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Tegan and Sara City Girl

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Tegan and Sara City Girl

  • City Girl - Tegan & Sara
    "I cried so hard that you pushed me Further away I screamed so loud you called the Police on me I got so city girl on you I get so sad that Sad gets to be So scared that all my feelings They up and leave"
  • Sara - Starship
    "Go now don't look back we've drawn the line Move on it's no good to go back in time I'll never find another girl like you, for happy endings it takes two we're fire and ice, the dream won't come true Sara,"
  • Sara - Asp
    "Here we go again my lovely vampire queen Ready for your nightly theft Feel the flow and take my hand and lick me clean Can't you see there's nothing left We transfuse elixirs while we are seeking cure Sins"
  • Every Chance We Get We Run (Alesso ft. Tegan & Sara ) - David Guetta
    "The way I love you I can’t get to know you I could try But I don’t want anyone but barely sweet tonight Your bed, before you Your trust, you know you I could choose But I don’t want anything bad to come"
  • Sara - Rascal Flatts
    "Sara Beth is scared to death To hear what the doctor will say She hasn't been well Since the day that she fell and the bruise that just won't go away so she sits and she waits with her mother and dad and"
  • Sara - John Anderson
    "First date, first kiss Well I never will forget The way you looked that night Parked out, 'cross town Watchin' the stars fall down Girl your hair was soft and brown and Just before we get too far I'd hear"
  • City - Sara Bareilles
    "There's a harvest each saturday night At the bars filled with perfume and hitching a ride A place you can stand for one night and get gone It's clear this conversation ain't' doing a thing Cause these"
  • Sara Smile - After 7
    "Verse 1 Baby hair with a womans eyes and I can feel you watching in the night All alone in me I'm waiting for the sunlight my baby when I feel cold you warm me and when I feel that I cant go on you come"
  • Sara - Bob Dylan
    "I laid on a dune I looked at the sky When the children were babies and played on the beach You came up behind me, I saw you go by You were always so close and still within reach. Sara, Sara Whatever made"
  • Sara - Anderson John
    "Anderson John Takin' The Country Back Sara Some spend a lifetime searching for gold Crossing the ocean, like in days of old And now that I've found you I realize That you are forever where my heart lies From"
  • Sara - Bill Champlin
    "How could you let me go The way we've been getting on I didn't see no sign of trouble All of a sudden, you're gone How was I meant to know I left you alone too long I never thought you needed All of that"
  • Sara - Darius Rucker
    "Sara, I know it's been 'bout 30 years since I heard from you Are you still down in Fort Lauderdale? And does your daddy still think I'm bad for you? Young, young hearts never grow old, never get tired,"
  • Sara - Fleetwood Mac
    "Wait a minute baby... Stay with me awhile Said you'd give me light But you never told be about the fire Drowning in the sea of love Where everyone would love to drown And now it's gone It doesn't matter"
  • Sara - Stevie Nicks
    "You could be my silver spring.... Blue-green..colors flashin' I would be your only dream..... Your shinin' autumn....ocean crashin'.... Don't say that she's pretty.... and did you say that she"
  • City Girl - Jay Sean
    "It's the same train, it's the same time girl, Every morning on the central line girl, Look at you, you look at me from a far (Baby I) Gotta say I fantasize each day, Think about it with my mind on"
  • City Girl - Joan Armatrading
    "You came into town With your big ideas You'll find out That life just ain't that Way here There's such a lot of Big fish in the sea But don't take my word Just sit back and you'll see While closing"
  • Country Boy And City Girl - Clay Walker
    "(Clay Walker) I'm not the kind to take things for granted A simple mind and two strong working hands But at the time I thought my feet were planted You came along and uprooted this simple man A strong-willed"
  • Country Girl City Man - Billy Vera And The Beaters
    "COUNTRY GIRL, CITY MAN Billy Vera & Judy Clay I was born in New York City I was born in Georgia Girl you're lookin kinda pretty Don't you think we oughta Get to know each other better Take the time to"
  • Sara Doesn't Like Me - Nobodys
    "I know a girl named sara, i think she's pretty cool. And when i see her there ain't nothing i wouldn't do To get her to notice me or even look my way. But all she wants me to do is f**king go away. Cause"
  • Big City Fun Time Girl - Balaam And The Angel
    "Balaam And The Angel Live Free Or Die Big City Fun Time Girl Can't work can't sleep Can't stop I'm so weak Oh can't you see just what you done to me Long hair sweet lips Worn jeans on soft hips Just can't"

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