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The Hallows

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The Hallows

  • Hallows Eve (Including Routine) - Hallows Eve
    "Hear the voices, see the faces feel the chill of the fog rolling let me bring you, tales of terror let me bring you, the macabre tale of Hallows Eve, let me bring you terror fear grips your heart as"
  • Accio Deathly Hallows - Hank Green
    "I'm gettin kinda tired of this Prepublication media blitz You've got all of muggle kind under your spell Don't you know the whole world's already gone And reserved a copy at amazon How many more books"
  • All hallows Eve - Inkubus Sukkubus
    "Now the mist is on the landbefore the hoards of the dead we standagainst the cold of the western windagainst the demons of the night Let us Drink another drinkas we stand here at the brinkLet us dance,"
  • All Hallows Eve - Type O Negative
    "Fall fires burn 'neath Black twisted boughs Sacrifice to above Smoke swirling quickly Towards misting clouds Offering of this blood Into the flames And without shame Consumed with howls And screams"
  • Hallows Victim (Exhumed) - Saint Vitus
    "Panic in the air Awaken to the call Ghostly apparitions Making your skin crawl Incense,tambourines Sorcerors arise All you see are pools of blood And fire in their eyes Grinning Jack-O-Lanterns Lit by"
  • The Arrival (On All Hallows Eve) - Equinox Ov The Gods
    "I saw them dancing in the streets An innocent play with aclors unknowing Celebrating this ancient pagan feast Unleashing my spirit. The shadows are growing Im weaving their songs to spells once forgotten And"
  • The Mansion - Hallows Eve
    "I walked into the room There came a voice saying aloud "Thou hast no business here!" "Your best bets to get out!" The spirits in my head said "You don't have to run!" "You don't have to run!" I was not"
  • Plea Of The Aged - Hallows Eve
    "Death is drawing closer I'm fighting for my life I know not how to stop it live through this pain and strife Awakened in the nighttime I'm fighting for my life Death is drawing nearer I'll soon be cold"
  • There Are No Rules - Hallows Eve
    "Shake your fist at the sky did your god up and die did your hero ever lie does your brain ever fry there are no rules let the thunder cry mean let the gods make a scene how can you fight it out throw"
  • Lethal Tendencies - Hallows Eve
    "Out of love out of mind out of food out of time Those who live do not care a taste of war a taste of death Die! Live for the cross it has been said but in the end aren't we all dead Death has come from"
  • Nefarious - Hallows Eve
    "Taking you down to the dark depths of hell fire lies under your feet I am the ruler of this dark domain murder is what I now seek Demons above you are flying on high eternal death to come soon Welcoming"
  • Suicide - Hallows Eve
    "I took the pills that made me fast to speed my brain future is past Rapid pulsations upon my heart pulsing my blood from part to part Suicide I'm still living suicide I'm still giving To suicide I bring"
  • Death And Insanity - Hallows Eve
    "Death and insanity a flicker in the flame Death and insanity are you truly sane? Do you ever wonder when you're lying in your bed Deep dark thoughts of trances coming flying through your head You know"
  • Goblet Of Gore - Hallows Eve
    "As the madman we all know who writhed on a crucifix I too have been sacrificed by death and her tricks Pursue the grail to make a wish and drink from the goblet of gore Souls are but small giblets please"
  • Nobody Lives Forever - Hallows Eve
    "Everyone is condemned to death time of execution unknown Yet seek that which is within for the everyday fight in the horrorshow Sword on your hip, cry on your lip charge upon beasts of your script Misaligned"
  • Metal Merchants - Hallows Eve
    "MerchantsConquering and pillaging our metal it will stand the mighty metallion will be heard across the land in the end aren't we all animals and leather is the word so welcome to the human zoo where"
  • Plunging To Megadeath - Hallows Eve
    "Warriors on horseback from out of the sky coming to take you away Your life as it stands now in their hands it lies you won't live another full day man now he wonders just when he will die searching and"
  • Horrorshow - Hallows Eve
    "There exists two worlds for you one is false and one is true I have lost my shirt my friends paranoid vision, my brain is mildew I lost reality long ago now I live in a Horrorshow! reality is a tightrope"
  • D.I.E. (Death In Effect) - Hallows Eve
    "We are all dying there's no sense in trying no way you can stop it no way Death comes to you when you're an early son Then he walks beside you all the way Any moment he might strike reflecting your past"
  • The Eve of the Entities - Burning Inside
    "A storm approaches on hallows eve A storm that's feared for centuries The ancient prophets told of a night When the spirits and demons would rise For it is told when man lost hope Chaos and tragedy ran"

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