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The Curse

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The Curse

  • Curse - The Internet
    "Baby, you make me believe I could fall in love at first Sight, how you stopped me with your Body, I'm under your curse Baby, I'm under your curse Baby, I'm under your curse Babe, baby, you're my lady My"
  • Curse - Imagine Dragons
    "She barely knew your name He was just a city, she's just a dirt road but that never meant a thing running from the country, she needed out but, he held that diamond ring Cause I can't sit oh I can't talk I"
  • Curse - Hunters & Collectors
    "Good evening friends Better come gather round here on this sabbath Sunday Come on and slap your hands There's a hot wind and it's blowing through our town After the storm, after the fire Don't teach your"
  • Curse - Cult Of Luna
    "Tonight I mourn the loss of heart and soul. The path is taken, The curse received. Dark and barren in the winter night. Shadows move along the tree line. A life is cleansed in blood. Cleansed by these"
  • Curse - New Model Army
    "Another foggy night in hometown Cruising the backstreet pubs with a friend or two I guess we were laughing how we made it through the bad old days When across the bar I caught a glimpse of you Sometimes"
  • Curse - God Module
    "It's dark outside We're alone in this room Hiding from ourselves Pretending we're fine Trying to explain What I think about you There's something wrong With the voices inside my head Not knowing if I"
  • Curse - Recoil
    "Lord help me to believe, I've got a need Killed by the world I'm filled full of greed Deaf to the touch of a human hand Can't stand beaten down by a broken old man Broken men fill a city full of sadness Broken"
  • Curse - Bloody Sunday
    "I thought that we were one from all the nodding heads and how we sing along but there are still the ones that got the scene all wrong yeah you dance real hard and we all know your names for those that"
  • Curse Curse - James
    "In my hotel room Sounds from next door Someone's getting laid God's name's proclaimed The end is on its way Turned on ashamed I turn up the TV Copa Del Rey Messi shoots and scores A hundred thousand came No"
  • The Curse - Slaughter
    "To summon up the Gods of wrath into forests,Satanists chant to bring forth the beast in flesh to spread the curse is our quest The total sin of the worst witness vengence of my curse To read the"
  • The Curse - Crematory
    "the curse beyond expression disgrace over your head fear of meeting your downfall peace alone from human hand the magic - flee from life the shadows - time to say goodbye the sorrow - revelation of the"
  • The Curse - Nocturnal Rites
    "There's something in the dark There's something is us all The fear of dying has no end the fire in our eyes Will keep our faith alive The burning flame will last forever In our dreams the curse lives"
  • The Curse - Agnes Obel
    "And the people went to hide away From the start they didn't know exactly why Winter came and made it so look alive, look alive Underneath though the grass would grow, aiming at the sky He was healed"
  • The Curse - Antithesis
    "I rest here on this pillar I am a granite king And you will bow and worship My praises you will sing My immortality The reign goes on forever The valley of the kings Dare you to take my treasure You dare"
  • The Curse - Diary Of Dreams
    "Plastic needles in my skin Don't ask me what they're for No clue, except for pain and shock You tied me to the bed to mock My eyelids kept wide open So I can see all that you do All this liquid in my"
  • The Curse - King Diamond
    "I know what You're thinking. I can see through you brain I know what You're doing, even though I'm far away The power I get from the chain is mine Only I can use it The power I get from the chain is mine Only"
  • The curse - Vale Of Tears
    "You're running like a hunted game Cos you were damned for causing pain. You'll have the curse at your heels for ever It will chase you and make you suffer. You cannot find tranquillity, Endless wandering's"
  • The Curse - Disturbed
    "Marked for demolition I'm just a time bomb ticking inside No hope for the hopeless I can see the pieces all laid out in front of me No point even asking why Couldn't help even if you tried Step aside"
  • The Curse - Omen
    "When the moon is full and burning bright Comes a strange feeling Something's watching in the night I'm tossing and turning In a cold and sweaty bed I search for answers To questions that are ringing in"
  • The Curse - Audioslave
    "Help me I don't know what I'm doin Help me before I fall to ruin And if I'm blind, I will lead you on Come follow me now, before our time is gone And as you're laughing at this fool tonight Let me rid"

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