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Tdw one shot

  • One Shot - Mad Caddies
    "Poor man cry out to his God He's dying and hungry Rich man have a heart attack Worrying about his money He alienates himself from his family And points the blame in some other direction The other"
  • One Shot - Henry Rollins
    "yeah out of the silence out of the void out of destruction mind I am calm hot animal I am gratefully guilty as charged I want to break it I want to kill it I want to rip it limb from limb I want"
  • One Shot - Rollins Band
    "yeah out of the silence out of the void out of destruction mind I am calm hot animal I am gratefully guilty as charged I want to break it I want to kill it I want to rip it limb from limb I want"
  • One shot - Danity Kane
    "Verse 1- Aundrea (Dawn)] You all in my ear (I hear you talkin dirty) You wanna give me your name But you aint sayin nothin new to me (new to me) Are you sure that you can handle me? Uh, uh uh-oh So let"
  • One Shot - Pulley
    ""This is it, my one shot at the big time; I better make it count, stand up and be heard. Cause I know, if the radio plays this song, all the kids will buy it for maybe a month from now, and I won't be"
  • One Shot - Zebrahead
    "Look and start to stare into a new point of view Trip between the lines of what they say that you can do Break apart the prejudice that rules all the fools Prove that they are wrong To prove that they"
  • One Shot - Dub Incorporation
    "One shot ! blood ! another killa' Sarce teharaste tcharchoreune madeune Blood, mais le sang appelle le sang ! Ahbeusse el guierrant del moth soffle medeun Shoot chaque guerre comme un attentat ! Quand"
  • One shot - Mario Vazquez
    "Ohhh yeah If I were a builderThen you'd have a castleTo rival the highest mountainAnd if I were a billionaireI'd give you every material thingBut unfortunately all I have to give to youIs an imperfect"
  • One Shot - Sinik
    "H mettez du son, mettez-vous bien C'est S I N I K, Mals'1 l'Assassin Six Nine, En attendant l'album Rentre 2004, La main sur le coeur J'arrive d'un monde o la violence tous les droits Ecoutez-moi"
  • One Shot - Tin Machine
    "(David Bowie/Hunt Sales/Tony Sales) The ghosts of Manhattan shrieking as they fall >From AT&T Someone sees it all-goodbye Mr. Ed Andy's skull enshrined in a shopping mall near Queens Someone sees it all Icarus"
  • One Shot 2 Shot - Eminem
    "(feat. D12) I told ya'll mothafuckas I was comin back What now nigga what now what You's the projects nigga One shot two shot three shots four shots All I hear is gunshots this is where the fun stops Bodies"
  • One more shot - Rolling Stones
    "Uh baby, I got a message for you You got me doing something I thought I’d never will do Give me one more, one more shot And it’s all I got Give you one more shot And take me back I’m all yours Jack Yeah"
  • One more shot - Kane
    "Well, I got this old TV that you left behind and I got a better me it took so long to find I've got a lot of nerve mmm to ask you back at all and I put this picture of you and me on the hole in the wall"
  • One More Shot - Madox
    "music matters are popin’ popin’ do teh before we stopin’ stopin’ meet me on the dance floor babe let your hands explore after three I’ve be persuaded forget about your drama save it for your mama give"
  • One Last Shot - Negative
    "We used to be so perfect We came together fine It seemed like a crime This world, so blind We once created More than a fairytale Oh, how we shined Not any more Not any more Not any more Not any more I"
  • First One Shot - State Radio
    "Offed by just the man he used to know many years before and twenty and vertigo scarlet billows he breathes the sigh of relife of a killers So tip you hat to the gentleman or atleast nod your head for"
  • One Shot Deal - Pop Da Brown Hornet
    "(Intro: Down Low Recka) Eh yo , yo, you got one shot, one shot One at a time man, don't be floodin the mic Word up, but you got to keep it real Cuz bitch ass niggaz, hip-hop is on another level And ain't"
  • One Shot Deal - Beanie Sigel
    "(feat. Redman) One shot deal, one shot one kill Hit you with the one shot skill Bullets lift you up like you poppin on the wheel Feel I can't die when I'm poppin on the pill So real that it feel, keep"
  • One Shot Ballerina - Ghinzu
    "Feel the joy without touching you Spread your legs, I'll see what I can do for you But I can't remember your name I think about the dirt I think about our smiles I think about the lies I think about our"
  • One More Shot - Take Cover
    "With every word to leave your lips, my body feels the cold in it. Heart sank, you hit me point blank and stayed to watch me fall; right at your feet on the floor. And the view from here cannot convince,"

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