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The Cat in the PT Cruiser

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The Cat in the PT Cruiser

  • Cruiser - The Cars
    "Big city noise disappears Sucker punch is in your heart Light is reason light is due My shape is shapeless in your suit. Chrome red eyeballs reflect and roll A simple sun is slowly sinking Roman shoes"
  • Cruiser - Red House Painters
    "My biggest smile from Tokyo You came out here five years ago Her life song is a sad one Her mom fell off when she was young Her mom died off when she was young Purple nights and yellow days Neon"
  • Space Cruiser - Saint
    "Out on a baron street Just outside of town The spaceman and his fleets They're all touching' down They're not from outer space Nor the ocean or sea Air defense stand by What you spot report to me Space"
  • Twilight Cruiser - Kingdom Come
    "I can hear the silence, in the dark Closing in the distance, to my heart. Now and than a quick glance, at the stars, Coming of a deep trance, peace at large Like a soothing shelter over me I have come"
  • Midnight Cruiser - Steely Dan
    "Felonius my old friend Step on in and let me shake your hand So glad that you're here again For one more time Let your madness run with mine Streets still unseen we'll find somehow No time is better than"
  • Cat - Bob Seger
    "Daughter, daughter, don't do that, don't do that But daddy I said don't do that All right Little cat, all alone, somewhere in the Midwest Where'd you go? Who'll you be? Maybe you'll turn out to be the"
  • Luther Ingo's Star Cruiser - Ash
    "There's two things I like, really like One's kicking migs, the other's thumping birds First I'm gonna kill 'em all Then I'm gonna fuck you Oh baby, I wanna fuck you up the ass I'm gonna gamble I'm"
  • Individual Sky Cruiser Theory - Earthlings?
    "Inside this room we share the need of each other the air in here that we seek for cover You and I You and I you and i You and I you and i You and I you and i Are we invisible? No, you can't see. Are"
  • The Cruiser (Judgement Day) - Gotthard
    "Home again, I've been away for so long Lost somewhere, my destination unknown Mile after mile I tried to run from myself Knowing that time is a healer to what i have dealt But now I know that time has"
  • Fat Cat - The Rifles
    "the alarm rings and i wake up at 8 just in time to have a fat cat down on my back he's smiling, though my life aint that great its surprising the things you do for money one day ill be the boss of my own, in"
  • Phenomenal Cat - The Kinks
    "A long, long time ago, In the land of idiot boys, There live a cat, a phenomenal cat, Who loved to wallow all day. No one bothered him As he sat, content in his tree. He just lived to eat 'cause"
  • Cat Claw - The Kills
    "It's time to stand up our fingers from the bell Tell me sugar how you felt now Come on sugar, tell now Can't stand your face until it took off I wouldn't give a fuck but the love here is such a long walk If"
  • Lonely cat - The Kooks
    "Life is simple if you've got faith, oh yeahYou don't have to chooseBut I don't got numb todayLife was easy yester year oh yeahI didn't have to moveBut I never even got to know youSo baby carry on in chargeBecause"
  • Cat In The Sun - Aselin Debison
    "Love is taking it's own sweet time I get a little impatient sometimes But the blue sky's up above White clouds sail away And hey what's not to love About today I'm a cat in the sun I'm gonna wait right"
  • The Cat Crept In - MUD
    "I said a hey you guys look who's awaitin' outside. Well she got style you can see it in her feline eyes. When she starts movin' you sure can tell When she starts shakin' she's raisin' hell. I said"
  • Cat In The Hat - Marilyn Manson
    "The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house All that cold, cold, wet day I sat there with Sally. We sat there, we two. And I said "How I wish We had something to do!" Too wet"
  • Cat In The Brain - Cancerslug
    "every night and every day its the same f**king thing its like i got a cat clawing up in my brain and when that f**ker starts to scratch its gonna bring me pain but nothing like the pain im gonna give to"
  • Cat D - George the Poet
    "I said I got too much love for the hood rats I said I got too much love for the mandem I said I got too much love for the hood rats I said I got too much love for the mandem I like cars a lot Got the"
  • Cat - Blue Cafe
    "I don't want to let you wake up my cat Cause I love it when he lies on his back I don't want to let you wake up my cat /2x My mix, my track Don't you know my soul is black? My mix, my track Always black"
  • I'm The Cat - Jackson Browne
    "Baby, I'm around you enough to know when you're coming down And I am there with a smile, prepared to bring you around You're thinking that you've got me trained I'm aware of that But when you need your"

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