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Taylor soft bad blod

  • Taylor Made - Weak At Best
    "and we will never be the same because you opened up our hearts to so many different things (whatever it takes we will see you again some day) my heart skipped a beat and my stomach turned on that day (whatever"
  • Blod - Bjelleklang
    "Jeg er ingen eventyrer, redd for hekser og vampyrer -reiser meeeed buss. Jeg er nrsynt, jeg har astma og har hue fullt av plasma, blod og rheeesus. For jeg skal gi blod og har min tro jeg sttter meg p"
  • Soft Toy - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "I'll not let them touch you dear, it's a wicked world out there Crawl inside my pocket, dear, we'll hide behind the chair The tinfoil's up, the chain is strung The phone's unplugged, the TV's on and blasting If"
  • Soft Surrender - The Killers
    "A police car was outside your house today I havent seen you in a couple of days They knocked on your door and then they went away Your mother looked scared, but she didnt cry She didnt cry On one"
  • Soft Revolution - Stars
    "We are here to save your life The fool, the drunk, the child, and his wife We won't let the sun go down We gonna chase the demons out of town Singing when you feel alone Backwards through the megaphone Singing"
  • Mrs. Taylor Rap Remixed - Mr. Walker And The Pimps
    "My name is Mrs. Taylor, I have gout I'm really fat! yo, check me out. My rumpus is overwelmingly large , and not too tiny My voice is soft, but not my hiney I'm da man with the masta' ham Watches are the"
  • Taylor - Jack Johnson
    "They say Taylor was a good girl Never one to be late Complain, express ideas in her brain Working on the night shift Passing out the tickets You're gonna have to pay her, if you wanna park here Well, mommy's"
  • Gasoline (ft. Taylor Swift) - HAIM
    "You took me back But you shouldn’t have Now it;s your fault if i mess around I took a drag But i shouldn’t have Now i am coughing up like i Never smoked a pack Gasoline, pretty please I want to get off But"
  • Soft To Hard - Lil Boosie
    "If You Got Some Work Dats Soft Then I Can Make The Shit Hard... (Boosie:) I Started Off With Mustard Greens Gangsta Lean Good White For A Good Price My Whip Game Is Insane So Lil Boosie Live Dat Good"
  • A Soft Seduction - David Byrne
    "The words of love are not enough Though sweet as wine, as thick as blood Passionless moments and we are homeless Out on the street But life is cool and things aren't bad Got what he wants, lost what he"
  • H. Soft Escape - The Age Of Rockets
    "We are the nothing waiting in bad dreams We are the first cracks in the ice We are the hour hand, forever love's bitch and We are the tears in those who have come before And you whisper, and you whisper"
  • I Wish (My Taylor Swift) - The Knocks & Matthew Koma
    "Most girls won't tick all of the boxes More baggage than my L.A. ex and don't know who The Knocks is Most girls are made-in-China plastics Over-the-counter counterfeits; emotional gymnastics It's summertime"
  • Olja & Blod - Tysta Mari
    "Olja r tjockare n blod. Bomber vger tyngre n ord. Friheten r subjektiv, Och freden krver liv. Tanksen rullar in genom media-blixtar, Ockuperar hjrnorna p dom som tittar. Underhller 24/7, Nnstans lngt borta"
  • Blod & Ild - Helheim
    "Fdt, under en blodrt mne Dag som natt og natt som dag I et helheimsk brak av hammerslag Hyll, du frende av denne dag Vr legions milleniumssymbol blodmne og ildsols snn Stlsatt med styrke og visdom i bunnen"
  • Kvasirs Blod - Enslaved
    "(The Blood of Kvasir) (Lyrics by Grutle Kjellson 1996) (Music by Ivar Bjornson & Grutle Kjellson 1996) A war ruled in ancient times Between the holy races, the Vanirs and the Aces When peace came, the"
  • Soft - Moby
    "I know whats in me I know what goes on in me Know it's time to stop I alone for ever I feel it soft In my hands So soft So soft And I can sit through the door Watching mine Watching the sign I know it's"
  • Soft - Refused
    "To much degredations, I'm going to tell the truth I'm going to spit it out, bring it out, twist the chords to much bullshit inflicted, to many stories told I'm fed up with lies, I'm just so fed up,"
  • Soft - Kings Of Leon
    "I used to see you every day used to see you every day I danced around your folk and soul i danced to all your fucking soul i left you with your nose a bleedin' and your toes a creepin' around ahhh so mundane"
  • Soft - Sense Field
    "it wouldn't be anything to me if you want it to want it to take apart the picture and the end go ahead now I cannot see how it all relates to me if you want it to take apart the picture and the end"
  • Soft - Second Coming
    "I live to fly on a natural high My love is growing softly to the sky The lovers hors'audourves for the Evening to come The camera still runs and we see you I was soft for the first time Now content to"

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