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The Curse Agnes Obel

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The Curse Agnes Obel

  • The Curse - Agnes Obel
    "And the people went to hide away From the start they didn't know exactly why Winter came and made it so look alive, look alive Underneath though the grass would grow, aiming at the sky He was healed"
  • Agnes - Donnie Iris
    "We were standing on the corner one night Me and Agnes She had these tight jeans on And these high shoes Bad It was a warm September night Wind was blowin' through the trees This dude Louie was looking"
  • Alas Agnes - Mystery Jets
    "Agnes it all ended up in tears Well we were an odd couple you and I In our strange and original attire I thought, I thought it was love at first sight My mother, my mother, she shivered with fright"
  • Curse - The Internet
    "Baby, you make me believe I could fall in love at first Sight, how you stopped me with your Body, I'm under your curse Baby, I'm under your curse Baby, I'm under your curse Babe, baby, you're my lady My"
  • Curse - Imagine Dragons
    "She barely knew your name He was just a city, she's just a dirt road but that never meant a thing running from the country, she needed out but, he held that diamond ring Cause I can't sit oh I can't talk I"
  • Curse - Hunters & Collectors
    "Good evening friends Better come gather round here on this sabbath Sunday Come on and slap your hands There's a hot wind and it's blowing through our town After the storm, after the fire Don't teach your"
  • Curse - Cult Of Luna
    "Tonight I mourn the loss of heart and soul. The path is taken, The curse received. Dark and barren in the winter night. Shadows move along the tree line. A life is cleansed in blood. Cleansed by these"
  • Curse - New Model Army
    "Another foggy night in hometown Cruising the backstreet pubs with a friend or two I guess we were laughing how we made it through the bad old days When across the bar I caught a glimpse of you Sometimes"
  • Curse - God Module
    "It's dark outside We're alone in this room Hiding from ourselves Pretending we're fine Trying to explain What I think about you There's something wrong With the voices inside my head Not knowing if I"
  • Curse - Recoil
    "Lord help me to believe, I've got a need Killed by the world I'm filled full of greed Deaf to the touch of a human hand Can't stand beaten down by a broken old man Broken men fill a city full of sadness Broken"
  • Curse - Bloody Sunday
    "I thought that we were one from all the nodding heads and how we sing along but there are still the ones that got the scene all wrong yeah you dance real hard and we all know your names for those that"
  • Curse Curse - James
    "In my hotel room Sounds from next door Someone's getting laid God's name's proclaimed The end is on its way Turned on ashamed I turn up the TV Copa Del Rey Messi shoots and scores A hundred thousand came No"
  • Agnes - XIII.stolet
    "Agnes to jmno v kamenech mluv k nm Kdy minulost vrac se Agnes kdo t znal a kdo byl tvj ne la do kltera Agnes ty dvko zapomenut Mla jsi tajn hch Ou Agnes je voln kdy hodiny jdou A roky pozptku let /:Ou"
  • I Got It From Agnes - Tom Lehrer
    "I love my friends, and they love me, We're just as close as we can be. And just because we really care, Whatever we get, we share! I got it from Agnes, She got it from Jim. We all agree it must have been Louise"
  • Aventine - Agnes Obel
    "Will you go ahead to the Aventine? In the holly red in the night Dirt under my shoe from the old at heart Right under you, grinning in the dark You carried my heart in the night To bury the wave in the"
  • Dorian - Agnes Obel
    "They won't know who we are So we both can pretend It's written on the mountains A line that never ends As the devil spoke we spilled out on the floor And the pieces broke and the people wanted more And"
  • It's Happening Again - Agnes Obel
    "I swear it is true The past isn't dead It's alive, it is happening In the back of my head No future, no past No laws of time Can undo what is happening When I close my eyes And with the stars and the moon I"
  • Familiar - Agnes Obel
    "Can you walk on the water with I? You and I “Because your blood’s running cold” Said the familiar True to life Can you walk on the water with I? You and ? Or keep your eyes on the road and live there familiar Without"
  • Fuel To Fire - Agnes Obel
    "Do you want me on your mind or do you want me to go on I might be yours as sure as I can say Be gone be faraway Roses on parade, they follow you around Upon your shore as sure as I can say Be gone be"
  • Broken Sleep - Agnes Obel
    "broken sleep all too human a malady it’s gazing though when I would dream me a dream soft as a pillow deep in the night till the morning will follow shapes of smoke all too human they grow, like titans I"

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