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The Explosion Go Blank and 1

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The Explosion Go Blank and 1

  • Go Blank - The Explosion
    "Go blank [4x] go, go blank [3x] go, go blank go blank and start again this time it feels like th walls are closing in distress always happens happiness so distant feel the beating heart the pulse of what"
  • Explosion - Laurent Wolf
    "Explosion kiss, explosion kiss, the world Explosion kiss, explosion kiss, the love Explosion kiss, explosion kiss, for real (x2) Explosion in the car, explosion at the bar Explosion in the club, explosion"
  • Blank - Blindspott
    "Surrounded by four walls, they cave in on you Spend some time with your weakness, but don't let it get the better of you Watch you fade away For just one more day So sick and tired of seeing you, watching"
  • Point Blank - Point Blank
    "I hate the whole fucking world so the world better hate me I bust in your house and kill your whole fucking family I get so much pussy I think fucking is boring Took 10 mothafuckas to the grave up north They"
  • Explosion - Maanam
    "Life is a set of structures, the tree and the lizard Spellbound, ocean water, deep blue sleep Furnace inferno blazing securely The earth (hear how it whispers!) trips its swift ellipses Explosion Explosion Explosion"
  • Explosion - Shonen Knife
    "Nothing's gonna start if you and I do nothing Nothing's gonna change if you and I are only waiting Nothing's gonna move if you and I see only one thing Nothing's gonna work but I can't change the system"
  • Tony Yayo Explosion - G-Unit
    "(Chorus - 50 Cent) As times go by, I twist a lot Fuck with me and my niggas, somebody gonna die You think I'm all poinry, cause you see me gettin' high But my knife, I'll have yo ass seein' out one"
  • Tony Yayo Explosion - 50 Cent
    "(feat. Tony Yayo) [50 Cent] Yeah, F-50 As times go by, I twist a lot Fuck with me and my niggas, somebody gonna die You think I'm all poinry, cause you see me gettin' high But my knife, I'll have"
  • Youth Explosion - Madcap
    "I can't stand this for another day What kind of fool do you think i am? You sit and stare like you see through me But you know nothing of the way i live When you were young were you just like me A grim"
  • Youth Explosion - The Explosion
    "We are the ugly faces In all the darkest places Careless and impatient Fell so far from your graces Busy but fucking bored The kids that you ignored But while your back was turned We crossed the bridges"
  • Blank - Failure
    "no conviction in your numb mind a hidden cell of chemicals keep your soul on my projection never turn on the camera because i kinda like the blank way i fill up my life i don't care for nothing that gets"
  • Blank - Value Pac
    "I see the people I pass by in the streets well nothing but empty looks I see the people who put trust in who they meet well nothing but empty lives I don't want to see that I see the faces whose eyes cry"
  • (Blank) - Cootees
    "Me and Tom sat down one night Our goal was to write a song Didn't want it to be too short But we didn't want it too long We can write about politics We can write about the world (World...) We can write"
  • Blank slate - The National
    "I saw him entertaining guests I fell off the chair and cracked open my head Geese flew out and they flew up the stairs 'cause they wanted to travel the world I saw him entertaining guests I fell off the"
  • Blank Baby - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "You might say someone else said it Some worse some better then I You might see someone taking pictures They can't put them back and I will tell you why Cause even when originals are dead Something still"
  • Point Blank - Bruce Springsteen
    "Do you still say your prayers little darlin' Do you go to bed at night Prayin' that tommorow, everything will be alright But tommorow's fall in number in number one by one You wake up and you're dying"
  • Blank File - Sonata Arctica
    "It is your new best friend, new eye in your private den And you can find the world inside it every day They know what you did today, hear everything you say And when they send you mail, they know where"
  • Dear Blank - Hedley
    "Dear blank, I'm sorry I blanked, you're blank Thought you'd understand if you knew how much beer that I drank. I know today is going too fucking slow, So take a number, get in line I'll tell you all where"
  • Blank Landscapes - Small Brown Bike
    "I miss myself more than anything. I can't go back to where I can be seen. No, not tonight. Sometimes I feel like I stayed home and slept. No one is here and my progress goes unchecked, but on this night. I"
  • Blank Spaces - Taylor Swift
    "Nice to meet you Where you've been? I can show you incredible things Magic, madness, heaven, sins Saw you there and I thought oh my god Look at that face, you look like my next mistake Love's a game, wanna"

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