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The Kelly Family Shes Crazy

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The Kelly Family Shes Crazy

  • Kelly Family - Broilers
    "Wir versenken euer Hausboot wir schneiden eure Haare ab und wenn ihr einmal sterben solltet dann pinkeln wir auf euer Grab Es ist bekannt von alters her wer sich nicht wscht, den mag keiner mehr doch"
  • Crazy - R. Kelly
    "(Chorus) Im going crazy Feels like im losing my mind And I dont know what to do Seems like im running out of time (Going Crazy) (Oh!!) And the gorgeous ring I bought Man she don't have a clue that I'm"
  • Family - Mystikal
    "Chorus: Mystikal & Girl Tell me where you from round? (I'm from here) Tell me where you from round? (I'm from here) Tell me where you from round? (I'm from right chere) Where's ya family?, mighty family, Where's"
  • Shes Every Woman - Garth Brooks
    "She's sun and rain, she's fire and iceA little crazy but it's niceAnd when she gets mad, you best leave her alone'Cause she'll rage just like a riverThen she'll beg you to forgive herShe's every woman"
  • Shes My Girl - Gilman Billy
    "All the guys are goin' blind from starin' My baby, she ain't even carin' And they're crazy if they think I'm sharin' 'Cause I know what they're after And nobody else can have her 'cause she's My girl,"
  • Kelly - Van She
    "Kelly was a young girl, looking in the mirror, doing what young kids do Watching out the window, thinking of all the things, she should do She's running all the time, she's running blind It's raining all"
  • Shes In The Bathroom & Shes Shaking Me 'Til Tommor - Atom And His Package
    "it was my birthday everything was going my way so i took my girl for a real nice dinner (dinner) we went to the facist restaraunt told her she could have whatever she wants i thought the night would"
  • Clayborne Family - Clayborne Family
    "(Guerilla Black) Damn ("I tell you life ain't shit to fool with") Clayborne Family {*scratch: "Not enough of this will make you mad"*} Dollar figure {*"Too much of this good shit will too"*} We come to"
  • One Family - Kelly Price
    "Verse 1 (Claudia) Forgetting the old and starting things brand new the past is gone and the future's here for you this Christmas (Celeste) The world's a little kinder too cause everybody observes the golden"
  • (I Got A Woman Crazy) Shes Funny That Way - Tony Bennett
    "A Taste Of Honey Tony Bennett Written by Ric Marlow and Bobby Scott Peaked at # 94 in 1964: his second song to get stuck at that level in face of the surging British Invasion (see also "When Joanna Loved"
  • She's crazy - Kelly Family
    "I know one thing: That the truthIn her eyes makes me love herSticks could break her little fine bonesBut words could never harm herShe is crazy, she is crazyYou can't hurt her, you can't break herI see"
  • Shes Leaving - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    "I've got a secret I can't explain And all the time I've waited for this day All along I was never in doubt I always knew it would never get out There are things that I cannot tell And there are things"
  • She's Crazy - The Kelly Family
    "I know one thing: That the truth In her eyes makes me love her Sticks could break her little fine bones But words could never harm her She is crazy, she is crazy You can't hurt her, you can't break her I"
  • Shes Leavin' - Clint Black
    "When I think about the time that I sat crying in my beer Jukebox pounding misery from ear to ear I know I'd tell myself I'm better off without you here But I'm looking for beginnings when the end is always"
  • Shes Gone - Mungo Jerry
    "The rain fell on my window, the wind was at my door, I tried to light my fire, I was feelin' mighty cold, My woman gone an' left me, to look after myself, I thought I'd hit the city, I don't want no one"
  • Shes Everything - BBMak
    "If you let me be a part of you If you tell me what I gotta do Maybe I could change I don't wanna see another day If I ever let you walk away from the love we have And here I can't see why I need her close"
  • When Shes Good Shes Good - Clay Walker
    "plastic black frame glases hair up in a bun from nine to five she looks like a school libarian but mister come this friday whens she punching out shes ready for love the hyme comes up and the hair comes"
  • Runs In The Family - Amanda Palmer
    "my friend has problems with winter and autumn they give him prescriptions, they shine bright lights on him they say its genetic, they say he cant help it they say you can catch it - but sometimes youre"
  • Crazy - The Kelly Family
    "Say why am I so crazy I'm sorry I can't stop me from growing They ask me Why am I crazy And I tell them I can't stop me from growing Why am I so,so,so crazy I think that I'm just an artist Being crazy"
  • Crazy - Kevin Federline
    "K-Federline, Bosko We got 'em on this one due And they say I'm crazy For loving you For feeling you And maybe I'm a little crazy But they don't know All the things you do When the pen hits the pad It's"

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