The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 'Bag of Bones -

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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 'Bag of Bones

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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 'Bag of Bones

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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 'Bag of Bones
  • The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Bag of Bones
    "Good morning Everybody got to get up Are you ready for your new career? Need a J, O, B Come on! Get up! Have you heard about? You got to go ask you mother To get up! Come on! And I'm an old mean man And"
  • Guy Clark Bag Of Bones
    "He said his hip talks to him when it's ready to rain He's had a little nip and he's feelin' no pain When he gets like this he feels like talkin' He said he took some shrapnel at the Bay of Pigs He lost"
  • Owen Bag Of Bones
    "We bonded over broken bones. Who's broke skin. Who's fractured in two places. Who's hurt the most. We bonded over broken bones. How many vicodin we took before bed. How many we sold to the band sleeping"
  • Personal War The Bag Of Bones
    "Senselesness and tragedy reflects our time our common lifes We life for hours, live for days, live for years and are just witnesses of a growing colder atmosphere with any thought in webs you're caught"
  • Laurent Wolf Explosion
    "Explosion kiss, explosion kiss, the world Explosion kiss, explosion kiss, the love Explosion kiss, explosion kiss, for real (x2) Explosion in the car, explosion at the bar Explosion in the club, explosion"
  • Maanam Explosion
    "Life is a set of structures, the tree and the lizard Spellbound, ocean water, deep blue sleep Furnace inferno blazing securely The earth (hear how it whispers!) trips its swift ellipses Explosion Explosion Explosion"
  • Shonen Knife Explosion
    "Nothing's gonna start if you and I do nothing Nothing's gonna change if you and I are only waiting Nothing's gonna move if you and I see only one thing Nothing's gonna work but I can't change the system"
  • Princess Superstar Do It Like A Robot (Jon Spencer Remix)
    "I made a wish on Aladdin an imaginary menagerie in Manhattan filled with robots dancin like Michael Jacksons or Janet Jacksons-- Control Ms. Princess that's me, Ms. Princess F**k you if you nasty Need"
  • Scabs Bones
    "Bruce lee pack punches like brown bag lunches He get busy on the bad guy now why you wanna flow fly Float like a butterfly sting you in the sphincter I got flavor like jolly rancher be taking you out like"
  • W.A.S.P. Douche Bag Blues
    ""This isn't the stuff we normally do for you guys that are buying this. This is what happens when you consume massive amounts of drugs and alcohol" My mother was a douche bag My sister was a douche"
  • Fleshless The Body Bag Blues
    "Getting cold and getting rigid Blind eyes as the gate to emptiness Chest furrowed with exquisite cuts up Welcome to my forensic battleground As anatomical atlas you are wide open The goal is body encyclopaedical"
  • Reactor The explosion
    "Dear first offender we hope that you'll surrenderwe'll get you in the end, we'll get you in the enddear young protestor we hope this callous gesturewill slow down those convictions you defendWe're watching"
  • Madcap Youth Explosion
    "I can't stand this for another day What kind of fool do you think i am? You sit and stare like you see through me But you know nothing of the way i live When you were young were you just like me A grim"
  • Hit The Lights Body Bag
    "You're gonna need a bodybag, I'll break bones you didn't know you had. When I'm done there will be nothing left of you for your friends to hold on to when they find you cold and blue tonight, face"
  • The Fall Spencer Must Die
    "JJK Mel Scent of Vichy ....expensive JJK Mel A.K.A. M.E.L.P/B.L.E. Speciality Superb sunflowers >From the outskirts the melodic experience amplified over centuries raspberries in te/ (cuts out) (....)"
  • Plajia Beautiful Explosion
    "Fly down, hit bounds From Rockefeller I slip a water balloon It took like Fifty seconds To get their New York heads Wet and surprised Had those USA firecrackers I called one of my friends Then we, dressed"
  • The Killers Bones
    "(Come with me!) We took a back road, we're gonna look at the stars We took a back road in my car Down to the ocean, it's only water and sand And in the ocean, we'll hold hands But I don't really like"
  • Saves The Day Bones
    "They're all going out to meet inside an empty warehouse to hatch a plan to run me out of town They'll come when I sleep They'll circle the house put cyanide into the water pipes wait till I walk out"
  • City Sleeps Bones
    "Bones (bones) (bones) Bones (bones) (bones) Bones (bones) (bones) Bones (bones) (bones) They talked about you Like you were a piece of cake One that tasted Just like a sugar snowflake (They would"
  • Porter Wagoner Bones
    "Bones you've took me to places I wish that I'd never been Bones you've carried me down winding roads of love that I thought had no end But bones this time you've led me right straight to true love's door So"

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