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The Answer - New Single Blood Brother

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The Answer - New Single Blood Brother

  • Blood Brother - The Mission
    "I gave you flowers and you gave me faith We are minds and hearts that move as one Chameleon, warrior, gypsy and brave Turn our eyes to the heart of the rising sun You and me, we are blood brothers You"
  • Blood Brother - Artension
    "Lost inside emotion, searching for myself came across a memory of me as someone else Didn't recognize me, Didn't know what to do in another lifetime I could have been you Blood Brother, look into the"
  • The Answer - Bloc Party
    "Feeding the five thousand was not done with prayers alone It takes blood and guts and it takes devotion So tired of standing up and so tired of drawing breath It's your turn to take the map and it's your"
  • Brother Louie (New Version) - Modern Talking
    "Check it out, check it out, here we go, let me say it Tax on wax make the DJ's wanna play it To te front to the front, to the back to the back To the hip to the hop, from the rhyme to the rap Every single"
  • Brother Brother - The Kelly Family
    "Brother, brother, brother No matter whos right and who is wrong I just want you to know my love is still strong I wrote you a prayer with this song Brother, older brother You told me you broke up with"
  • Brother - Warrel Dane
    "Brother you were never there for me When the children needed peace you disgraced both families Brother you were never there for me When my father died I thought that you would take my hand You said I"
  • Brother - Steve Vai
    "Brother, I'm in need of a friend for I am drowning in disarray And brother, it is on you I depend to pull me out of this misery Like a hero I've always seen you even though I would never say And through"
  • Brother - Amy Winehouse
    "Brother It's so much that I could never say to your face But by now You should know the world and all its ways So find your place How do I find words that do not condescend When she bore you before me 'Cause"
  • Brother - Murder By Death
    "Fourteen years have passed since that day Your stories are the same but the ends have all changed You carried on like you were some type of god Some things will never change We went home to see our folks We"
  • Brother,brother - Kelly Family
    "Brother brother brother no matter whosright and who is wrongjust want you to know my love is stillstrongI wrote you a prayer with this songbrother older brother you told me youbroke up with your wifetheres"
  • Blood - Red Sea
    "There's a revolution dawning And love is on our side If we answer to the calling The light will guide our way in the night Through so many changes we stand for what is real In spite if the persecution We"
  • My Brother - Styles
    "I'm not the only one living here, please be considerate and leave a nice message after the tone. One! I just wanted to speak to him.... I got too much words... I got a lot of words... let's see.. yo,"
  • Big Brother - Mushroomhead
    "Open Up Your Mind And Let Some Thought Inside Open Up Your Mind As They All Survey 4 Out Of 5 And They All Survey 4 Out Of 5 And They All Survey Open Up Your Mind And Let Some Thought Inside Open Up"
  • Brother Love - Redrum
    "Now We're Chillin, Kickin Back, Reminiscing About The Days When We Would Drink Up On A Brew, Smoke A Blunt, And Just Get Blazed I Was Younger Than You Homie, 2 1/2 Years To Be Exact I Always Looked Up"
  • Single Phial - Skyclad
    "I have walked the earth so many times before your birth, Today is only yesterday's tomorrow. And as a Gardner in Eden it was i who sowed the seed then I've come to reclaim this life you borrow. Singing"
  • New Blood - Pinhead Gunpowder
    "Don't look back on your lost Days of burning down the ground From where you stand Don't count out on your back The ashes of your last Destroyed heirloom When you can't choose Your own worst enemy And"
  • New Blood - Robert Cray
    "Got a real bad case of restless As I pace around my room The old urge has started stirring Must be the power of the moon Been feeling, oh, so nervous Since my loving's turned to mud And I hear that"
  • New Blood - Hell Rell
    "Respect my G pass S class creep pass. I'm doin real good but still got my ski mask. And them black gloves is right in my back pocket. So that means no prints on the ruger when i pop it. Being gangsta"
  • New Genious Brother - Gorillaz
    "Dream of my world. I live on my world. Going off my head, down to, somewhere. I'm going on a dance all tune. I'm in a pressure today. I blew a bad man away, today. Higher ground, had to be told. I blew"
  • In The Blood (Single Remix) - Better Than Ezra
    "How can you be so warm? how can you know what i feel? well, it's the way you move your hands, and it's the way you understand. and that's the reason that i'm asking. that's the reason that i want"

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