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Teka Last Time x Paulina Witon

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Teka Last Time x Paulina Witon

  • Can't Lose You (feat. Paulina Witon) - Teka
    "Can't Lose You muz: Tomasz Kucharski, Paulina Witon sł: Tomasz Kucharski, Paulina Witon We were suppose to be together, forever, forever 1. Po co walczyć w jednej wojnie z dwóch stron barykady Lepiej"
  • Dzień Dobry (feat. Paulina Witon) - Teka
    "Dzień Dobry muz: Tomasz Kucharski, sł: Tomasz Kucharski, Paulina Witoń Ref: Don't agree, that I have class You envy, that I have cash Won't pity,cuz you are trash Why don't you kiss my ass I'm not"
  • Last Time - Teka x Paulina Witon
    "This is the Last Time This is the Last Time I hold you so tight Lovin' you all night Coz I I'm a bit naive No, in all on me I’ve got to take my hands of you Ore you put me through This is the Last"
  • Paulina - Hippos, The
    "you think I'm square don't like the clothes I wear the way I comb my hair the way I sit and stare at you it's just a game to take the spot- light off of me I'm just afraid of what you might think sing"
  • Paulina - Hippos
    "you think I'm square don't like the clothes I wear the way I comb my hair the way I sit and stare at you it's just a game to take the spot- light off of me I'm just afraid of what you might think sing"
  • Dreams (ft. WAVE & PAULINA WITON) - PRIME
    "Wave it up Just wave your hands now Raise it up Raise it up on.. now Every day is a day I fall I’m about to take it all Starting form the bottom I .. to ten top Get down Step .. I kill everybody in rap"
  • X - Liberty X
    "(X) Hey yeah (Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh) Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah (Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh) Ooh, hey (Let's go) (X, X, X, X) 6 to 5 I'm two times We're still around Working night and day We're still"
  • X - Xzibit
    "(feat. Snoop Dogg) Yeah, ladies and gentleman Broadcasting live to you and yours It's Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit Yeah, bounce it Come on The first day of the rest of my life X stand behind the mic like Walker"
  • Paulina Rudio Sexual Lover - Paulina Rubio
    "Sexual kind of love gets my heart beating 'Cause you're an electric charge and I'm overheating Whenever you get too close I reach out and touch you But you'll never know it though, you look at me butt"
  • Filter X - Enter My Silence
    "Placed in the most vulnerable place we can bear Creating illusions which adhere from this moment to the last What a perfect lie... maintained by the X that dwells inside We cannot kill it, can't live"
  • Mr. X - Peter Hammill
    "(Gets Tense)The current affair gets to be my business I heard the news on the radio The sun on earth... what is this? Is that the way that the crazy goes? Attention tuned to the satellites, looking down"
  • Generation X - Pain
    "All the crap I've seen and how you're running things I'm not surprised You're reading for an early grave And with a smile we lower you down And now we see the industry is losing it's grip It's a dog eat"
  • X tasy - Missy Elliott
    "Read between the lines Ecstacy, a place of fullfillment and fantasies Were your dreams become reality's Mhm, ecstacy It enhances your most inner desire to become more free with your guts and feelings"
  • X - Ja Rule
    "(feat. Missy Elliott, Tweet) C'mon, let's get Pop in love I know you pop-u-lar Admitted the club But I just wanna toss you up Before I Swallow you whole I need to wash it down Tell your girls Avion"
  • X Girlfriend - Mariah Carey
    "X-girlfriend you cant have him Its about time That you found you a new man Hes moved on Dont you know? Dont you know? You gotta let him go Let him go Let him go X-girlfriend you dont listen (X-girlfriend) Stop"
  • X Ressurection - Steel Pulse
    "David Hinds Malcolm X Malcolm X Born in imaha Nebraska May 19 year 25 Was the son of a Garvey teacher We will keep his name alice Youthful years were full of adventure Drifted to a life of crime In jail"
  • X-Bitches - Ice Cube
    "Damn, what you doing over here? Whassup? Yeah I was thinking about you the other day And I was thinking I should have never fucked wit' your ass I should have left you right where I founnd you My bed (echo)"
  • X. Out - Staring Back
    "Always seeing what is right Youre doing nothing but advice I want you to show me love I feel like Im no good without you Sometimes no good at all Its starting to fall away And how does your life"
  • X-Static - Foo Fighters
    "Leading everything along, never far from being wrong. Nevermind these things at all, it's nothing. Couldn't find a way to you, seems that's all I ever do. Turning up in black and blue, rewarded. All the"
  • X-plosive - Angel Chix
    "I gotta tell you, gotta tell you ?Bout the thing that?s on tonight I, I?m gonna have a real good time I gotta warn you, gotta warn you You will be in for a fright I?m gonna prove to everyone that I?m not"

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