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Tax Free do pobrania zaVivat - By

  • Rain,tax - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Miscellaneous Rain,tax Rain,tax Celine Dion (A New Day Has Come) (It's inevitable) I didn't know there was a plan Somewhere a perfect plan I don't believe in the stars And then you smiled at"
  • Tax Religion - Brian Robbins
    "the man says it does not matter how much that you give but sometimes the lord will test your faith and by this time next year you'll have your mercedes benz if it was up to me I'd tax religion like the"
  • Tax - Oswaldo Montenegro
    "Eu tava andando na rua, chovia e tava calor Como um taxmetro o olhar registrava e me cobrava tudo o que j passou E voc Me odeia e eu entendo e Deus Passou lotado por nós No, no esquea que a cabea abandonou"
  • Tax Free - Joni Mitchell
    "Front rooms Back rooms Slide into tables Crowd into bathrooms Joke around Cheap talk Deep talk Talk, talk, talk around the clock Crawl home Lie down Teeth chatter Heart pounds I don't feel so good I don't"
  • Tax People - Champion Jack Dupree
    "Lord have mercy on these tax people! I don't see no more sense in workin' every day When you make a little money the tax people take it all away but How they expect you to live? But we'll make it, we'll"
  • Rain Tax - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Miscellaneous Rain Tax (It's inevitable) I didn't know there was a plan Somewhere a perfect plan I don't believe in the stars And then you smiled at my pretence As you broke down my defenses Just"
  • Rain, tax - Celine Dion
    "I did not know there was a plan Somewhere a perfect man I don't believe in the stars And then you smiled at my pretence As you broke down my defenses Just wanna be where you are Loving ain't like fashion"
  • Sugar tax - Omd
    "After all that wve been through, at the ending of the day, still your arms are open wide, still you want to make me pay. More than pennies, for my dreams, make me bleed, to make me pay, people charge,"
  • Tax Shelter - Aus Rotten
    "Another vacant building is a tax shelter and nothing more Cemented doors and windows keeping out the poor What purpose does it serve to keep these buildings emply Destroying our community to protect abandoned"
  • Free - Ginny Owens
    "Turning molehills into mountains Making big deals out of small ones Bearing gifts as if they're burdens This is how it's been Fear of coming out of my shell Too many things I can't do too well Afraid"
  • Free - Kylie Minogue
    "It's Night Time, We're driving, Lights go by and make stars in my eyes. It's cold out and it's warm in, when I have you by my side. And I know this is special, when the breeze is on my face. For now"
  • Free - Planetshakers
    "You saved me, You set me free You healed me, You made me see You set me free You give me, all that I need You give me, life abundantly You set me free All I wanna do is praise You 'Cause You have set"
  • Free - Faith Hill
    "i had it tough when i was just a little kid it didn't matter what i thought it didn't matter what i did i felt the doubt for what i lacked right from the start it did a number on my head but it could"
  • Free - Alisha's Attic
    "Take a breather angel Gather up your thoughts and fears As you sit there in that room Be sure that justice will be done But only if you believe Every second, every minute Just gets harder to hold on to"
  • Free - Geto Boys
    "Geto Boys (G.B.)'98 We gonna set this shit straight, belive that Don't you wish sometimes you can be free Free from incarceration Free from paying them bills Free to come and go when ya feel Most of all,"
  • Free - Grammatrain
    "Staring at the dark again, you left your silhouette upon my pillow Right inside the night, I'm waiting for the light, seems like I'm in the middle Workin for something that I can't touch and sometimes can't"
  • Free - Cross Movement
    "I wanna know if you wanna know which way to go It's a narrow road, and if you carry loads, you can be set free I don't care about the car you drive... are you alive? This is do or die, so you and I need"
  • Kiedy pada śnieg - Tax Free
    "Kiedy pada śnieg, Kiedy życie nasze zwalnia bieg Mróz maluje wzory na szkle Znów pan rodzi się Betlejemskich gwiazd świeci tyle ile szczęścia w nas Siądźmy wszyscy razem tu To nasz wspólnych stów Wigilijna"
  • Rozmowa bez nikogo - Tax Free
    "Maja, oooo! W jeden deszczowy dzień, W tanim barze pod bzem, Umówiłem się sam ze sobą. By rozmówić się tam, Twarzą w twarz sam na sam, Żeby upić się bez nikogo. Za to życie że trwa, Za ten czas co nas"
  • Moje małe nieba - Tax Free
    "Niepogoda zawierucha, dokąd pójdziesz, kiedy pada? chyba znowu Cię oszuka w starej knajpie ciepła kawa Chociaż zna swoje szczęście, każdy chciałby jeszcze trochę nieba A ja mam takie serce, że już mi nic"

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