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Taylor Swift State Of Grace

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Taylor Swift State Of Grace

  • State Of Grace - Taylor Swift
    "I'm walking fast through the traffic lights Busy streets and busy lives And all we know, is touch and go We are alone with our changing minds We fall in love 'til it hurts or bleeds or fades in time And"
  • Renegade (feat. Taylor Swift) - Big Red Machine
    "I tapped on the window on your darkest night The shape of you Was jagged and weak There was nowhere for me to stay But I stayed anyway And if I would’ve known How many pieces you had crumbled into"
  • Babe (feat. Taylor Swift) - Sugarland
    "what a shame didn’t wanna be the one that got away big mistake, broke the sweetest promise that you never should have made I’m here on the kitchen floor you call, but I wasn’t hear it you said no one else how"
  • I Wish (My Taylor Swift) - The Knocks & Matthew Koma
    "Most girls won't tick all of the boxes More baggage than my L.A. ex and don't know who The Knocks is Most girls are made-in-China plastics Over-the-counter counterfeits; emotional gymnastics It's summertime"
  • Taylor Swift - B.R.O
    "Ona wygląda jak Taylor Swift Ona wygląda jak Taylor Swift Ok, haha! Let’s go! Moi ludzie będą pić Narzucają tempo dziś Rano pewno zerwą film Dziś od życie nie chcą nic Ciągle powtarzają mi Weź ja i na"
  • Both Of Us (feat. Taylor Swift) - B.o.B
    "I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us Some day I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of us Ever thought about losing it When your money's all gone and you lose your whip You"
  • State Of Grace - Saxon
    "Sacred Towers Standing Tall Built In Times Of Guilt And Gold Ancient Knowledge Lost In Time Forgotten Now In Hearts And Minds Holy Towers Test Of Faith Sacred Knowledge State Of Grace State Of Grace"
  • State Of Grace - Britney Spears
    "Love is a state of grace Transcending time and space No other way I can describe Insanely beautiful It's almost mystical Cause you're mine And I can't believe that I feel What I feel Such a strange kind"
  • State of grace - Tarot
    "I see the hill scattered to horizons They've haunted my dreams for a long time The bones of ancestors lay unrestful They're calling me to their shrine And I struggle With the season before the snow The"
  • State of grace - Carola
    "Spending time in this dirty cityFeels like I'll never come cleanCould be I'll just go crazyWorking on the ways and meansI close my eyes and feel you hereI can see your faceI reach inside and I feel no"
  • State Of Grace - Billy Joel
    "There you go, slipping away into a state of grace I know the look that comes across your face It's so familiar to me Here I am, trying to keep you in my line of sight I'm never certain that you read me"
  • State Of Grace - Journey
    "(Schon /Cain/Augeri) Reaching for places in time to remember All that reminds me of where I came from Safe in the innocent arms of surrender In a shattering moment it all comes undone The only thing certain"
  • State Of Grace - Labyrinth
    "When it's late and stars go to sleep I lie and wait for a new Dream My State of Grace ... When light fades everything 'round melts with shades in a Time-Escape It's my world made for my Dreams far away"
  • State Of Grace - Patti Scialfa
    "Check your time plan station master and bless the 3:45 she's rolling fast and free and don't she look just like me spitting off smoke and all empty inside I left my baby down on a city street our"
  • State Of Grace - Reba McEntire
    "Grace worked down at Wal-Mart For thirteen years she punched that clock Been two weeks without a day off She never gave it much thought 'Til one morning in the mirror Two new lines opened her eyes And"
  • State of Grace - NoMeansNo
    "First I tolf to myself there was no more than the sound Of the wind through an open door, and if no one entered it was no crime - at least it was none of mine, and all isaw I kept at bay, an empty heard in"
  • State Of Grace - Seal
    "So strange It's funny how We came to meet Those eyes uncanny Were my invitation I couldn't wait I couldn't wait To hold you like a baby Is this what it feels like You are here now Oh but I Can't seem to"
  • State Of Grace - Traffic
    "(Winwood/Capaldi) Sometimes your life can be sidetracked, getting lost in things you don't need But we all lose direction in a world of greed Some people's lives end in ruin, some people's lives never"
  • State Of Grace - Kirsty Hawkshaw
    "You know it makes no difference Whether we talk or not And it's much harder going in there sometimes And jumping down from the top. But if you talk to me, I will listen to you With my eyes, my ears,"
  • State Of Grace - Raekwon
    "(feat. RZA) It's those guys, man It's the fucking bankers, the politicians They the ones, don't wanna make coke illegal So they can make the fucking money And then they get the fucking votes You fighting"

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