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Thanderstrike ac dc

  • AC/DC - Sweet
    "(Chinn/Chapman) She got girls Girls all over the world She got men Every now and then But she can't make up her mind On just how to fill her time But the only way she can wind Chorus A.C. D.C. She's"
  • AC/DC - The Sweet
    "She got girlsGirls all over the worldShe got menEvery now and thenBut she can't make up her mindOn just how to fill her timeBut the only way she can windChorusA.C. D.C.She's got some other lover as well"
  • Ac/Dc bag - Phish
    "Mr. palmer is concerned with the thousand dollar questionJust like roger he's a crazy little kidI've got the time if you've got the inclinationSo cheer up palmer, you'll soon be deadThe noose is hanging,"
  • Overdose (AC/DC cover) - Exodus
    "I never smoked with no cigarettes I never drank much booze But I'm only a man, don't you understand And a man can sometimes lose You gave me something I never had Pulled me down with you Pulled me up,"
  • Long Way To The Top (AC/DC Cover) - The Veronicas
    "Ridin' down the highway Goin' to a show Stop in all the by-ways Playin' rock 'n' roll Gettin' robbed Gettin' stoned Gettin' beat up Broken boned Gettin' had Gettin' took I tell you folks It's"
  • Dc-10 - Audio Adrenaline
    "Do you knowDo you knowDo you know where you will goIf a DC-10 ever fell on your head and you'reLaying in the ground all messy and deadOr a Mack truck run over youOr you suddenly die in your Sunday pewDo"
  • Desvelado Ac - Bobby Pulido
    "Ser fe que yo encontr, la voz de ternura Que me llena de placer, cuando la oigo hablar De ella me enamor, aunque nunca la conoc Yo sueo en su querer y en sus brazos quiero dormir. Escucho cada da"
  • Ac?s? - Hande Yener
    "Acs kyor bak yava yava Alp gtrdn eyler bana geri dnyor Bir sorumlu ararsan git bakasyla sava Ben seni oktan unuttum Dile kolay geliyor Kader senin bildiin gibi Kolay deimez bir tanem Talara kazr gibi"
  • Ac Alien Nation - Aaron Carter
    "Aaron Carter Miscellaneous Ac Alien Nation ac alien nation (ac) (ac) Put ur hands up Put ur hands up Come on I sould of known Something was up When i got up Something felt funny to me On the get up Jumped"
  • Eternamente Molotov Ac - Molotov
    "Si alguna vez te her fue sin quererte Compr unos tennis para que los cuelgues Descansa en pants Unas calmadas para que le bailes Quebraditas para que te quiebres Te puedo hacer pinoles si tu quieres Eres"
  • La Flaca (Ac - Jarabe De Palo
    "En la vida conoc mujer igual a la Flaca, coral negro de la Habana, tremendsima mulata, cien libras de piel y hueso, cuarenta kilos de salsa, y en la cara dos soles, que sin palabras hablan, que sin palabras"
  • A Ponte (Ac - Lenine
    "(by Lenine & Lula Queiroga) Como que faz pra lavar a roupa? Vai na fonte, vai na fonte Como que faz pra raiar o dia? No horizonte, no horizonte Este lugar uma maravilha Mas como que faz pra sair da"
  • Armut A?ac? - Zara
    "Armut aac armut aac banda tac Armut aac armut aac banda tac Kalksn semah eylesin aneynen bac Kalksn semah eylesin aneynen bac Nenni nenni nenni nenni dost nenni nenni Nenni nenni nenni nenni has nenni"
  • Badem A?ac? - Badem
    "'''BADEM AACI''' '''iir:''' Aziz Nesin '''Uyarlama:''' Mert zdemir '''Mzik:''' Mustafa Kemal ztrk, Mert zdemir Sen aalarn aptal ben insanlarn Seni kandrr havalar beni sevdalar Bir lman hava esmeye grsn Dnmeden"
  • Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington DC - Anti-Flag
    "Nailed to the cross, dead for collective sin. We decide where, why, who, and when. Build our bibles to ONLY include the things we believe to be divine and true. This is our right. This is our life. Everyone"
  • A DC christmas medley - Destiny's Child
    "Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh Oer the fields we go, laughing all the way Bells on bobtails ring, making spirits bright What fun it is to ride and sing on a sleighing song tonight"
  • DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake - Art Brut
    "Life is especially hard When no one trusts you with a credit card I love the taste of cereal I have it for almost every meal Five people to a tea bag? My life never really got that bad Not while we still"
  • Trinidad And A Dc-10 - Avion
    "Bill of goods or just a fake tattoo I bought everything to be like you Emptied out and try to fill the hole Weigh the value with an empty soul Now I can see Where the boundaries have no end Trinidad and"
  • Outro(Dc-3)thank You - Destiny's Child
    "Chorus: You are my best friend you've been right here through thick and thin you are my best friend gotten me to places i've been you are my best friend through our situations you've been my insperation"
  • Eu Amo Mais Voc? (Ac - Catedral
    "Depois dessa ventania o temporal Fez Da Nossa Vida Um Mundo Desigual Qual a tua? O teu segredo? Me diz como eu vou decifrar? Minha verdade absurda no plural Mas pra mim honestamente isso normal Na"

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