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Terranova - Plastic Stress

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Terranova - Plastic Stress

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Terranova - Plastic Stress
  • Terranova Plastic Stress
    "Oh I'm on my own I danced to the traffic You know that, you've been there And oh just out of me I'm here, I scream I need to renew I start with my shoes I buy some new high When I fall off I cry When you"
  • Kool Keith Plastic World
    ""Yeah, Kool Keith should keep it real He should rap about space and Mars..." Yo, I'm tired of looking at everybody. Same boots, skully hats in 90 degree weather, looking to get into clubs for free."
  • Del Tha Funkee Homosapien Stress The World
    "Stress the world Stress the world Stress the world Stress the world (Stress the world) I offer the maximum that you called for, Who better, to get a crowd to go "Wow"? Del, A champion true, I do what"
  • Del The Funky Homosapien Stress The World
    "Stress the world Stress the world Stress the world Stress the world (Stress the world) I offer the maximum that you called for, Who better, to get a crowd to go "Wow"? Del, A champion true, I do what"
  • Pino Daniele Stress
    "Stress Che stressstressi che stress Stressstressi che stress E parlo da solo Stressstressi che stress La mia vita mono Prova a camminare prova a camminare Prova a camminare prova a prendere un po' d'aria Il"
  • Galactic Cowboys Stress
    "No one calls unless I leave No one's home, the voice repeats Kind hands wrapped around my neck Sharp teeth biting in my back Cold eyes burning laser beams Oh! God, relieve me of this STRESS A list from"
  • Wise Guys Stress
    "Seit einer Weile ist es schon so weit, dass die Leute nicht mehr nach meinem Alter fragen. Doch nutzen sie jede Gelegenheit, um mich subtil mit gutgemeinten Tips zu plagen: "Tritt doch etwas krzer, nimm"
  • Pain Of Salvation Stress
    "(watching corners and crossing watching all the red lights watching the stress watching beggars and bankers and rushing cars I'm drowning in this mess) Help me! Rescue me! Save me! Set me free! (watching"
  • Kane & Able Stress
    "(Talking) Hey Nigga This is our last time bonita After this, we out I'm tellin you We die together An eye for an eye (In Italian) A tooth for a tooth (In Italian) An eye for an eye A tooth for a tooth All"
  • Organized Konfusion Stress
    "Chorus: Repeat 4X Crush, kill, destroy, stress Verse One: Prince Poetry Pain, stress My brain, can't even rest It's hard to maintain the pressure on my chest Excess frustration strikes! Blood rushes"
  • Suburban Legends Stress
    "On top, your life, it seems so clean Your tracks, they're hot, untouched, a dream This ain't no ordinary life It's extraordinary, so stop, stop checking me out (Chorus:) You're dancing so cool, like you"
  • Jim's Big Ego Stress
    "Oh yeah... Coming at ya... I'm Addicted to stress that's the way that i get things done if I'm not under pressure then i sleep too long and i hang around like a bum i think I'm going nowhere and that"
  • Orishas Stress
    "Vende la cuenta y cambia el show,Cuida la mente explota el glow,Mata la jugada por detrs que mala rachaPara que te vas a reventarVende la cuenta y cambia el showPara de pensar y pensarCuidao con la mente"
  • Godsmack Stress
    "You think your head's achin? I'm not finished yet. I won't be mistaken, How soon you forget. Take back what you said, And I'll show you pain. Then you can spare me all your fuckin' lies! "I can't wait... I"
  • Believer Stress
    "(K. Bachman, J. Daub, D. Baddorf, H. Kraft) What's the use of worrying What good does it do? Will it add a single day To your life? PANIC - no more WORRY - about what? STRESSING - no need When you HAVE"
  • Stereo Total Plastic
    "Un. Deux. Trois. Plastic surgery guilty is really of plastic heart She dresses up in plastic clothes And gets into her plastic car I wanna be plastic too! And be plastic friends with you! She took"
  • Alanis Morissette Plastic
    "You got a plastic name and a plastic heart You can play the game or you'll never start I'm talkin' to you You got a plastic house and a plastic fence Gotta look around or you'll lose your friends Am I"
  • Reveille Plastic
    "come count your trophies and stack em high, it's funny how reality can pass you by little girl wanna be as pretty as she can and she lives by whatever it takes the lights in her room are all dark- and"
  • Biohazard Plastic
    "it's apparent to me, that you are happy to be, stumbling around in your bullshit fantasy, where everybody wears this phony ass grin and nobody's ugly, or willing to look in-side the mirror, they hide from"
  • Allyptic Plastic
    "Feeling, living, breathing you only seem to live for you pretending to be caring making me believe in you cruel & unforgiving made me out to be your fool never sacrificing staying only while it's good enticing"

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