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The Janoskians This Freakin Song

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The Janoskians This Freakin Song

  • This House Is Freakin' Sweet - Family Guy
    "*MB = Maids and Butlers **Non-singing part ----------------------------- MB: We Only Live to Kiss Your Ass! Butler: Kiss it? We'll even wipe it for you!** MB: From here on in it's easy street! Peter:"
  • Freakin' You - Donell Jones
    "To all the girls around the way what you wanna do Cuz we bout to come through Put your sundresses on forget the thongs and let's get our freak on But first I wanna pop Cris with you, get high with you,"
  • My God This House Is Freakin' Sweet (Corrected ) - Family Guy
    "Butlers:We only live to kiss ass. Butler:Kiss it!Hell, we'll even wipe it for you. Butlers:From here on in its Easy Street. Peter talking:Any bars on that street? Butler talking:24 happy hours a day. Peter"
  • Merry Freakin' Christmas - Calibretto 13
    "Well, I woke up that night to take a pee. Decided to look under the tree. Well, what did I see? Oh it was he, stuffing the stocking for me. It was my dad. He said, "Son, you're going on 19. It's time"
  • Merry Freakin' Christmas - Calibretto
    "Well, I woke up that night to take a pee. Decided to look under the tree. Well, what did I see? Oh it was he, stuffing the stocking for me. It was my dad. He said, "Son, you're going on 19. It's time"
  • Freakin' love - Darin Zanyar
    "(Freakin love, freakin love, freakin love)Chorus 2XFreakin loveWhat about my situation? What about my reputation?Freakin love, frekin love, freakin loveWhat about the step I'm taking? What about the game"
  • Freakin' out - Graham Coxon
    "Nothing to see nothing to hearNothing to be nothing to fearNothing to prove nothing to sayNothing to loose nothing to gainNothing to feel nothing to hateNothing is real it's all too lightWhat do you do"
  • Real Girls Eat Cake - The Janoskians
    "Hey girl, I see you made an effort with your lipstick, But you got some on your teeth You fucking dipshit, You’re like a hot mess and I like it (yeah, yeah, yeah). Let’s go, When we go out we make a great"
  • This Song - The Enemy
    "Half the kids who you grew up with Were pushin' prams by the time that they were just sixteen If love is a drug then where is the cure For the girl who used to talk to you about her dream And all the boys"
  • Freakin' At The Freakers Ball - Shel Silverstein
    "There's gonna be a Freaker's Ball yes yes tonight at the Freaker's Hall Ha ha yeah and you know that you're invited one and all C'mon babies grease your lips grab your hats swing your hips And don't forget"
  • Freakin' At The Freaker's Ball - Dr. Hook
    "(Shel Silverstein) Well there's gonna be a freaker's ball (ha ha) Tonight at the Freaker's Hall And you know you're invited one and all Uh oh Come on baby's grease your lips Grab your hats and swing"
  • This Song - Badly Drawn Boy
    "Badly Drawn Boy Hour Of Bewilderbeast This Song This Song will be here when you're old This Song will heat you when you're cold Believe you when I don't This Song will heal from your soul This Song will"
  • This Song - Demis Roussos
    "You say we should find out what other songs there are to sing about. You leave no doubt, you want from me the key to start a new and different melody. Well if you find he's what you want, just keep in"
  • This song - George Harrison
    "This song has nothing tricky about it This song ain't black or white and as far as I know Don't infringe on anyone's copyright, so This song we'll let be This song is in E This song is for you and me This"
  • This Song - Ron Sexsmith
    "I brought a song into this world Just a melody with words It trembles here before my eyes How can this song survive? I brought it to the tower of gold In my coat of many holes I came unarmed, they've"
  • One More Freakin' Dollar - Kelly Family
    "Hey listen buddy have you gotta dime for a cup of coffee? 'Cause my body is feelin' kind a cold out here in the boulevard. When I was barely five years old I used to go out with my friends. We would do"
  • This Song - Carl Cartee
    "This song is only for the Savior These instruments sounding only for his praise We dance in joyful celebration For Christ is risen from the grave Let every tongue that can Proclaim the name of Jesus Christ Let"
  • This Song - Lucky Twice
    "You made the day break, you made my legs shake so bad Once in a lifetime, you brought the sunshine and left me But, baby, tell me where I went wrong Why are you so impossible Now I wrote this song I'm"
  • This Song - Quarashi
    "Nothing left in me to fight for. Go with all the rest. You know what it is inside me. Carry me back. This song is all I have to give now. Nothing more to say. Words are running out, there's no more."
  • This song - Jasmine Guy
    "Cant handle facing what went on alwaysYears ago oh Im in a confused worldAt the moment I dont know who I amAll I do is stay home and cryBecause of good and bad daysThat happens to every single one of usYou"

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