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Tell me as a feel

  • Tell Me Tell Me - The Adored
    "It's not the fashion anymore to act abused; it's not so timely anymore to be confused. Tomorrow's just another day for you to lose to come unglued. You're reading letters, sitting, waiting for a call,"
  • Tell Me - Shakra
    "Another lie - You've gone too far You're the queen of broken hearts Now look at me - How does it feel To see a man who's hurt so deep TELL ME BABY, TELL ME CAN YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT TELL ME BABY, TELL ME AFTER"
  • Tell Me - Mysteries Of Life
    "There's nowhere to pay now Put your dues away now This is free No cause or effect 'cause All lines in the set just You and me It's so unexpected I think it's connected The plane will be leaving It's"
  • Tell me - Erick Sermon
    "feat. MC Lyte, Rah DiggaGet this party started Def Squad, yeah, Flipmode Raw Footage, uh, yeah While I write y'all, jump in take a ride with me New hummer, no Lisa's, a few dom pieces The L-Y-T-E, I"
  • Tell Me - Amy Pearson
    "Healing hands Can you save me? Take this body Do as you will Is there a chance You can cure me? Make it all better Say that you love me still... You can be the one to dry my eyes baby, Please don't let"
  • Tell Me - 504 Boyz
    "(feat. Krazy) 504 i solemnly swear that I'll snitch Or testify on any of my homies That's the code to the streets, ya heard me What's up Krazy, we in here The New No Limit, code to the streets baby "
  • Tell Me - Silkk The Shocker
    "SILKK THE SHOCKER LYRICS "Tell Me" (feat. Master P, C-Murder) (Master P) Yo, uh Silkk, we gonna dedicate this one to all the hoes out there I aint calling every woman a hoe, but, uh, if the shoe fits"
  • Tell me - Ice MC
    "Oh what a woman what a dame what a beauty Baby gotta find out whats ya name and your duty Thats what I was thinking when you pass me by Ive never ever seen someone that look that fly But Baby where you"
  • Feel Me - Krist Van D ft. Reminiscence
    "Feel me as you always feel Tell me all the things you need Give me what you wanna give I'll be so glad Touch me with the gentle breeze Whisper that you wanna kiss Take me to the land of love I'll stay"
  • Tell Me How You Feel - Michael Bolton
    "If there's anything on your mind, I'm open It there's anything in your heart, honey, I'm open But how can I ever be a man If you won't open up and let me understand Oh oh oh oh yeah CHORUS Come on and"
  • Tell Me How You Feel - Joy Enriquez
    "Verse 1 : You're on my mind Had another sleepless night And all I think about Is that I want you here and now All I wanna say Is that I want you in my life I need you to hold me Make me feel so right B"
  • Tell Me How Ya Feel - UGK
    "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN~! Ladies and gentlemen! You are now tuned in to the very best (the very best) This, is a Jazze Phizzle, produc-shizzle U.G.K., Pimp C (Sweet Jones) Bun B~! I'm out here grippin"
  • A Story To Tell - Woe, Is Me
    "Let's go No one ever said this life would come easy, For God's sake you just have to believe me. I will go until the floor breaks beneath me, So place your bets, this shit won't be easy. Go. Why believe"
  • Nothing Makes Me Feel As Good As A Love Song - Kim Carnes
    "Sit right here beside me And sing me through the night And if you sing right through to the morning I won't mind As long as the song you sing is coming from your heart Nothing makes me feel as good as"
  • Tell Me Why - Jessica Folker
    "Picture love pure as summer Like winter in the spring God gave them everything To love and hold each other Like shelter from the rain All through the night into the day He never said he'd go away But"
  • Tell Me Why - Spice Girls
    "Oooh We could have had it all But you turned your back We started with dreams We started a team But you weren't as true as you always seemed You promised to love No matter what Yet you turned your back"
  • Please tell me - Solid Base
    "Solid Base - Please tell me refrain: You are all that I need You are all that I have Come to me and be near me Say you always be there Girl it's time I come a to ya time for a lover rhyme Cool as vanilla"
  • Tell Me Why - Ideal
    "oh, why i just wanted to lay down and die you don't know the pain that i feel inside could this be your dream or is it real tonite tell me why,oh why it hurts inside,for real,a lie can you tell me what"
  • Tell Me (Dime) - Beth
    "The sea at peace in the afternoon, and everything becomes as it was before. I play with the sand at my feet, without wanting I draw your name. How many times did a call you in the night, How many times"
  • Just Tell Me - Leila K
    "Move - C'mon Move - C'mon Just tell me, what did I know Time passes by, and I love you so You took my heart, torn me apart Now you've got me left with a broken heart You see live so high, and it got"

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