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The Dumplings - Tide Of Time

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The Dumplings - Tide Of Time

  • Tide Of Time - The Dumplings
    "Heart diseases blocked my veins Feelings gone I wait for you to come Who likes to be alone? /2x /2x Sway like there is noone in the room Time goes by You can try To run against The tide of time"
  • Time And Tide - Basia Trzetrzelewska
    "It's hard for me to stop my heart love never knows when the time is right I don't want to hurt anybody but can't help loving you I never felt like this before I know this is passion worth waiting for let"
  • The Tide - Lucy Kaplansky
    "There are demons in the water There are devils in the sea There are dangers in the current When the tide goes out of me I could drink you under the table I could drink you out of town I could drink"
  • Tide - Newsboys
    "think i'll wait for the tide seems it's all i can do right now there must be a reason i've run aground i'll wait for the waves to come by the moon and the tide like a man and his bride i will wait on"
  • Tide - Refused
    "Chain down the pain abstinence remains to hold me down, in a tone of desperation its never gonna be the same, it might have been me so caught up in ego supremacy cut lose the wires of connection, put"
  • Tide - Spill Canvas
    "And there's three, count 'em three Children playing on the beach They were eager to learn, To be taught and to teach There's Veronica She's biting her lip As she watches the waves turn white at"
  • Temptation Tide - Sebadoh
    "Close my eyes Feel the fire Overwhelming fear and desire (so hard for you to stem the tide) Wavering heart, the flames growing higher (grab your bottle get your coat and hide) Lose what I have To test"
  • Red Tide - Rush
    "Nature has some new plague To run in our streets History some new wrinkle We are doomed to repeat Fugitives at the bedroom door Lovers pause to find an open store Rain is burning on the forest floor And"
  • Rising Tide - Born From Pain
    "Betrayed by me I am my own worst enemy Murder in the first degree Of my serenity Nothing ends, those days won't fade Everything too little, too late Endless hours, endless days Fighting myself to find"
  • High tide - Ten
    "It's getting hotter tonight,We're riding high on wishing well time,All in all we know the way it goesWhen the fire comes alive.But sailing into the nightI hear the waves below me cryTo look out below fo"
  • High Tide - Robert Post
    "I don't cry anymore My tears have dried and my eyes have died I don't see anymore My eyes are blind and my magnifying glass is broken I don't smell it anymore I cannot smell the way to heaven I don't understand"
  • Red Tide - Full Blown Chaos
    "All I want is to see you dead Everything you love must die You have crossed me for the last time All your bridges will burn Sold my soul to see you suffer A small price for the pain you've caused I will"
  • Neither Time Nor Tide - Solstice
    "lone narcissust mad at the sun he wanders defeated through cities of dust amidst frustration like so many dreams of saints and sinners, none could percieve the fall from heaven, and mow we would bleed face"
  • The Turning Tide - Super Furry Animals
    "It just occurred to me That things aren't as they seem: It's conspiracy Aaaah And we're living in a world of quicksand Castles on their keep Still waiting under siege For the turning tide up Need some"
  • Turning of the tide - Richard Thompson
    "How many boys, one night stands, How many lips, how many hands, have held you Like I'm holding you tonight Too many nights, staying up late, Too much powder and too much paint No you can't hide from the"
  • The Rising Tide - Sunny Day Real Estate
    "Color your skin with gold and the violence remains Cover your eyes with rose but the stain remains Will you escape your life with all the walls you build? Smother your will and lead you into fasion... Morning"
  • The Highest Tide - Athena
    "Open your eyes so I can see you die! Your last whisper, tell me your last desire! Don't pray for your life Look in my eyes my spite! I am the night I've discovered your hide You can run far from me but"
  • Fight The Tide - Anders Holst
    "Started with a smile Hopin? dreamin? Thought I saw you for a while By the door When you walked right in Across the crowded floor Winter turned into a summer breeze A hint of what could happen to me? Life"
  • Low Tide Of The Night - Everything But The Girl
    "London in the low tide of the night And not a taxi cab in sight. Anesthetized I start the journey home. I've been living months alone. I've been avoiding things - the phone rings, I use the answerphone. Inside"
  • Tide of the Envenomed Oceans - Obsidian Gate
    "Invading into the depths of writhing souls banished here, their energy of martyrdom for his honour feeds my vision of utter hell, I see the beauty of earth reversed therein, black seas of sin, plagued"

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