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Temples - Mesmerise

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Temples - Mesmerise

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Temples - Mesmerise
  • Temples Mesmerise
    "Mesmerise analyze everything that you need Make the choice with the words, speak and within and talk away Seize till never, reach from within, decide to shine a leg of you Seems out of pleasure, shine"
  • Venom Temples of ice
    "Questioning the future with flaming intentI kneel before the temples of iceCrystalised walls rise to 10,000 feetBehind lies th answers to lifeMy cold breathless pain, makes me hunger for fireMust forge"
  • Victory Temples Of Gold
    "Hey, don't be fooled By the words of someone who lies And don't be fooled by the plan Behind TV preachers smiles He's just pretending He's communicating with God They want your money On your conscience"
  • Undercroft Temples Of Carrion
    "Where PAZUZU yells with pain Where carrion awaits!!! Where death's reborn Are temples of carrion! It's time of the other time It's time to remember It's time for sacrifice!!! Come sumerian magic Come from"
  • Rush Temples of syrinx
    "We've taken care of everythingThe words you hear The songs you singThe pictures that Give pleasure to your eyes.It's one for all And all for oneWe work together common sonsNever need to wonder How or why.We"
  • Kamelot Temples Of Gold
    "I see you when it snows in crystals dancing down from a sultry sky when silence is pure and unbreakable I can see you smiling in every frozen tear I can hear you whisper "You and I? little did we know"
  • Magnitude 9 Temples Of Gold
    "Temples of gold ascend to the sky Monuments made for their kings as they wait for the sign Towers of stone, still mystify, ruins are all that remain Faith in their god they relied How long til the heavens"
  • Warhammer Towards The Temples Of Randharh
    "(Lyrics by Frank Krynojewski) (Music by Frank Krynojewski) In times of current decay and slander History repeats again We've watched the balance distorted And another struggle began The chapters of chaos"
  • Temples Shelter Song
    "(One night) You came on over to me (Late night) We shared a drink or three (Night night) I read a proverb to you (That night) She left a room with a view Take all the time Time that you want to Make up"
  • Temples Keep In The Dark
    "Keep in the dark to stay out of the light /3x Just hang the sunshine Turn off your light, let's step into the dark Slip away like 'into her Save your face and get behind, it's firmly pressed into earth I"
  • The Gathering Debris
    "Darling, baby Dont say maybe Disobey me, Ill be Like a bad penny I twist the truth I love your youth Youre losing grip Take a trip, you, Youre going down Going down Youre going down Like fallen angels"
  • His Hero Is Gone Richer
    "Cities crumble at our feet cities collapse in seismic !!heat!! seek our solace in four concrete walls what will be our comfort our CONVENIENCE when our concrete temples FALL"
  • Five Satisfied
    "I won't be satisfied (x2) Going round in circles baby Trying to think how I'm gonna get with you I think about you all of the time And you know that you're blowing my mind I'm going crazy baby Tell"
  • Depeche Mode Photographic
    "A white house, a white room The program of today Lights on, switch on Your eyes are far away The map represents you And the tape is your voice Follow all along you Till you recognize the choice I take"
  • Autumn A Minor Dance
    "It starts with distant thunder born under skies dressed in ochre Pressure rising up and over the anticipating land Under layers of white noise and through the static, sounds a voice I want to hear the"
  • Rush Priests of syrinx
    "The massive grey walls of the Temples rise from the heart of every Federation city. I have always been awed by them, to think that every single facet of every life is regulated and directed from within!"
  • Blue Foundation Talk To Me
    "It doesn't matter what you say Cause it's written on the wall There's no need to exaggerate But I think this time we spoiled it all We were heading for at spin Where we were bound to win We were dynamite We"
  • Diary Of Dreams But The Wind Was Stronger
    "Wind oh carry me away Guide my angels -unlink their chains Words find echoes in my past My delusion now unmasked I dare to touch this bodies surface Temptation blinding my resistance I could linger so"
  • Anathema Deep
    "Feel my heart burning Deep inside yearning I know it is coming A fettered heart, waking... A tainted youth, fading... Leave it all behind Delirious again Mesmerise my senses Our souls entwine one more"
  • Peter Murphy Jungle Haze
    "You smile at me With your lost eyes In awe of what you think Your heaven thick with wanderlust Your gold Just cold cold steel Where is love in that Jungle Haze You're building temples made with sand You"

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