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Tech n9ne demons

  • Einstein Tech N9ne - Tech N9ne
    "Einstein...TECH N9NE Einstein...TECH N9NE What, 2-thou style Midwest Side TECH N9NE, the anthem nigga Like this, what If you got scratch nigga Get the fuck up Throw your hands up If you hella fucked"
  • Sinister Tech - Tech N9ne
    "You're the one nigga Who's a dumb nigga And a bum nigga You're a slum nigga Better run nigga When I come nigga With a gun nigga You're a bitch Buck you Never trust you Never loved you Never was you Imma"
  • Night And Day/T.E.C.H. Radio - Tech N9ne
    "Night And Day eheheh Tech N9ne, Baby (Tech N9ne) Other rap is out commission to the mouth they 'bout to listen do it up Reroute conditions make you bounce without permission Check it out we 'about to"
  • Tech - Tidfall
    "The first breath they breathe So innocent with first glimpse The re-circulation of mankind In the unknowing mind A fate filled with fragments of a never-ending dream Reborn programmed into a new industrial"
  • Einstein - Tech N9ne
    "[1st Verse] If you got scratch Nigga Get the fuck up Throw your hands up If you hella Fucked up Einstein TECH N9NE Two triple zip Crack a jaw Whip 'em all If they wanna trip Ladies with the bar codes Meet"
  • Broken Chains - Tech N9ne
    "Tech N9ne: __________ Everybody wana get in the middle of mu life Wanna know about the nina, the women, and my wife Hell of rumors I get enough of the haters you can bet they gona do it till I die What"
  • Voicez With Judge D - Tech N9ne
    "Judge ft Tech N9ne - Voices Chorus x2 i hear these voices in my head and they don't like you these demons fly around bed Telling me to take your life... Judge D: I don't know if it's the evil in me"
  • Mizery - Tech N9ne
    "Mizery From the beginning nigga.. Its all Jesus..jeah.. Tech N9ne!! and my nigga Macc James... Heh heh heh heh heh heh... Straight bringin that mizery, mizery.. *Chorus* Mizery when I see enemies, niggas"
  • Here Comes Tecca Nina - Tech N9ne
    "(Intro) Voiceover: "Message marked urgent" Announcer: Hey hey hey, what's sizzlin' everybody Northside, southside, east and west I'd like to welcome everybody to Absolute Power, baby This is big Chris"
  • It's Alive - Tech N9ne
    "What's sizzlin Demons, angels, and civilians Welcome to my purgatory party baby They say it ain't nothing but farms where we from They think we can't do no one harm where we from Gorillas and killers and"
  • Imma Tell - Tech N9ne
    "(Verse 1) The killa clowns in your town raising all hell Tecca nina with the stamina coming to damage ya buckin' The bammer when I bust with a bang. And it ain't no clause that say fraud ain't no tall"
  • Going Bad - Tech N9ne
    ""Everything was suppose to be all Jesus Everything was suppose to be all Jesus But it seems like everything is all Satan But it seems like everything is all Satan Everything was suppose to be all Jesus Everything"
  • Pain A Dark Picture - Tech N9ne
    "Man lives In a sun lit world Of what he believes to be reality But There is unseen by most An underworld that is just as real But not as brightly lit a DARKSIDE I can write a verse and take the sun away..."
  • The P.A.S.E.O. (The Poem Aaron Saw Extra Ordinary) - Tech N9ne
    "If i ever go away....... If i ever go..if i ever go... if i ever go... If i ever go away.... I want everybody that loves me to be... (Chorus) Ridin Paseo, not in the day though, Cherish the day, but"
  • Last Words - Tech N9ne
    "I know you dislike coming here But what these sessions are for Aaron Is so you can release all the hostility that you hold inside yourself I just want you to relax And keep in mind that this is a safe"
  • Keep On Keepin' On - Tech N9ne
    "Chorus You can pray and pray for my downfall But when I rise like the sun and I ain't Fuckin' with yaw and imma keep on, (oh), keepin' on (oh) Keep on (oh) Holdin' on (oh) Verse 1 I hear'em, whispering"
  • Stamina - Tech N9ne
    "(click,click) Stamina I'll be damn if I'll ever be Took away by the demons I'll never be What's the waether when I bust a rythm I come with the heater Cleverly Nigga nothin' will never be So killa Flowzilla Gorilla If"
  • Strange - Tech N9ne
    "(Intro) The strangest, straight derangest, start it J, start it J Uh, MidWest Side, IIIDQ found laughin (Verse 1) Lets get it on, raps new phenomenon Hitt'em up with the flips Rupture your dome Calm down,"
  • S.I.M.O.N. Says - Tech N9ne
    "Verse 1: Simon says I can make a grip if I unload this clip And empty off in another, if I want to get payed Aint no games to be played Scarface I watch on a daily basis Smokin laces Goin different places Stickin"
  • Now It's On - Tech N9ne
    "Verse 1 I'll murder your whole city nigga like Frank Nitti Hideous the city is niggas better give me this Respect when I flex cause my Tech flows like amphibians From here to the Caribbeans unexplored"

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