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That of night of the good night

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That of night of the good night

  • Good Night - Kanye West
    "(Bridge - Mos Def) I'm not sure anymore-more Who is knocking at my door-door All the faces that I know You make them sunny and new (Chorus - Mos Def) I don't wanna say goodbye to you So I'll just say"
  • Good Night - RZA
    "Ahh... love is love... yeah... Digi, Digi, bong, bong, banging you long Whop, pop, who pop, then bang bang boom Shabobalee, shabizzy.. Good night, here's your kiss Sleep well and make a wish Don't be"
  • Good night - Erasure
    "Sleepless nights don't bother me at allIf dawn comes I won't worrySomething deep inside keeps me awakeI wish that you were here right beside me, woahI recall when I was very youngAnd could not go to sleepMy"
  • That Time Of The Night - Fish
    "At that time of the night when streetlights throw crosses Through window frames, paranoia roams where the shadows reign Oh, at that time of the night At that time of the night your senses tangled in some"
  • That time of the night - Marillion
    "At that time of the night when streetlights throw crosses through window frames, paranoia roams where the shadows reign Oh, at that time of the night At that time of the night your senses tangled in some"
  • Night Ranger - Night Ranger
    "In the cool city In the heat of the night Looking for adventure On the face of the light A Colorado school boy Put his days on the line Nights out of paperback "Catcher In The Rye" Night ranger Where you"
  • Hello, Good Night - The Aquabats
    "Here's something to think about When things go wrong all the time That luck can change like that high tide Bad things can soon turn out alright Misfortune, a tradgedy I can't seem to mind Soon good will"
  • In The Late Of Night - Toni Braxton
    "Always thought your promise was for life I did not think that I Would hear you say good-bye And I always heard you led another life I doubted every time I guess my love was blind Cause in my eyes Love"
  • Good Night - Fool's Garden
    "When blue ethereal winds arise And stars begin to paint the skies Then don't be scared Just close your eyes When veils of silence lay them down And noone seems to be around I'll be there for you, wait"
  • Good Night - Kino
    "rooftops are shaking under the pressure of days A shepherd in heaven hereds the clouds A city shoots its lights into the night But strong is the night, great is her might CHORUS Those who got to bed, good"
  • Late Night - Dougie D
    "She wanna know my name, wanna know my game girl But let me know, what's up wit you Just hit me, on the lat night And we can do, what grown-up's do She say she like my style, say she feel my vibe I'm trying"
  • That Night - Mburu Sheila
    "Lights dimmed, glasses down Slow music tempting us closer Hands touching, lips kissing Hot bodies, melting together Chorus That night we were so close That night I let my inhibitions go That night the"
  • That Night - Scott Walker
    "The snow was on the hill The fields were soft and white We touched and time stood still On that hill, on that night Your glances said 'begin' Begin this strange affair Your glances begged 'begin' And"
  • That Night - Sweetbox
    "One night in late July I saw you cross the room Then you asked me for a dance and I could hardly move (yeah) I'd never been so scared before, your touch was overwhelming Then you led me to the floor and"
  • That night - Atmosphere
    "(Sunshine blues)Dont even know if I can write this song caught on a beam between right and wrong gotta keep forward, keep straight for the sake of why we stay awake all night long Its not up for interpret"
  • That Night - Rufus Wainwright
    "But you might fray after a while My fickle heart, it did forget thee But still, but still I can remember When you went two ways down a one way street You danced to rock n' roll with silent feet That night,"
  • That Night - Banks Tony
    "Banks Tony Bankstatement That Night I was always insecure I never was too sure That what we did that night was right Or very wrong It was never in dispute It was always understood But I can't leave it"
  • Good night kiss - RZA
    "(feat. Rev William Burk, Crisis, Thea van Seijen, Tamika Layton) Ahh... love is love... yeah...Digi, Digi, bong, bong, banging you longWhop, pop, who pop, then bang bang boomShabobalee, shabizzy.. Good"
  • Good night punk - Switchfoot
    "Everything I ever need to know I learned at the punk rock show The punks should know How to throw an elbow or a fist A spitting world of hit and miss A violent kiss of that and this But hold on,"
  • Good Night & Good Luck - Metro Station
    "And you can start by saying sorry, That would be the best, would be the first thing to get off your chest. cuz I know you found someone new and the saddest part is he doesn't mean a thing to you. you'll"

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