joys of being a kid Just a slit in the arm and a forced drug fix Then it's"
  • Tin Tin - Zara
    "deler gverdi mi Aman dallar bel verdi mi deler gverdi mi Aman dallar bel verdi mi Bekledim kuluk vakti Aman sz verdi de gelmedi Bekledim kuluk vakti Aman sz verdi de gelmedi Tin tin gelir prnar bana t"
  • Tin Tin Por Tin Tin - Jo?o Gilberto
    "Intro: B6.9/F# C#7.9/G# C6.9/G B6.9/F# C6.9/G B6.9/F# C#7.9/G# C6.9/G B6.9/F# B6.9/F# C#7.9/G# Voc tem que dar, tem que dar F#7 B6.9/F# O que prometeu meu"
  • Tin Machine - Tin Machine
    "Tin machine Tin machine Take me anywhere somewhere without alcohol Or goons with muddy hair Tin machine Tin machine Tin machine Tin machine The zombies that I pass The guy that beats his baby up The"
  • Rin Tin Tin - Oswaldo Montenegro
    "Rin Tin Tin era um cachorro que transava com um cabo Desce morro sobe morro Rin Tin Tin era o diabo, era o diabo Tinha pose de fascista 'inda por cima era racista Matou ndio, o co danado, o co danado Rin"
  • Rin Tin Tin - Leevi And The Leavings
    "jos etsit kadonnutta aikaa jotain josta jouduit luopumaan liian usein huomaat ei se totta ollutkaan ja joku tuskin tiet mit etsii vailla mrn pt harhailee monen vuoden jlkeen ystvlleen kirjoittaa ne sanat"
  • Tin Soldier (Tin Man) - Gypsy Kyss
    "Young boy soldier's got everything he needs He's got a gun on his shoulder and a badge on his sleeve He's got boots and grenades and knitted mittens that his mother made him Hey boy watcha' doin' out here? You"
  • Tin Soldiers - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "(Original song by Stiff Little Fingers) He turned up to get a job To show he wasn't scared All wrapped up in that army crap He thought he'd be prepared Well at the age of seventeen, He was forced to"
  • Afiste tin - Sakis Rouvas
    "Otan ti dite min tis piteOti akoma ti zitaoOtan ti dite min tis piteOti gi afti kardiohtipaoKi oso tha zo mono gia 'kini tha ponaoAfiste tin na pai opu theliAfiste tin na kani ti zoi tisAfu den ime ego"
  • Tin Town - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics by James Seals; music by James Seals & Dash Crofts, 1970) From the albums DOWN HOME (1970) and SEALS AND CROFTS I AND II (1974). Have you been down to Tin Town, where dreams in cans once were"
  • Tin Walls - Hoobastank
    "There was a vacancy, in the place where my dad should be Do other children feel this way? I cried out so loud for him Who knows where he could have been I know that I will not be the same Take me away"
  • Tin Soldiers - Stiff Little Fingers
    "He joined up to get a job And show he wasn't scared Swapped boy scout hat for army cap At the age of 17 he was forced to choose Now at the age of 21 he's in Catch 22 He joined up for just three years It"
  • Tin Marin - Ali Primera
    "Ali Primera Abrebrecha Tin Marin Solo se mojaron y en la orilla estan secandose al sol pronto sonaran. Tengo un gran dolor en el costillar se afloja el tambor y es por la humedad Fuego con llanto es"
  • Tin Man - Kenny Chesney
    "Saw a man in the movies That didn't have a heart how i wish i could give him mine then i wouldnt have to feel it breakin all apart and this emptiness inside would suit me fine its times like these i wish"
  • Tin Drums - BrainStorm
    "Hey, honey, hey Say what you wanted so long Let your tin drums play Let your tin drums play Burn, honey, burn Oh it's the oneway highway with no return Well we have a lot to go We can save We can save"
  • Tin Man - Landon Pigg
    "I don't why I do what I I don't why I do what I do It feels so good to me I guess that's why I do what I I guess that's why I do what I do 'Cause it feels good to me and it's right there for the taking"
  • Tin man - America
    "Sometimes late when things are real And people share the gift of gab between themselves Some are quick to take the bait And catch the perfect prize that waits among the shelves But Oz never did give nothing"
  • Tin Opp - Dagsland Sigvart
    "(T: Dagsland/Roalkvam etter id av Tormod Trresdal, M: Sigvart Dagsland) N m eg sei det (Du sko ha sagt det lenge fr) N e eg lei det (Du sko blitt lei det lenge fr) Eg gr rondt og fryse (Adle vett ka som"
  • Tin Horns - Ashes You Leave
    "The twelve raise their tin horns Into the wake of dawn But as the tides rise they realize The march has long gone home And the lonely melody tunes again To the consonance of the wind As we die, the sun"
  • Tin Drum - Childs Toni
    "Childs Toni Union Tin Drum Toni Childs, David Ricketts there's an old man talkin to a young boy weepin to an old man shaking his head there's a cool gentle breeze in the night full of light as the red"

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