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Terrare track

  • Hidden Track - Mono Puff
    "Your call is very very very very important to us. Please hold, and your call will be answered by the next available operator. This message will not be repeated. Hidden track, hidden track, I'm under house"
  • 8 Track - Dada
    "She pours like red wine Into me She crawls like green vine Wraps around me endlessly She floats above me Without strings She tries to love me As she loves everything Yeah, I really believe she tries"
  • Lost Track - HAIM
    "Tryin’ to get on top But it’s never easy Mastered my own luck But it wasn’t easy I’m tryin’ to feel alright Around all these people I try, but I’m just numb This time Deepest cut that I can’t feel Found"
  • Track 99 (Secret Track) - Marilyn Manson
    "Electronic voice : 'Go ahead and date a dead messiah, we can dig another grave' Listen there is something that saved my name If you aren't hearing this there is nothing I can do Something was grown in"
  • Track nine - Collapsed System
    "Embrace my corroded mind, tell mesomething abouta way to find... my mental crimeHidden on track nineForgotten and left behindlonely on track nineI'm riding down the roadexpecting to find hope..on track"
  • Back track - Lil Eddie
    "(Yeah -eh, -eh) (Yeah -eh, -eh) (Yeah -eh, -eh, -eh, -eh) (Yeah heh, heh, -eh, -eh) (Yeah -eh, -eh, yeah) Have you ever met someone so different from anyone you ever met before in your life? I mean you"
  • Click Track - Agnetha F
    "Agnetha Faltskog Miscellaneous Click Track Business and pleasure Keeping you up, Hunting for treasure You can't dig enough, Growing but losing Staying up late, All the nightclubs are closing But you've"
  • Idea track - Idlewild
    "Dear Hugh Miller, Ive thought it through for a while but it doesnt get any easier And three months on in this bad design wont make it feel any easier Your grave, its your grave Dear Hugh Miller, its four"
  • (Hidden Track) - Better Than Ezra
    "Better Than Ezra Deluxe (Hidden Track) Der pork and beans with sauerkrauten De purk und beans mit sauerkrauten Streetside Jesus! Save a soul for a nickel and a dime! Streetside Jesus! Save a soul, feel"
  • Xylophone Track - The Magnetic Fields
    "To my dear,dear mother I leave myonly shoes To my dear, dear mother I leave my only shoes By the time you read this I will have died of the blues Scream little choo-choo Bang your xylophone track You can"
  • (Hidden Track) - Archive
    "Archive Take my head (Hidden Track) Heal down to me I've rested with you I've spend always time Time with my brothers Love for my sister Now I'm fine And I wanna come home These been some tears Many fears"
  • Twisted Track - The Battered Ornaments
    "People are trying new ways to travel but the trains are going much too fast So many people used up the sweetness trying to catch the last train All the way all along the twisted track People are trying to"
  • Hard Track - Blind Iris
    "When you were born You were free to choose You were given a choice You could win or lose From the time you could talk You could yell or listen Was it you voice or someone else's vision? Do you believe"
  • Keep Track - Common Market
    "Aiyo in Jet City, it's a whole lot happenin' River City it's a whole lot happenin' Tampa Bay, it's a whole lot happenin' Up in Atlanta it's a whole lot happenin' In Cincinnati it's a whole lot happenin' In"
  • Track Boy - J-Kwon
    "You are now in tune to the smooth sounds of track boy music You know what this is, My name J-Kwon... I went and got my man Andy Whitey x8 (Track Boy!) Take it to the floor Andy Take it to the hood"
  • (Hidden Track) - Relient K
    "PEPPERONI! and it was all just a dream baby rhapso ho! i'm the confused neck with the keep getting restless eating 20 lbs of 'basgetti for breakfast still showing up on your 10 best dressed list I told"
  • Rap Track - Relient K
    "PEPPERONI!!! And it was all just a dream(echoed) baby, rap song HOOOOOOOOOO! I'm like a fuseneck with I keep getting restless Eatin' 20 pounds of 'pasgetti for breakfast Still showin' up on your 10 Best"
  • Ostatni track - O.S.T.R. & Marco Polo
    "Ostatni raz Zostawiam styl na płycie Po raz ostatni Dźwięk daje życie /2x Nie proszę ofiarę Spokojnie bez szaleństw Zamiast szczęśliwej gwiazdy żyję pod pentagramem Wbijam długopis w kartkę jakby posiadała"
  • Track Mode - Lady XO
    "He tryna get some promo I'm the type to do em' dirty dolo Next to me, he think he getting kudos I'm in crocs this bitch on track mode Walk it down, you better solo Ops be tryna marco polo Friendly letting"
  • Ghost Track - Inoki
    "(Featuring Gianni KG) Tu dicevi di voler trattenere l'acqua che scorreva tra le tue dita, tra le tue mani, la volevi per poterla poi bere il giorno che occorreva e sarebbe servita forse domani e cos sulla"

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