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The Aston Shuffle - Tear it Down

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The Aston Shuffle - Tear it Down

  • Shuffle - Mad Dog Loose
    "Ya can fight it all out Ya can figure and shout To somebody who's in At somebody who's out I can turn myself in Into trouble tonight I can shake it and spin With a shuffle to thin We got nothing to fear You"
  • Aston Martin - Kylie Minogue
    "Twenty-four hour sunset I got a tank of gas and All the things I can do When driving with you in my Aston It's a perfect chance For some romance With a little luck now baby We might get to start In my"
  • Tear It Down - Army Of The Pharaohs
    "(Intro: Reef The Lost Cause) Yeah...this is where I talk shit (Yeah nigga, talk shit!) AOTP...Lost Cauze, my man Planetary What up, Crypt? Yeah Vinnie Paz All this shit probably gettin' CUT! Yeah! "Step"
  • Tear It Down - Hatebreed
    "How much more can you possibly take? How many battles can you lose in one day? Who is the source of all your pain And how do you ever plan to be unrestrained? How much longer? How much more? Until you"
  • Tear It Down - Old Crow Medicine Show
    "I had a girl and her name was Eve Every time I'd hit her she would holler "Police" Cook them biscuits, cook 'em brown Done talkin' I'll tear it around If you catch another mule kickin' in your stall Then"
  • Tear It Down - Def Leppard
    "You got the look of a howlin' wolf I like it The kind of eyes that could start a fire Yes, I like it A streetwise dynamo, I switch you on And I watch you go A thrill to touch, you're so hot I'm"
  • Tear It Down - Godgory
    "There is a voice that call's to us from inside It speaks of new times coming soon We feel the scent of revolution in the air The winds of change are growing strong Let's make the temple shake Tear it"
  • Tear It Down - Dri
    "Fighting this society, there's only one way to win We must stick together through all thick and thin Cross over the line of your stubborn, closed mind Don't be surprised at what you might find Things you"
  • Tear It Down - Zoe Pound
    "Blliany a.k.a. Redd Eyezz, Golden Child, Black Jack (Turk) Straight project nigga.. ..Whoa, Ha(Ha), Ha(Ha).. ..Whoa, Ha(Ha), Ha(Ha)... ..Whoa, Ha(Ha), Ha(Ha), Ha(HA), Ha(Ha), Ha(Ha)... ...Niggas get"
  • Shuffle - Souls
    "I stand between the devil and the deep blue sea what do you want my lord? I'm shaken I am stirred I'm a prisoner in fetters without a name IF THER'S A GOD SEND HIM BACK COME ALLAH AND SAVE MY ASS I"
  • Harlem shuffle - The Rolling Stones
    "You move it to the left And you go for yourself You move it to the right Yeah if it takes all night Now take it kinda slow With a whole lot of soul Don't move it too fast Just make it last You scratch"
  • Shuffle it all - Izzy Stradlin
    "Boredom saturationIt's a never ending clueIsn't just to fill the timeWhen there's nothing else to do She drove on out of New YorkShe had enough insaneAnd drivin' just though Texas two daysShe ended up"
  • Harlem Shuffle - Rolling Stones
    "(Ralf/Nelson) Huhuuuhuhuhuhuuuuuuh, hu! You move it to the left, yeah, and you go for yourself. You move it to the right, yeah, if it takes all night. Now take it kinda slow, with a whole lot of soul. Don't"
  • Cupid Shuffle - Cupid
    "Shuffle...Cupid Shuffle Cupid Shuffle, Cupid Shuffle Cupid Shuffle, Cupid Shuffle Cupid Shuffle, Cupid Shuffle Cupid Shuffle, Cupid Shuffle Cupid Shuffle, Cupid Shuffle Cupid Shuffle, Cupid Shuffle Cupid"
  • Fillmore Shuffle - Sammy Hagar
    "I often wonder how the Fillmore Shuffle Caught us both in the very same year I guess we were foolish, oh but so glad to do it Face down in a hallway, but never any tears The first one to go was sweet"
  • Resurrection Shuffle - Tom Jones
    "RESURRECTION SHUFFLE WRITER TONY ASHTON Whoo-whoo Twist yourself further from the middle of the floor Throw a little kiss to the woman next door Step on the gas put your hand in the air Make a V-sign"
  • Govatsos Shuffle - Barenaked Ladies
    "Barenaked Ladies Miscellaneous Govatsos Shuffle Govatsos Govatsos Govatsos Govatsos Govatsos (continue throughout) We love Andrew Govatsos Govatsos Govatsos Govatsos We love Andrew Govatsos Well Andrew"
  • Lido Shuffle - Crowded House
    "Lido missed the boat that day, he left the shack But that was all he missed and he aint coming back At a tombstone bar in a juke joint car he made a stop Just long enough to grab a handle off the top Next"
  • Skeptical Shuffle - Kim Carnes
    "(Kim Carnes/Dave Ellingson) I'm skeptical of banana trees Cause they sway too much in the tropic breeze I'm skeptical that the world is round What keeps it up and what keeps me down I'm skeptical that"
  • Highgate Shuffle - Rod Stewart
    "Oh, yeah Let the band play one time now It was early one morning, I was on my way to school Early one morning, I was on my way to school Got lost on monday morning, I broke my teachers rule I was in"

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