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The Great Forever

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The Great Forever

  • Great - Fred Hammond
    "(Verse 1) With our hearts so full of sincere exhaltation We, Your people, we come before You with celebration, hey (B-Section) Like the angels fly around Your throne We're crying Holy With our whole hearts"
  • Forever - Focused
    "Victory is mine as I recover from my wrong doings. Taste my tears endure hardships that I've been through. Tear up the grief I've heaped upon myself. Sacrifice me forever. Fire of love addicted to the"
  • Great God - Carman
    "God is a God of righteousness God sits on the throne God is strong in battle God is God alone God is wise and merciful God is sovereign Lord God is pure and holy God reigns forevermore ''Chorus:'' He's"
  • Great Divide - Forever Changed
    "The time shes starving for the love from her innocence. She knows her parents have forgotten how... For years theyve been screaming, I want out! Here eyes comply its finally happened now. Inside her"
  • Forever - After Forever
    "Dead Girl: I can see your pain I can feel your loss I can hear your words I can but you are out of reach and so am I Man: You and me living in a dream This end could not have been foreseen The pain won't"
  • The Great Unknown - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Caught In The Light The Great Unknown All lovers in the night Look up and see the dawn Reach out into the light Before you travel on All you have to do is smile for me Lonely"
  • So Great - Michael W. Smith
    "Young and old, rich and poor, Weak and strong, everyone Come and rest, you are safe In the arms of Jesus. For He is good, For he is faithful. So great, so great, And Your love endures forever."
  • Great Pretender - Yu-Gi-Oh
    "Do you wander through this life Like a child without a care? Do you fear the things you love? Do you seek the things you fear? When the world comes crashin' down Do you just smile and say I am the great"
  • Great divide - George Jones
    "I guess we've walked a million miles together hand in handWe'd climb steep Rocky Mountains a happy woman a happy manWe'd thought our love would go on forever side by sideBut here we stand like strangers"
  • God Great God - Kurt Carr
    "Glory and honor dominion and power Now and forever the Lord God omnipotent Reineth with power forever with power Greater than all you are sovereign God God great God Worthy of honor and glory We stand"
  • Great Divide - Tammy Wynette
    "I guess we've walked a million miles together hand in hand We'd climb steep Rocky Mountains a happy woman a happy man We'd thought our love would go on forever side by side But here we stand like strangers"
  • Great Divide - Vertical Horizon
    "Keep on looking, find a way out Get a hold on hoping, scream and shout A new addiction, another show Truth and fiction, well I did not know Chorus I didn't know you and you didn't know me Broken branches"
  • The Great Deceiver - Bulldozer
    "Welcome all you fuckers Freak-out and mortal fools Seeking evil excitements Yeah! You want to be cool And I'm still laughing Watching you and your foolish ways Don't try to move around me now I'm gonna"
  • The Great Unwanted - Lucky Soul
    "If I could be alone with you, instead of standing on my own, I would sound the call and when they all come running then you'll see, I'm not alone at all. Oh we live in silence, in shelter, in shadows; The"
  • The Great Machine - Tandjent
    "Lost a trace of me inside the great machine All taste of better self swallowed for tomorrow Defy that which pleads for comforts of company Wry and fallow, give up, fight the impulse, let go Nothing Forever"
  • The Great Unknown - Barclay James Harvest
    "All lovers in the night Look up and see the dawn Reach out into the light Before you travel on All you have to do is smile for me Lonely days will disappear All lovers of the world We thought we had it"
  • Great - Ten Shekel Shirt
    "I have always wanted to be somebody who is great I want to be great To be great in Great in your eyes, is my dream To be the one who makes you smile is everything To love my enemies To serve others"
  • Great - Samiam
    "you reel me in from a real long leash pulling me in just to tell me a speach i don't like the looks of that do you like the looks of that i gave it all i had you pull my head all over this town i get the"
  • Homage to the Great - Salamandra
    "Question my dream and Laught at my hope I shan't surrender Shan't fear for future at all I believe that wisdom Of our forefathers will Forever be praised and Be always remembered well Pay tribute to"
  • That Great Day - Jonny Lang
    "We will meet at the river We will be delivered of every chain Down into the water - children, mothers, and fathers in His sweet name To drown all our sins and come up again forever changed Never to return"

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