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The Clash Junkie Slip');

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The Clash Junkie Slip');

  • Junkie Slip - The Clash
    "I wasn't going that far The junkie slip! I said I wasn't doin' it The junkie slip! Yea thought I'd find a rhythm in the junkie town Thought I'd find a rhythm when the junkies hang around Thought I'd go"
  • Clash - Caravan Palace
    "People downing in the middle of the parties again Getting the cool with the happy, they went fire (foyeerrr) Everybody talkin' 'bout the power of the gospel (blame-a-buddeh) Getting the cool with the happy,"
  • Clash - Backyard Babies
    "1,2, 1,2,3,4 Do you believe, leave the things that i admire My mistake, to make the stakes a little higher No nothing's ever gonna be alright And we invade because of your invite Far out B.Baby Couldn't"
  • Junkie - The Bates
    "You are so weak You stepped out of the light You are in danger You got no power for the fight Once you were so strong But there is nothing left behind When you look into the mirror You would rather be"
  • Junkie - Kelis
    "Hi everyone uhm... my name is Carla Everyone lets welcome Carla I'm here because uhm Well I didn't know what else to do and.. This is it I'm strong now Hello everybody my name is Kelis (Hi Kelis) The"
  • Junkie - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "Disillusions fillin' my head Never happy, I wished I was dead Can't remember things I used to know Take another hit Lord, let the four winds blow Junkie, junkie man Feel so lonely, I wish I could cry Suicidal,"
  • Junkie - Dead Milkmen
    "My best friend is a junkie He shoots up all day Sometimes he even shits himself What else can I say? Shoot up or shut up (x4) If his girl don't score He beats her black and blue He wears his track marks"
  • Junkie - Robi Rosa
    "lady love, are you sad today, come and sway with me over here sorry sunlight jaded forever, I dont like it cold in the summer no need for the wasteland of the pain anymore my hands, embrace the air, every"
  • Junkie - Poe
    "I know how wear the costume I know how to wear the mask I even like the feel of having to ask I like the sound of your whistle I like the way you wear your grin I even like the taste of my will caving"
  • Junkie - James
    "Chocolate. Kisses. Pokemon Hit em while they're young It's true - ahha She needs lovers round the block He works around the clock It's true - ahha I know it's gonna make it better Just know it's gonna"
  • Junkie - Ozzy Osbourne
    "You're coming down badlyYou're crippled insideA rat in your sewerYou've no place to hideA gut renching feverAddicted to deathYou don't give a fuck if it means your last breathYou try so hard to quit, but"
  • Junkie - Steve Vai
    "I need some junk To shoot in my veins Would you give me some To relieve the pain? These city streets Are drivin' me insane I tried laundry detergent But it's not the same. I need some food To stuff"
  • Radio clash - The Clash
    "This is Radio Clash Stealing all transmissions Beaming from the mountaintop Using aural ammunition With extreme prejudice On a terminator mission This is Radio Clash Consider your position Step it up,"
  • Slip - Pitchshifter
    "I slip when eat, I slip when I slip. Fall down to my knees I slip when I seem. I slip when I see you, kick when I fall through, I slip when I seem, I slip when I See you coming step aside (you step aside) And"
  • Slip - Seven Ender
    "well I'm sorry my dear if i could have only said one thing it'd be one thing just short of your goodbye and i'm sorry i troubled you you deserve so much more than that someone with the strength to you"
  • Slip - Spiritfall
    "you never think I can get through you do you know what I'm capable off? do you really think that you know me well? I found an emptyness in front off you what was lost has been found do you really think"
  • Slip - Ultraspank
    "Lifting up from this Balance under pressure shifts Feel the gears slip Feel the gears slip Strain Nothing ever lifts Nothing ever lifts Drain Nothing ever shifts Nothing ever shifts Wiping sweat from battered"
  • Slip - Five Bolt Main
    "Move along, there is nothing to see here I need you strong, so get over your fear Just turn it on, on all that you hold dear Cause something's wrong, and the danger is near If you slip, you can't change"
  • Slip - Five.Bolt.Main
    "Move along, there is nothing to see here I need you strong, so get over your fear Just turn it on, on all that you hold dear Cause something's wrong, and the danger is near If you slip, you can't change"
  • Slip - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "Sitting, attractively bored and I guess I had this coming, it's been a long time coming Casually she kills me, attractively bored I leave too much unsaid, I leave too much unsaid You've got the sand in"

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