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Thanks someone also i could


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Thanks someone also i could

  • Thanks - Lifetime
    "you my friend my special friend i give thanks to you my dear friend i won't pretend and say till the end but take time now and say thank you i never said i was the best friend i could be the friend that"
  • Thanks - Sublime
    "Thanks Alright, before we get it started when we did "smoke two joints" that was jack from the toys and that song "rivers of babylon" was written by brent dowe andtrevor mcnaughton. alright now, crutial"
  • Thanks - Kevin Devine
    "I never knew things could be so slow I could wait so long Be so still and calm And get where I want, on your arm Thin streaks of tar spill off your right eye Where my fingers find Their way there every"
  • Thanks - James
    "Through the hard times you stood beside us Held us up when we could go no further There is none like you that we can trust To push us on before we give up Without your support who would I be? Just another"
  • The Sun Also Rises - Brave Saint Saturn
    "the chord runs up the microphone i flip the switch, we're going home transistor's right on time resistors fall in line capacitors are at full all engines good, no breach of hull with all the hope that"
  • The Sun Also Sets - Ryan Adams
    "When you get the time Sit down and write me a letter When you're feeling better Drop me a line I wanna know how it all works out I had a feeling we were fading out I didn't know that people faded out so"
  • Thanks Again - Willie Nelson
    "Thanks for what a little love you gave to me And thank you for my escape from misery I searched and found heaven and then lost it again You were mine for a little while so thanks again I'm not sorry"
  • Thanks Anyway - Jerry Cantrell
    "Happy new day - does it matter? Thinning go low, hight get fatter Well I'm flattered Joke... pissboy - ain't he a sight? Don't remember who won the fight Well I got it right How could you know for me"
  • Thanks Dub - Sublime
    "Alright, before we get it started when we did "smoke two joints" that was Jack from the Toys And that song "Rivers of Babylon" was written by Brent Dowe andTrevor McNaughton. Alright now, crutial thanks"
  • Also Frightened - Animal Collective
    "Face your money into the dark But you can't sweat unless Swung by the hen Let them crawl into the logs That damn crouching for you Offer a pen Exciting and screaming Their voices go wild And rise with"
  • Thanks - Ceili Rain
    "Thanks- for keepin' track of me Thanks- for givin' a dang about me Thanks- for sayin' that you love me Thanks- just thanks Thanks- for lettin' me know you care Thanks- for always bein' there Thanks- for"
  • Thanks - Bill Anderson
    "Sunday morning in the valley we would gather for the service You would always run to meet me you'd smile at papa kinda nervous All the people came from miles around and I can still hear the sound As they"
  • Thanks For Your Time - Gotye
    "(In complete contrast, a pop song, and a pop singer. In a different way, this has its own magic. The magic of an accompaniment, tailor-made in the fashion of today. For this occasion, this singer, and"
  • Thanks - Bing Crosby
    "We used to dwell in love's own palace, A palace of dreams come true. Now that we're through I bear no malice, Though we've called it a day All I can say is Thanks for all the lovely delights I found in"
  • Thanks - Cloud Cult
    "It's 4-o'clock in the morning And I am staring at the ceiling plaster A movie screen of all my days That came and left with grace It's Halloween and the smell of burning Pumpkin takes me back through"
  • Thanks! - Wedding Present
    "I bumped into Joe on Victoria Road And he told me something About last weekend, he knows your new (He said he saw it coming) And those letters I wrote, so now I know What you do with them Well of course"
  • Thanks! - Shinhwa
    "come on, break it on down, break it on down yeah this is SHINHWA coming at ya uh! So you think youre slick huh playing little games Baby its all the same da ddokgatae naegen an tonghae Why don't say what"
  • Someone - Showoff
    "A certain someone must be out there, waiting for a guy like me. A certain girl who will be my best friend, and think about me constantly. I'm searching for someone, who will always be with me. I'm searching"
  • Someone - Earshot
    "And if you could make up for every single time you lied I'd probably whisper this hello, goodbye and so it begins and gets harder each and every time I start to reminisce I never seem to ever find someone"
  • Someone - Boston
    "(Tom Scholz) I hear you won't even say my name I know things could never be the same But whenever I call your number You're not at home, don't hear the phone Whenever I start to wonder Are you alone,"

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