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The Big Bounce

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The Big Bounce

  • Bounce - Raven-Symon
    "All I want ot do is make..you.....bounce! Feel the flow everyone came to see my show Love ot hear the people say, Rae go And I can keep you bouncing up for more Starting my left ot right, everybody lets"
  • Bounce - Ms Banks
    "Your body language tell me that you mean business (ayyy ahhh) Run track work it out we’re doing fitness (ayyy ahhh) I want it all day (ahhhh) Monday to Sunday (ahhhh) You’ve got my heart racing (ahhhh) Baby"
  • Bounce - Blazin' Squad
    "We can make u bounce We create da sound This years guna be ours Its nothing personal, my Cru iz unstoppable Eh yo, flava, Yo, r u ready 4 dis? Ha Lets go I never get wroten in dis Neva wrote so many hits"
  • Bounce - Mobb Deep
    "(Havoc) Yeah Another banger You can feel me if you don't, you don't I'll feed you to the dogs like a bitch I boned My only concern is for the cash I gross A nigga more deadly up against the ropes Problem"
  • Bounce - Timbaland
    "''Tempo has reached critical level Tempo has reached critical level'' Bounce Oh, I like you Bounce Come here girl, come here girl, come here girl, bounce Come here girl, come here girl, come here girl,"
  • Bounce - Lil' Flip
    "Yea, this track right here making them bounce - y'know Jump in the chevy and bounce Yea, uh, play ya skillz on the track Now bounce for yo click nigga! (bounce) Bounce for yo hood and throw it up Throw"
  • Bounce - TQ
    "Yeah yeah yeah Oh oh oh Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Yo I'm used to fine hoes 5 at a time hoes Top of the line make you do a double take hoe Hit the light show Chill"
  • More Bounce - Heavy D & The Boyz
    "One two, one two, one two I am the Overweight Lover MC, Heavy D This one goes out to my man DJ Eddie F Trouble T-Roy my partner G-Wiz This also goes out to my money earnin Mount Vernon crew J. Daddy, James"
  • Willie Bounce - Elephant Man
    "Intro Elephant Man: Out and bad What you can do for me? What you can do for me? What you can do for me? Chorus Out and bad So wey dem a sey Dance will never die Out and bad so badly bad It a get intensify I"
  • Let's bounce - Christy Carlson Romano
    "Waiting for the start of somethingBefore we go out of our minds All of this doing nothing is taking up too much time There's gotta be something better Something that we can do Time to get the party started"
  • Bounce It - Juicy J
    "Intro: Juicy J] Yeah... yeah, we gon' stay trippy for life, mane Yeah... I'm 'bout to take yo' girl (bounce it) Check it... + (Juicy J) Bounce it (bounce it), bounce it (bounce it) I’m about to throw"
  • Bounce (Remix) - Miracle
    "(feat. Pastor Troy) What, what, what, what, what, what what, what, what, What, what, what, what, what Bounce, bounce, bounce if you're with me nigga What's up, Big mouth, Big talk, Big game Teacher's"
  • Bounce Baby - Nasty Boy Klick
    "Bounce Baby-NB Ridaz West coast baby, uh yeah 2001, NB Ridaz New Edition Baby (Yo ridaz come on) (Chorus) Bounce baby, baby throw your fists to the sky Let a young ridaz show you fools how to fly East"
  • Suicide Bounce - Nas
    "(feat. Busta Rhymes) Ay fellas I think you might wanna s-s-sneak your ratchet in here for this one Ay ladies Put your petroleum jelly on your face Yo Nas, we got a big bet in the streets that you knock"
  • Snoop Bounce - Snoop Dogg
    "(feat. Charlie Wilson) Ain't no funk, it's funky, it's Doggystyle (Ain't it funky nuff?) (Death Row-ow, Death Rowwwww) (Everybody knows I got more bounce than an ounce) Shucks, stompin in my"
  • Let's Bounce - Sheek Louch
    "Let's go Poobs, Sheek Louch {Mari-ohhh} Fuck that nigga let's bounce (let's bounce) Get some dutches, I'm 'bout to get a ounce (get a ounce) I ain't thinkin 'bout dawg, let's drink (let's drink) I'm"
  • Snoop Bounce - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "Intro/Chorus: Charlie Wilson Ain't no funk, it's funky, it's Doggystyle (Ain't it funky nuff?) (Death Row-ow, Death Rowwwww) (*Everybody knows I got more bounce than an ounce*) *repeat* Verse 1: Snoop"
  • Buck bounce - Eightball
    "(Eightball) Whats the deal Whats up with a nigga, Eightball up in dis here Fa real Historic hits, nigga like Ali's fist Rock the world Get freaked by a different bunch hot little girls Speed it up, and"
  • Bounce Back - Charli Baltimore
    "GAME; stop snitchin', stop lyin' DOT com / the blair snitch project DOT com / CHARLI; slow motion / hoes go on hiatus when i come through / baltimore / high 8ish, plus i'm hard too / dime bitch / call"
  • Bounce - The Cab
    "The lips that slip Are the lips that press And the lips that leak seem to know you best I put bodies into motion Keep this skin out in the open Liars turn me on Bed spread bandit since '89 You wear your"

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