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Teen korea

  • Korea - Deftones
    "I taste you much better off teeth taste of white skin on red leather check the claws we got night time cavity to come in downtown pony work your pitch I came to in feathers lie leaves and you rubbed me"
  • Korea - Quebonafide
    "Mały fiut, wielkie serce Nocne drifty w BMCe Biorę ją na best western Bo jestem kowbojem W moim bucie są węże Jak w Medellin Nie chodzi o kokę, to tylko niewinna cherry Łeb zje*any jak gala Telekamery Broń"
  • Black Korea - Ice Cube
    "Everytime I wanna go get a fuckin brew I gotta go down to the store with the two oriental one-penny countin motherfuckers that make a nigga made enough to cause a little ruckus Thinkin every brother in"
  • Teen Idols - Teen Idols
    "crimes go home and see it on the evening news then we got nothing to do = if there were a concert we would go usually end up watching the prime = time shows hours in front of a t.v. set we're as idle as"
  • Teen Idles - Teen Idles
    "Life has been the same for a long time Go to scholl and witness the crimes Go home and see it on the evening news Then we got nothing to do If there were a concert we would go Usually end up watching the"
  • I Bombed Korea - Cake
    "I bombed Korea everynight My engine sang into the salty sky I didn't know if I would live or die I bombed Korea everynight I bombed Korea everynight Oh, I bombed Korea everynight Red flowers bursting"
  • North Korea Revisited - Oceania
    "swallows singing in Gingko mountains anchor the rainbow footsteps creaking furtive doorknobs turning try to look busy now it's your face that betrays you and the things you say in your sleep there is"
  • Teen Angel - Apulanta
    "Oh, teen angel, teen angel My heart is true Teen angel, teen angel Only for you If you'll be my darling I promise you I'll never make you cry Oh, teen angel, teen angel I can see it in your eyes Teen"
  • Teen Angel - Dickey Lee
    "Teen angel teen angel teen angel uh-huh That fateful night the car was stalled upon the railroad track I pulled you out and we were safe but you went running back Teen Angel can you hear me teen angel"
  • Teen Dream - Shaun Cassidy
    "Fresh out of school Bright and Bred We were born into the heart of a golden age. We had nothing to lose, nothing at all We had only to live and we gave it all. Caught in a Hurricane that was yet to be"
  • Teen titans - Puffy AmiYumi
    "When there's trouble you know who to call,Teen Titans!From their tower they can see it all,Teen Titans!When there's evil on the attack,You can rest knowing they got your back,Cuz when the world needs heroes"
  • Teen Angel - Mark Dinning
    "Teen Angel.. Teen Angel.. Teen Angel.. woo woo (verse 1) That fateful night, The car was stalled Upon the railroad tracks. I pulled you out and we were safe, But you went running back. (Chorus) Teen"
  • Teen Creeps - No Age
    "Wash away what we create My sins like funny calls you make Teen creeps I've seen you on my street Teen creeps get what they want and me I won't end up like them at all This town will take you kissing trees Before"
  • Teen Competition - Redd Kross
    "I thought I'd take this time to write to you Letters - From fans inspire your Magic lies - girls and guys You make us want to cry Teen competition We sit - And listen very closely to you Feel your, your"
  • American Teen - Khalid
    "Living a good life full of good vibes My eyes are on the grey skies Saying I don't want to come home tonight Yeah, and I'm high up, off what? I don't even remember But my friend passed out in the Uber"
  • Judy Teen - Steve Harley
    "Judy Teen, the queen of the scene, she's rag doll amore Verbal slang, American twang, you dare not ignore In from New York, prompted her to talk of superballs Judy Teen grew sick of the scene, just bragging"
  • Teen Tighterns - Huggy Bear
    "we waited for the birth of your next thought five-alive took transistors to your patch of dirt does how you dance hurt as much as it hurts us to witness fake soul conspiracy fake soul conspiracy they wanna"
  • Rising Sun (wersja korea - DBSK
    "Micky] Now I cry under my skin hanurul hyanghe gan naui nunmullo mandun biga dejie neryodo sero baghin ne aphumul shisogago No! Yongso negen jolde jogin sachi No! Pyojogobshi naragan girul irhun"
  • Rising Sun (wersja korea - Tvxq
    "Micky] Now I cry under my skin hanurul hyanghe gan naui nunmullo mandun biga dejie neryodo sero baghin ne aphumul shisogago No! Yongso negen jolde jogin sachi No! Pyojogobshi naragan girul irhun"
  • Teen Machine - Diva Destruction
    "We were four and who could ever ask for more your picture on the cover of a magazine we just had to keep our noses clean now we're three and things are not exactly what they used to be champagne and"

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