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The Devil Makes Three

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The Devil Makes Three

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The Devil Makes Three
  • Brian Setzer Three Guys
    "Well I get up and the sun goes around So rundown but I head into town Taking a chance and I started to dance What I need is a new romance Step back chicken shack homicidal maniac That chick's outta whack"
  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy You Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight
    "Hey Jack...I know what your thinking. That now's as good as any to start drinking. Hey Scotty...Yeah...What's it gonna be? A gin & tonic sounds might mighty good to me. Man I know I gotta go it's the"
  • Marilyn Manson You and me and the devil makes 3
    "I'm just like rolling a stone upA hill in HadesIf you want to lie with meYou're going to be a liarHell-flavored, I've got mood poisoningYou must be something that I hateI'm just a prison of propertyBuckets"
  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight
    "Hey, Jen, I know what you're thinking. That now's as good as any to start drinking. (Hey, Scottie!) Yeah? (What's it gonna be?) One gin and tonic sounds mighty, mighty good to me. Man, I know, I've"
  • Iced Earth The Devil To Pay
    "In July 1863 A nation torn in tragedy A trick of fate,Two great armies merge Gods of war at Gettysburg Devastation lies ahead 50,000 bodies litter the land Hell rages three full days The reaper"
  • Mutton Birds Three minutes
    "Off Saint Johns Head the sun is coming up, And in New York the dollar's starting to fall, In Jerusalem a soldier puts his rifle down, To scratch his lovers name on the wall. In London town they're clearing"
  • Rob Zombie Unholy Three
    "The effect is distinguishly 10 minutes faster now I'm going to need stronger douses, more frequently now None the less, humans are more sexual than animals, you know it! That all you thnk about, makes"
  • Einsturzende Neubauten Three Thoughts
    "First, i thought: the advent of the iron age made the elongation of the male sex unavoidable and its main aim the penetration the knife, the sword, the spear Second, i thought: gunpowder, firearms the"
  • Brandtson On Three
    "they say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, you know, stronger? and we're all given something inside drives us, thats inside us for the rest of our lives jump, jump in with both feet forward"
  • Jim Carroll Three Sisters
    "Though I don't really understand her I love my sister, her name's miranda The boys from uptown they can't stand her The more she denies them the more they demand her But she just wants to lay in bed all"
  • Peter Hammill Act Three
    "(Immediately afterwards, Madeline Usher enters, in a trance) MADELINE Carriages at seven I shall wear the flower he gave me It's so cold here deep beneath the lapping water... The water The water My"
  • Lightyear Three Basics
    "'There's something more to life than this' The Christian to the Atheist 'Along the lines of vision and hope' 'Did you think of the War? Stand at ease' Said the Pope And it will all fall down It will fall"
  • The Prodigy Three
    "Yo dun we got guns in the grass Its three at night I'm about to take the last swallow of the EZus Jesus Who got fifty on the next tree We gotta stop at the store We need D batteries for the theme music Snatch"
  • INXS Devil Inside
    "Here comes the woman With the look in her eye Raised on leather With flesh on her mind Words as weapons sharper than knives Makes you wonder how the other half die Other half die Here come the man With"
  • Ringo Starr Devil Woman
  • Penny McLean Devil Eyes
    "Sweet is her talk and she smiles like a beauty queen And she's got everything that makes a man start to dream When I'm not with you she's trying to tear us apart Don't let her catch you she's only breaking"
  • Salem Al Fakir Devil Look
    "Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah x2 We never get enough always wanna have some more. What do we know when enough is enough? That's true! It's hard to say no when the devil looks at you. Sometimes it tears"
  • Sara Bareilles Little devil
    "Two sides of stories and two sides to my brainYou decide for me am I two times insaneLittle devil.Just cause I do dont mean I want to see it your wayHes sweet like candy but hes soured my tasteI keep him"
  • Nekromantix Devil Smile
    "Disillusioned demons bleed by alien illness, The nuked surface of earth transmutates into abnormal masses of festered flesh rising to fortell vengeance, While demonoid terminations are tacking down remaining"
  • Atomic Rooster Devil answer
    "People are looking but they don't know what to do It's the time of the season for the people like you Come back tomorrow, show the scars on your face It's a clue to the answer we all chase Three, five"

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