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Taxxi pron

  • Heaven And The Heartaches - Taxxi
    "People say we're crazy To carry on in this fashion They only see the tears And never feel the passion Well, it's been no bed of roses No walk down easy street But the dream we shared Is gonna keep us"
  • I'm Leaving - Taxxi
    "While the city sleeps, I wander the streets, Wanting it some other way My clothes in a bag, tired muscles sag, I've come to the end of my stay I walk through the rain, time pours down the drain, Exhausted,"
  • Malta Not For Sale - Norm Rejection
    "Millenju did nielebraw f'portosadomaso hawn il-mekdonalds ta' kullimkien flus delin gand is-sidien Jgaffu lilek jgaffu lili il-poter gand dawk tal-liri gandna allelin bil-lekk? deiżjonijiet bi-ekk Awtogols"
  • You And Prona - ZgRaNa PaKa
    "day fetiIval my but you late no like their go prep barium You drink beer And say " evil proceed " REF.You had chances three You have wasted shoe it you and prona We have fallen in love on three days And"
  • Before i masterbate - Slipknot
    "Yes!Sitting down - inside a trailer where i livePants pulled down - bizarre but right at homeClaustrophobic - My house is too damn smallHomosexual - I think I amIt's smeared across my mouse and sticky"
  • Lucky - I Can
    "I Drowned My Girlfriend in Her Wishing WellI'm Not Afraid of Afterlife Hell'cause I Live It EverydayI Live It Every DayI Lit a Fire On My Neighbor's LawnI Didn't Know to Me They Were Were My Pawns'cause"
  • Hip hop dolls - Pussycat Dolls
    "Hi!!!Beigs Pussycat Dolls...Bias for pin up...To want...Somebody for at pull...Yeeeeeeah!!!Hi being Carmit...A red-head of group...What a o prejudice...To come to stare at!!!Yeeeeah Carmit at surface!Ref:The"
  • Per - Andrew Lloyd Webber
    "Ch: At the watering holes of the well-to-do I detect a resistance to (Precisely) Our heroin's style (We're glad you noticed) The shooting sticks of the upper class (Give her an inch) Aren't supporting"
  • Vamo'a matarlos - Don Omar
    "ProbandoLooney, sube, subeElielMatalos pa, si se tiraron que aguantenCoyote, una mas...?Hector tu estas ready?Yo estoy ready ?Boster tas Ready?Vamo'a darle fuego a to'estos puercos?Tu estas ready??Hector"
  • L'empire du cote obscur - Iam
    "Le sombre monarque dbarque et tale Son pouvoir, la puissance de l'ombre s'installe Non, ne rsiste pas, ne lutte pas Ne te dtourne pas de la main tendue vers toi Ou je vais explorer le royaume de tes peurs"
  • On This Night Of A Thousand Stars/Eva, Beware Of The City - Andrew Lloyd Webber
    "Ch: Now, Eva Pron had every disadvantage You need if you're gonna succeed No money, no cash, no father, no bright light There was nowhere she'd been at the age of fifteen As this tango singer found out Agustin"
  • Jag '97 - Pst/Q
    "Nr jag var nyfdd slog morsan maken, fr han var skyldig till saken Han gjorde avkall, kalla mig avfall, Slngde mig och sa "Ta tillbaks den" Helt naken, krftrd, nstan dd, liggande vid min efterbrd Diagnostiserad"

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