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The Airborne Toxic Event - One Time Thing

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The Airborne Toxic Event - One Time Thing

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The Airborne Toxic Event - One Time Thing
  • The Airborne Toxic Event One Time Thing
    "When I woke up today I got your message on my phone You said: "I had fun?" Did you ever make it home? I tried to read between the lines I’m doing fine Feels like my head is made of moonshine And cheap-ass"
  • Amplifier Airborne
    "I'd call it a drastic measure but I'll open up one eye I'm all evolved and fully grown, with three dimensions of my own But hey Mr. Dog - Well I'm just an animal just like you In a laser beam and a human"
  • Busta Rhymes Extinction Level Event
    "Uugh, yeah yeah here we go y'all Here we here we here we go y'all Busta Rhymes Flipmode y'all Yeah yeah y'all extinction level event shit Bomb threat to the whole world What what what is going on What"
  • Peter Hammill Event Horizon
    "Flat on my back, I can feel myself falling into a singular state of mind; as if through a fog, I can hear someone calling. I know I'm cutting it fine, thinking that maybe it's time to cross the line. The"
  • The Airborne Toxic Event Gasoline
    "Five, six, seven, eight! All the time, awake You're still on my mind But we were on our own Almost all the time And she'll step away For a second or two And I close my eyes And I think of you We were"
  • The Airborne Toxic Event Missy
    "Missy got off the bus one day In a crowded depot, downtown LA. She looked around as if to say, "I'm home. But, I'm home. I'll find someone to love, and someplace to drink, And some time when I can just"
  • CrazyTown Toxic
    "Catch a fire, Fire it up Corrupt stirring it up It's buring hot ,drifing Hitting every slot With a drop kick , it's toxic Trouble, like your girl in a mosh pit I've lost it and that the only way that"
  • Mark Ronson Toxic
    "(feat. Tiggers) Baby, can't you see I'm calling A guy like you Should wear a warning It's dangerous I'm fallin' There's no escape I can't hide I need a hit Baby, give me it You're dangerous I'm lovin'"
  • Souls Toxic
    "and I'm cold assed too going deeper yes, I'm bold as you growing wearker I'll do my best to patronize you I'll get as low as you climbing deeper FALLING WITH THE COMING SNOW THIS IS WHERE YOU"
  • Crazy Town Toxic
    "Catch a fire,Fire it up,Corrupt stirring it upIt's burning hot, driftingHitting every slotWith a drop kick, it's toxicTriuble, like your girl in a mosh pit.I've lost itAnd that's the only way that we rock"
  • Killer Airborne
    "Something broke the silence Something interfered Something made me promise Something I can't keep Something got me started Something told me off Something got me running Something made me stop But"
  • Cinerama Airborne
    "And I was watching you from the observation deck Until your plane became a shiny speck And if I wanted to sentimentalise I'd say the planes drew kisses across the sky So now, you're airborne But I could"
  • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Toxic Toast
    "Queensbury ah #8 hell hotel punk rock estate way way back back in the day 100 years it seems that way just across from Wayne's Junk Store 3 floors up then straight ahead if someone thought to lock the"
  • I Can Non-toxic
    "I'm One of Those Things You Save Forever But Never NeedLike An Old Newspaper no One Has Time to ReadThis Child Has Grown Into a Dead EndSince I Lost the Power to PretendBut It's Alright, That's Who I Am"
  • SR 71 Non-toxic
    "I'm one of those things you save forever but never needLike an old newspaper no one has time to readThis child has grown into a dead endSince I lost the power to pretendBut it's alright, that's who I am"
  • SR-71 Non Toxic
    "I'm one of those things you save forever but never need Like an old newspaper no one has time to read This child has grown into a dead end Since I lost the power to pretend But it's alright, that's who"
  • SR-71 Non-Toxic
    "I'm one of those things you'll save forever and never need Like an old newspaper no one has time to read This child has grown into a dead end Since I lost the power to pretend CHORUS But it's all right Thats"
  • The Airborne Toxic Event Does This Mean You're Moving On?
    "And the funny thing is it has no end I try to call you up, at 2am In a crowded bar, your ringer tones Grab my mind I can see you through the (vone?), The (vone?), the (vone?) And I'm wide awake at home At"
  • The Airborne Toxic Event Something New
    "What's passed these hands? All these drugs and one night stands So I tremble when I think of she'd do She'd say something like: "You're no good, You're like the junkies in this neighbourhood" We all need"
  • The Airborne Toxic Event This Is Nowhere
    "We all sit on the curb And we stare at the rain in our boots The car, the clouds, the sky While Ishmael wraps himself in the sheet again He'll clench the fists and close his eyes I don't know how many"

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