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Th river

  • Tuning Th' Sundial - No Doctors
    "We've only begun The work of the sun, Our staff in the ground Elated a sound, Tuning th' sundial, Tracing th' moon, Until time is over, It's only too soon; How foul is this trash? Mistaken for cash, Her"
  • 4 Th of july - Alimee Mann
    "Today's the fourth of Julyanother June has gone byand when they light up our town I just thinkwhat a waste of gunpowder and skyI'm certain that I am alonein harbouring thoughts of our homeit's one of my"
  • Th - Trabireiter
    "Ich wand're ja so gerne Den Rennsteig durch das Land Den Beutel auf dem Rcken Die Klampfe in der Hand Ich bin ein lust'ger Wandersmann So vllig unbeschwert Mein Lied ertnt durch Busch und Tann Das jeder"
  • Th - Olivia Ruiz
    "Maman est dpressive Papa manque de confiance Et moi je suis lascive Devant toutes nos errances Et si on essayait un peu De voir notre petit monde d'en haut Au lieu de laisser choir nos idaux Mamie semble"
  • La Th - AqME
    "Dans un dcor aux couleurs vives A la dco si nave Autour d'elle tout l'oppresse L'enfer est un nid douillet A l'air irrespirable Sa volont lui permet D'oublier son quotidien La vie passe comme tombe la"
  • Aginst Th' Law - Woody Guthrie
    "It's aginst th' law to walk, It's aginst th' law to talk It's against th' law to loaf, It's aginst th' law to work It's aginst th' law to read, It's aginst th' law to write It's aginst th' law to be a"
  • Century - Alphaville
    "Alphaville Afternoons In Utopia Century In the beginning There was no light No teenage heaven or hell No songs or voices came from across the outlands Where oceans were ment to be, where oceans were"
  • Against Th' Law - Billy Bragg & Wilco
    "It's against the law to walk, and against the law to talk Against the law to loaf, against the law to work Against the law to read, against the law to write Against the law to be a black, a brown, or"
  • Feel Th Sprirt - CeCe Winans
    "Opening: Every time i feel the spirit movin in my heart I will pray, every time i feel the spirit movin in my heart i will pray. Helele Mama Helele Mama,woza Moya, Helele Mama Helele Mama, Oyingwele,"
  • Livin' Th' Dream - You, Me, And Everyone We Know
    "Yesterday I turned 23 The date didn't mean that much to me Then I started adding figures up in my head It seems the cost of dreaming's left me in the red Because of alcohol, I've shared 16 beds With a"
  • 18 Th (Tawuran) - Protonema
    "(Micko) Terbujur kaku Diam membisu Tak ada lagi suara Tak ada lagi senyummu Kisah seorang Ibu Meratapi...menangisi... Walau ia sadar Tiada guna lagi Ya Tuhanku, mengapa harus anakku Ya Tuhanku, ini salah"
  • Against Th' Law - Billy Bragg and Wilco
    "It's against the law to walk, and against the law to talk Against the law to loaf, against the law to work Against the law to read, against the law to write Against the law to be a black, a brown, or"
  • Kyur4 th ich - Linkin Park
    "I'd like to introduce...In your, in your, in your... {echo fade}In your sound institute of invention of reliable audio weapon systemLets, lets try, lets try {being scratched}Lets try something elseFolks,"
  • 7 Th son - Reamonn
    "(He s coming)This is LibertyThis is ProdigyThat was EtenityAnd this is Torn and BornYou feel you re coming HomeYou feel you re coming homeThis is Liberty because I sayAnd this is Prodigy in some strange"
  • Push Th' Little Daises - Ween
    "when u lie kiss your baby bye bye bye and if you're true the whole wide world will laugh with you when we see nothing's wrong with you and me with you time will tell it might even bring a wedding bell if"
  • Una Tazzina Di Th? - Mietta
    "Ti scrivo come parlo perch non c' poesia ho solamente un foglio per cancellarti cancellarti cancellarti via ti avevo messo in cime ai sentimenti miei dolcissimo veleno adesso cosa ma che cosa adesso cosa"
  • 7 th Wonder ( Eurovision 2002 ) - Ira Losco
    "7 degrees, Im down on my knees Waiting for the man to put me under his span 7 o five he works in a side giving me the eye in lives my spirit time His passion burns and my loves takes a turn Im reborn in"
  • River - Roy Orbison
    "Roly-oly on now, river Roly-oly on your way Roly-oly on now river Wash my cares away River so wide and so deep Wake the sandman from his sleep River remind him He has a promise to keep Roll on,"
  • River - Sense Field
    "one day the queen and I went walking down by the river too she would show me everything that night by the river too... (in the river) my heart (in the river) in your hands (in the river) I've known"
  • River - Hillsong United
    "I lift my eyes to Your throne Lord as I lose myself in You The song in my heart will be Your alone My treasure is in the Cross Jesus I love to meet You There I hunger and thirst for You Now flood"

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