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Text from your ex

  • Text From Your Ex (ft. Tinashe) - Tinie Tempah
    "I got a text from your ex, boy She said to look through your texts, boy I’m not the kind of girl to snoop but I had a feeling to And now I’m looking form my next boy See, I got a text from your ex-girl And"
  • Ex-Brothers & Ex-Lovers - Down in the Dumps
    "she told me that I'm like a disease, when I'm out here on the street. she told me, "get away from me, your grinning & shaking and showing your teeth." she told me, she don't need me. there's a thousand"
  • Ex Inferis - Hammerfall
    "Ex Inferis On a dusty shelf, burried over ground In the corner of the attic Where the bats come and play Oh, they linger on Preserved, embraced in silence A script, a tale, kept from the light of day The"
  • Ex-Girlfriend - Lil' Kim
    "(Lil' Cease) Ex-girlfriend how you been Need the keys back to my bends Like Deborah Cox if we in love then we can't be friends Mariah, never duplicated, always imitated, gave you bad dreams During any"
  • Ex-files - Backyard Babies
    "I'm warm when I'm cold, I'm cold when I'm warm And nothing seems to be alright I'm down on my knees and I'm easy to please When I think 'bout what I did last night When you told me to share and ran my"
  • Ex-Boyfriend - Crystal Kay
    "Can't get no more You're just my Ex-Boyfriend * Ain't my baby tricky eyes ? Ain't your baby whisper voice sexy ? bus stop my boy kissing that girl ? my heart oh no ? telling myself hey ** Can't"
  • Ex Ballerina - Gadjits
    "There used to be a girl with hair lie cherry cola She went another way There used to be a crush on an ex ballerina Seems like the other day There used to be a ride to school in a rolling ashtray with"
  • Generation Ex - Kent
    "St vid min olsta drr i rakblad av billjus frn gatan ditt ansikte blekt nstan grymt det ekar i trapphuset droppar frn fingrarna Allting gr igen kommer tillbaks En dag ska alla skulderna betalas och du"
  • Your Ex-Lover Is Dead - Stars
    "God that was strange to see you again Introduced by a friend of a friend Smiled and said "Yes, I think we've met before" In that instant it started to pour, Captured a taxi despite all the rain We drove"
  • Your ex-lover is dead - The stars
    "God that was strange to see you again Introduced by a friend of a friend Smiled and said 'yes I think we've met before' In that instant it started to pour, Captured a taxi despite all the rain We drove"
  • Next Ex Girlfriend - Bowling For Soup
    "I don't wanna meet your dad Don't wanna hump your sister Don't wanna do it to your best friend either I dont want you messin around and givin me a blister And leave me illin for the penicillin When you"
  • Deus Ex Machina - Pure Reason Revolution
    "Her narcissism, his foul mind Her promised love, deus ex machina And mastic guns that skull-bind A frail love, deus ex machina She didnt wanna know. Shell fuck him never know She told him lies and raised"
  • My Ex-Boyfriends - SoKo
    "Tonight is the night for ex-boyfriends Im trying to call all my ex-boyfriends 'cause I feel alone and I need an ex-boyfriend To be here with me just like my friend or more Tonight is the night for ex-boyfriends But"
  • Text me an sms - Bobi Andonov
    "Ooh ooooh no yeah So far away A place where you are Its a place where I am With my thoughts in my head Far away ( far away ) A place in my mind I am counting the days Since youve been away Wanna see your"
  • Ex Girl Collection - Wrens
    "4 Fourth floor room / each girl I've brought back home to bloom All fold on close inspection Each one leaves / a banner hanging from the eaves Marking the eve of election. Ex-girl collection, why? Into"
  • Ex Girlfriend Syndrome - Charlotte Sometimes
    "Opened the door to your head Tried going quietly But I slammed the door instead I yelled, "Why'd I even come here?" But still I stayed for a while Looked in every draw that I could find Saw you calendar"
  • Deus Ex Machina - The Monolith Deathcult
    "One million years ago I travelled through the stars Lost in the endless cosmos The last one of a dying race Prowling for a body to possess I built temples, statues and pyramids As monuments of my endless"
  • Ex Lover's Lover - Voltaire
    "Three heavy stones will keep it from floating, weigh it down to the bottom, food for the fishes. And i know that it won't be discovered 'cause i will be careful, so very careful. What if it doesn't rain"
  • Slim Shady (The Best Text) - Eminem
    "(the women) May I have your attention please, may I have your attention please, will the real slim shady please stand up, I repeat will the real slim shady please stand up we're gonna have a problem here (Verse"
  • Future Ex-Mrs Jones - Norma Jean
    "The next time you come home with lipstick fresh from that blonde Swearin' you've been at the office to twenty five past one And you've worked like a slave all night tired to your bones You'll be lyin'"

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