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The Hawk In Paris- Freaks

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The Hawk In Paris- Freaks

  • Freaks - Lindsay Robins
    "There must be something in the water Gotten into every mothers daughter It must be all the raging hormones The drugs and the alchohol And all the porno Heavy breathing Too much sleeping Never eating We're"
  • Freaks - Marillion
    "(Dick/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) Have you ever met a lady, screaming angst potential? Have you ever dreamed of romance, no matter how experimental? Have you ever felt an alien drifting back into your"
  • Freaks - Fish
    "Have you ever met a lady, screaming angst potential? Have you ever dreamed of romance, no matter how experimental? Have you ever felt an alien drifting back into your hometown? Did you think you were buying"
  • Freaks - Kool Keith
    "Freaks get naked, freaks get naked Freaks get naked baby, freaks get naked baby Girl I feel the way you love me, hold me at night and hug me You got the phone from my pocket to beep me and bug me Forget"
  • Freaks - Play-N-Skillz
    "(The world has too many freaks) I can freak you in the morning, freak you in the evening Freak you at night (The world has too many freaks) I can freak you in the morning, fuck you in the evening Fuck"
  • Freaks - Rigor Mortis
    "The faces deformed and grotesque The disfigured bodies and limbs You cringe at the sickening sight The freaks are accepting you in Hide your disgust as they greet you They cannot help their misfortune"
  • Freaks - Live
    "if the mother goes to sleep with you will you run and tell geraldo if the mother bears your children without tears without the usual costs of labor if the mother goes to bed with you will you run and"
  • Freaks - Play N Skillz
    "(Adina Howard) Ohhh.. (Skillz) Yea..Uh..Play N Skillz..Krayzie Bone..Adina..Freaks..Yea..Come on (Adina Howard) I want you to freak me 'til the morning (Hook) (Krayzie Bone) The world has to many freaks (Adina"
  • Freaks - Mc Chris
    "Let's meet at the mecca where we munch on desserts Let's order at a dining chain I'm ordering first Can't decide on appetizers or what sandwich to get can't deny it I'm excited gets my appetite whet Homeworks"
  • Freaks! Freaks! - Pigeon John
    "(feat. DJ Rhettmatic) Chorus: Freaks freaks all up in the club They like colorful drinks they like those dubs Freaks freaks even at Taco Bell Eating bean burritos and eating 'em well Freak Freaks"
  • Freaks - Soul Asylum
    "Make ure chillin guts start spillin its piece of a puzzle piece of a trouble is it somethin else? ure sellin yourself Im so wanting without a clue gotta find something better something better to do something"
  • The Hawk - Albert Collins
    "I remember when I was snowed in and up at old Shire town. I'm sure the next tour take me right back through that town. Snow was up to your shoulders man and that ain't no lie. Chicago wasn't so cold, it"
  • The Hawk - Marianne Faithfull
    "Gotta make your own rules, child, Gotta break your own chains. Your dreams that possess you Can blossom and bless you Or run you insane. The moment is yours, child, To lay on the line. The past just don't"
  • Black Hawk - Joe
    "Hey little shorty (Yeah, I'm watching you) Can we get naughty? (Flying high) While we keep creeping (I'm the bird of prey) Let him keep sleeping (Here I come baby) He leaves you every night He doesn't"
  • Night Hawk - Whitesnake
    "Gypsy woman told me I've got to walk the night Like a fallen angel, I'm blinded by the light. I need to find a love child, Who never did no wrong. A superstitious woman To love me all night long. Let"
  • Pneumonia Hawk - Cancer Bats
    "(feat. George Pettit of Alexisonfire) Good goddamn, I've got things to say And this will break your heart If you're running shit I'm running scared, running scared I'm feeling low, in this city I'm feeling"
  • The Freaks - Freddie Wadling
    "When I'm awake and standing on the frozen floor I cannot speak and no one can see me no more My mirror fades and spiders creeps across the door And nothing really means anything no more When I'm asleep"
  • Chicken Hawk Ll - Mack 10
    "The record you about to hear is basically true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. (You a cold nigga) Some breathe gangsta shit, we dream of gangsta shit I hit licks nigga lead the"
  • Evil Freaks - Death SS
    "We're the so-called monsters We're bong-water hits We're so different from you We're so different within We're the image of fear Something you can't control What you can't foresee We're the scum"
  • Hot Freaks - Guided By Voices
    "i met a non-dairy creamer explicitly laid out like a fruitcake with a wet spot bigger than a great lake took me to the new church and baptized me with salt she told me, "liquor" i am a new man hot freaks this"

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