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Tesknie mistakes

  • Mistakes - Mandy Barnett
    "We make mistakes when we worry All over nothing at all We make mistakes that bring heartaches And the teardrops fall like raindrops We make mistakes and feel sorry When we've made someone blue But I made"
  • Mistakes - Godsmack
    "No, I don't feel a thing. Life's going by me. But still I say: "Oh God I'm making the same mistakes." Low? I'm on empty. Try to erase all the bad times. Free? I don't seem to be. My soul remains tied"
  • Mistakes - Tindersticks
    "Erreurs Je sais que je les porterai toute ma vie Mes erreurs Comme de celle Tu sais laquelle Quand on a coup mes cordes Je me suis envole ailleurs On a coup mes cordes Et je ne redescendais pas Mistakes"
  • Mistakes - Dima Bilan
    "Yesterday, you came to me And told me you have fallen in love At first, it was hard to see That I could be the reason .. Because, I gave my heart to you My heart to you But, I guess, it wasn't enough To"
  • Mistakes - Don Williams
    "People tell me, boy you're crazy Some people say that I'm nuts For trying to get back together with you baby They say that once is enough I should never have left you cause now I need you Sometimes it"
  • Mistakes - Burn Season
    "Well alright I'll put my heart into one more thing Put my life on one more page That I know everyone will ignore And alright I'll let you in on one more thing Pull my faith and one more dream Cant ignore"
  • Mistakes - Blue October
    "I need some time to make my way Through all this empathy I make no claims on why today Was never meant to be Don't let me go Pure emotion is telling you so Then I'm saved Don't let me go With"
  • Mistakes - Violent Delight
    "They just don't listen to me This doesn't happen to just anyone I'm so sad to go through all this All on my own... I never wanted you to stay You always, always had your way Your way! They just don't"
  • Mistakes - Madness
    "It's not so easy to find out laterAbout the necessary knowledge for survival,You think you know enough to get you through lifeBut find out too late of chances passed by.An early start is not so importantBut"
  • Mistakes - American Classic
    "You always seem to burn your bridges And every chance you find your way back However this time you've crossed my limit I can no longer put on a false front Just say I'm tired of trying to find an excuse"
  • Mistakes - Kutless
    "Empty reasons for my past Excuses do not hold I'm struck with my affliction An inner perfect storm Why didn't someone warn me To save me from my self The pain is self inflicted The decisions were my own Now"
  • Mistakes - Jonas Blue, Paloma Faith
    "when will i learn to spot me making the same mistake again same mistake again for you when will I learn to lock my heart so it doesn’t break again, no doesn’t break again in two I shouldn’t known, shoulda know"
  • Yesterday's Mistakes - Oi Va Voi
    "Don't need another resolution to feel As though I'm going somewhere, somewhere You said you needed me Or at least that's what I thought At times the memories Seem to be knocking at my door I've seen the"
  • Same Mistakes - Unbelievable Truth
    "A source of anger. A source of need. A kind of raging. Sudden I cant see. He walks on past me. I follow close and let the fear inside him flow. A sense of reason, a sense of aim created this. Created"
  • Yesterdays Mistakes - Amusement Parks On Fire
    "(feat. KT Tunstall) Don't need another resolution To feel as though I'm going some.. Somewhere You said You needed me Or at least thats what I thought At times The memories Seem to be knocking"
  • Mistakes & Glories - P.O.D.
    "Handicap yourself by choice and keep the mind confined to the chair with no voice So speak up (move your lips too slow) And make way to the center stage And pretty up that face, cause your servants await. (It's"
  • Strange Mistakes - Adult.
    "What in the world were you thinking Become so obsessed with your modern life Over calculation, what can it provide You gotta change directions, if not too occupied Let's get prepared for the prime time The"
  • Magical Mistakes - Athlete
    "You'll always be my pretty dancer Spinning trails of fairy dust Making moves like nobody else On your own If anybody needs a reason it's right here Giving me shockwaves Those magical mistakes Sending shockwaves"
  • No Mistakes - Patty Smyth
    "The summer is gone I can't believe It went so fast Why do only the cold and lonely times Seem to last? Now it's late at night, I watch you sleeping I wanna wake you up And tell you that I'm sorry Though"
  • No Mistakes - Smyth Patty
    "The summer is gone I can't believe it went so fast Why do only the cold and lonely times seem to last. Now it's late at night I watch you sleepin I wanna wake you up and tell you I'm sorry, though I know I"

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