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The End Is Not The Sight (The Cowboy Tune)

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The End Is Not The Sight (The Cowboy Tune)

  • The End Is In Sight - Lobo
    "(Kent LaVoie) And if I need you You were always there You said you'd always care But something's missing That was there before It's just not there anymore You tell me not to worry To remember what you"
  • The End Is Not In Sight - Amazing Rhythm Aces
    "Guess I knew it all along I'd have to come back home 'Caude this living on the road Only makes me tired and sore Like a bird without a nest Like a stranger in the night And my soul cries out for rest And"
  • Cowboy - The Sugarcubes
    "Einar Cowboy, cowboy, in the big town I'm a cowboy in the big town I'm looking for my pony A mans best friend is his pony Aaah! I'm a cowboy Aaah, cowboy! I need my pony I lost my pony In the big town I'm"
  • The Last Cowboy Song - The Highwaymen
    "''(All)'' This the last cowboy song: The end of a hundred year waltz. The voices sound sad as they're singin' along. Another piece of America's lost. ''(Waylon Jennings)'' He rides the feed lots, clerks"
  • The Beatles Tune - David Lee Roth
    "Turn off your mind, relax And float down stream It is not dying It is not dying Lay down all thought Surrender to the void It is shining It is shining That you may see The meaning of within"
  • No end in sight - Katrina Elam
    "There's a melody in my head, An' I ain't stopped hummin' it since I saw your face. There's a feelin' I can't forget, It started with you kissin' me that way. An' there's no end in sight. Like an Oklahoma"
  • This is not the end - Renton
    "When it pulls you down You better drop it You better cut off the line You better drop it There is no way out But to stop it Cause even even its out of sight It keeps on taking Tow your head to the ground Say"
  • Cowboy - Sugarcubes
    "Einar Cowboy, cowboy in the big town I'm a cowboy in the big town I'm looking for my pony A mans best friend is this pony I'm a cowboy, I'm cowboy I need my pony, I lost my pony In the big town I'm a cowboy"
  • The Last Cowboy Song - Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson
    "This is the last cowboy song The end of a hundred year waltz The music is sad as they're singing along Another piece of America's lost. He rides a feed lot and clerks in a market On weekends selling tobacco"
  • Cowboy - Eve
    "Uh, c'mon, uh, yo, yo Niggas they drug her up like liquid How she dish shit Man, woman, boy and girl got addicted Damn she flipped it, when gone they missed it Been on cuz, they can't stop her climb Nigga"
  • No End In Sight - The Autumn Offering
    "I'm stuck Search for better days Still fucked It always seems the same This is a constant Battle inside This is my life No end in sight No luck My time is almost out You'll see What's inside of me This"
  • The Last Cowboy - Jamey Johnson
    "An old pickup truck Means you're down on your luck anymore And boots and straw hat Are just a thing of the past anymore And ever since Waylon I cant find no one To buy into sad country songs And tell me"
  • Death Is Not The End - The Waterboys
    "(Bob Dylan) When you are sad and you are lonesome and you just can't find a friend Just remember death is not the end And when all that you've held sacred falls down and does not mend Just remember death"
  • This Is Not The End - The Bravery
    "Tell me, come on, tell me what you can. Even as you wait for death, you're wiser than I am. Tell me, what does it mean to exist? I am not a scientist - I must believe in more than this. I cannot accept"
  • Sight - Lunapop
    ""Sight" Only i can kno what u do and when u cry i see all things i feel a shawdow touch me and a spirit which brings me wisdom and when my heart explodes its because i see you you are eeverything to"
  • Huck's Tune - Bob Dylan
    "Well I wandered alone, through a desert of stone, and I dreamt of my future wife. My sword's in my hand, and I'm next in command, in this version of Death called Life. My plate and my cup, are right straight"
  • Losing Sight - Zoot Woman
    "If you can see what's shining through I'd like to know just where you're looking to Never words I meant to say But everybody goes a different way If I see only black and white Telling me there is something"
  • Death Is Not The End - Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer
    "When you're sad and when you're lonely and you haven't got a friend. just remember that death is not the end. and all that you've held sacred, falls down and does not mend. just remember that de S not"
  • The Last American Cowboy - The Bled
    "Brace yourself for the plight of the born. as the spotlight strips you bare. Just a useless act in the play of life. cast as the role of "The Lover" and I feel slightly misplace in a world that "Fuck of"
  • Not By Sight - Petra
    "Words by John Slick Based on 2 Corinthians 6:9, Romans 5:1-5, Haakkuk 2:3-4, Galatians 5:16-24, Hebrews 6:11-12 Sometimes we're runnin' along Blind to where we're goin' Sometimes we lose our bearings"

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