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Tell mi love now

  • Tell Me Now - Pino Daniele
    "Tell me now now now si s bbouno o si s fesso Tell me now now now si so bbouno o so s fesso E non ci posso pensare ad una vita normale fatta piena di stress con un poco di sesso ma ca voglia e camp e intanto"
  • Tell Me Now - Wumpscut
    "Tell me that you want That you fulfill my desire Tell me you are mine Tell me it will last forever Please tell me that you love me And that you will forgive me That I only wanted your heart That"
  • Now tell me - LOrd & Eight
    "Straight up now tell me Do you really want to love me forever? Do you really want to love me forever Oh. Oh, oh. Or are you just having fun?"
  • Tell you now - Le Tigre
    "Ill just tell you now cuz i dont think you know the things you tried to kill i found a way to grow ill just tell you now you may have made your mark but im still here today knowing who you are ill just"
  • Tell Me Now - Yeng Constantino
    "I love to hurt you baby I love to see you so sad I want to hear you saying please I love to see you breathing I want to see you broken because of me I want you down on your knees Cuz it's the only thing"
  • Tell Me Now - Shane Minor
    "(George Teren/Bob Regan) You never close your eyes when you kiss me We harldy laugh or talk anymore Lately there's been a chill in the air That I can't ignore When I ask, you say that it's nothing"
  • Tell Me Now - Beenie Man
    "Yes, iyah Some gal a move like dem a killa But dem have fi sekkle pon di tarantula Yes, nyah A Beenie Man and two thousand crew deh yah But wah, hey, woman yuh neva shy, put up yuh hand deh high From anuh"
  • Tell Me Now - Bellefire
    "Bellefire Miscellaneous Tell Me Now Thanks to Lela Chisholm for these lyrics. I know it's all over, but I think of you and all that we had Thought we were forever, but I'm missing you It makes me feel"
  • Tell Me Now - Sash
    "With a little bit of love (oh, love, oh, love) Are you lonesome tonight, are you here on your own, can I get your attention? Saw you dancing here tonight, with a smile that shines so bright, could I hold"
  • PLEASE TELL ME NOW - Billie Holiday
    "Arnold Clawson / Toussaint Pope Please tell me now How much you care Before we say good night, my dear You'll never say That you'll be mine Why keep me waiting? Please tell me now Day and night I'm wondering Do"
  • Don't Tell Me Now - Atomic Kitten
    "i know what's on your mind i know what's goin' on are you listenin'? i remember a time, when love was never a crime we used to watch the sun rise, that look of warmth in our eyes i think i know what"
  • Now You Tell Me - Reba McEntire
    "(Donny Kees/Shawna Harrington) What a surprise Never thought I'd hear from you Whatever made you call From out of the blue What did you say I must be hearing things Things that I never thought would come"
  • Go Tell Her Now - Tom Odell
    "You write her a message, Then you press delete You’re calling her up, But you don’t wanna speak what you know you see her by chance out on the street you wanna hold her, console her you can’t find the"
  • Now You Tell Me - Jordin Sparks
    "Is there anything that can make you happy? I don't know what to say, to make it better Seeing you like this, down and hurt so badly When you have been so kept together What's this? All this time I thought"
  • Mi Decision - Toby Love
    "(It's your boy Toby Lov leave a message) Hola mi amor soy yo umm happy anniversary baby I'm really sorry but i can't make it to dinner tonight Tengo que salir con mis amigas umm Dont wait up ok? bye sweetie"
  • Love Now - Mott The Hoople
    "(Overend Watts) I need love, I need it now, Not tomorrow, but right now, You look good, but you don't look nice, Be my friend, just once or twice. I don't wanna settle down, I just wanna fool around Gimme"
  • Now - Def Leppard
    "I wanna know you better Let's spend some time together I wanna be what's on your mind Look in my eyes, they're calling I need your love to fall in If you could just give me a sign I can't get over baby I"
  • Now - Catie Curtis
    "Why didn't you tell me that the only reason Why you walked away Is you were afraid I might leave you? And why didn't you tell me that the only reason For the things you'd say Is you were afraid I didn't"
  • Now - Daniel Johnston
    "If you think your thoughts so rationally Then you might just see it's not so funny Prey tell. The wishing well will get you eventually. Beware. What you are is what you're doing there. Love is lingering"
  • Now - Beardfish
    "Now, now when the time has come, the shape of the past has begun, to form an emotion of sight and sound. The tune still lingers in your head, Its with you when you go to bed. The dream made you feel wide"

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