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The Explosion Sick Of Modern Art

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The Explosion Sick Of Modern Art

  • Sick Of Modern Art - The Explosion
    "someday we'll get eaten by a rat with giant teeth and we'll die die die exactly where we want to be they'll dig us up in a thousand years, those teeth still in our bones you'll find us lying in your beds"
  • Modern Art - Art Brut
    "Modern art Makes me Want to rock out (x4) So I'm in the Tate And I'm looking at Hockney And oh sweet Jesus There's something about that blue It touches me deep inside Amazes me when I step outside I'm"
  • Explosion - Laurent Wolf
    "Explosion kiss, explosion kiss, the world Explosion kiss, explosion kiss, the love Explosion kiss, explosion kiss, for real (x2) Explosion in the car, explosion at the bar Explosion in the club, explosion"
  • Explosion - Maanam
    "Life is a set of structures, the tree and the lizard Spellbound, ocean water, deep blue sleep Furnace inferno blazing securely The earth (hear how it whispers!) trips its swift ellipses Explosion Explosion Explosion"
  • Explosion - Shonen Knife
    "Nothing's gonna start if you and I do nothing Nothing's gonna change if you and I are only waiting Nothing's gonna move if you and I see only one thing Nothing's gonna work but I can't change the system"
  • Modern - Peter Hammill
    "Jericho's strange, throbbing with life at its heart - people are drawn together, simultaneously torn apart.... Foundations are shattered in the city inside the barricaded doors; hiding behind their walls,"
  • The explosion - Reactor
    "Dear first offender we hope that you'll surrenderwe'll get you in the end, we'll get you in the enddear young protestor we hope this callous gesturewill slow down those convictions you defendWe're watching"
  • Youth Explosion - Madcap
    "I can't stand this for another day What kind of fool do you think i am? You sit and stare like you see through me But you know nothing of the way i live When you were young were you just like me A grim"
  • Beautiful Explosion - Plajia
    "Fly down, hit bounds From Rockefeller I slip a water balloon It took like Fifty seconds To get their New York heads Wet and surprised Had those USA firecrackers I called one of my friends Then we, dressed"
  • Art - System Of A Down
    "Art. is the way to heart.The hearts of man can and will change.That change changes the world.We can bomb you with love and you cannot resist.We can kill you with compassion if you don't assist.We can assassinate"
  • Sick, Sick, Sick - Queens Of The Stone Age
    "Young, dumb, don't see a problem, Bloodshot, Stare like a hoodlum, Simple as this I'm in love with the risk, I know what I've done, but tell me what did I miss, So, please don't save something, Waste not,"
  • Modern Boys - Suede
    "come unto me my winter son we could lie on the rails and when the morning comes we'll be miles away, miles away slipping away while the city sleeps running away from this cruel disease miles away, miles"
  • Modern Girl - Sleater Kinney
    "My baby loves me I'm so happy Happiness makes me A modern girl I took my money And bought a TV TV Brings me Closer to the world My baby loves me I'm so hungry Hunger makes me A modern girl I took my money And"
  • Modern Girl - Sleater-Kinney
    "My baby loves me, I'm so happy Happy makes me a modern girl Took my money and bought a TV TV brings me closer to the world My whole life Was like a picture of a sunny day My whole life Was like a picture"
  • Sick - Son Of Dork
    "It's more than a habit I'm more than an addict I'm parked here outside of you door Know you never lock it Got you keys in my pocket Lights all out But I know for sure I am ... Ten steps away from you From"
  • Modern Restless - Ghost
    "The movement is dead, we need a resurrection Erase the market and erase the labels Counter culture in designer jeans Rebellion in the high beams Revolution isn't so obvious This art has no name Take"
  • Modern Death - Deathstars
    "So can you tell how you feel inside, the beat of that child Or is it more dead than alive, fashioned in a sinful style I don't care - No! Not at all - No! I care of nothing So can you persuade me I will"
  • Art - Taproot
    "Occasionally I feel like the walls around are closing in on me Physically I feel sometimes I need seclusion to be free The irony at last I see reality is my perception And my personality is my reflection"
  • Youth Explosion - The Explosion
    "We are the ugly faces In all the darkest places Careless and impatient Fell so far from your graces Busy but fucking bored The kids that you ignored But while your back was turned We crossed the bridges"
  • Hot Pants Explosion - The B-52s
    "You know what I say to your hot pants? Say what? Say get on down, ah ha ha... I'm in shippin', if you're receivin' 'Cause what I see I ain't believin' The longest legs in the shortest pants You got"

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