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The Killers - Just Another Girl

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The Killers - Just Another Girl

  • Killers - Ice T
    "A man took an ad on T.V. To enrol in the police academy He's very talented, outstanding proof From his clean-cut apperance to the shine on his boots When it comes to graduation, he's number one An expert"
  • Killers - Ice-T
    "A man took an ad on T.V.To enrol in the police academyHe's very talented, outstanding proofFrom his clean-cut apperance to the shine on his bootsWhen it comes to graduation, he's number oneAn expert with"
  • Just Another Girl - The Killers
    "Step out into the Indian dust I can feel the cracks in my spirit They're starting to bust Drive by your house Nobody's home I'm trying to tell myself that I'm better off alone All my friends say I should"
  • Killers - Iron Maiden
    "(Paul Di'Anno, Steve Harris) You walk through the subway, his eyes burn a hole in your back, A footstep behind you, he lunges prepared for attack. Scream for mercy, he laughs as he's watching you bleed, Killer"
  • Just Another Girl - Wild Orchid
    "So will you be a boy? Or will you be the king? Will you break my heart? I'll be the sweetest thing. I'm not just another (just another girl - girl, girl, girl) Tell you what I want All I want is love Even"
  • Just another girl - Monica
    "Verse 1* You think your slick in every way Changin up your calls on your phone everyday Is there something that your tryin to hide from me? I never gave you reason to run and take your calls in the other"
  • Just another - Dawson's Creek
    "You and I, were two of a kind, I hate to say it but youll never relate, what makes you tick? It makes me smile. You said that I should get away from it all, and bury my head in the sand if I want to, I"
  • Just another - Pete Yorn
    "You and I,were two of a kind,I hate to say it but youll never relate,what makes you tick?It makes me smile.You said that I should get away from it all,and bury my head in the sand if I want to,I think"
  • Another Girl - Wild Belle
    "I lose sleep, I lose sleep. Too much I've seen. And I weep, yes, I weep, Cut your lips upon her body. Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I, Didn't I treat you right? If I was so gone, why didn't you say? You"
  • Another Girl - Wakefield
    "They say we look fake, But I don't care at all What people might think We may rise to fall Sad but true It might be you It's not like you Saturday, you come my way And I don't want you to go home I take"
  • Another Girl - Bow Wow
    "I usually dont do this well not all the time but 4 U Prince of the O-Town she know its finna go down Prince of the O-Town you know its finna go down Shes said that she didnt want to be just another girl I"
  • Another girl - Thalia
    "I can give you upAssume me loveI will share you with another girlI swear this trueI'll do anythingCuz the days with your loving was everything I know about your girl at homeI know everything about youI"
  • Child Killers - The Delgados
    "Lately days all seem the same since I lost my brain Golden nights will see you through Darker days need glue How can I find whats right In truth our love was the night Whats the point to you? Goodbye"
  • Heretics & Killers - Protest The Hero
    "They called me the man with the blood of Christ honesty But tonight I drink with heathens and our, our finest blasphemies In wine there's truth but in silence there's surrender A screaming for the silence"
  • Primetime Killers - Rentokill
    "Right time, wrong song, but the picture that's on had a great effect on my will to sing along. Like a broadband bang that hit my mind ping-pong, the reaction is thrilling me. Right time, wrong place, but"
  • Southland Killers - Cypress Hill
    "(feat. King Tee, MC Ren) Yeah, y'all know what the fuck this is MC motherfuckin' Ren up in this bitch nigga Yeah, all y'all bitch-ass niggas out here talkin all that shit We 'bout to drop this motherfucker"
  • Killers - Motorhead
    "The order is for murder, And we've been there before, The men in black are coming back, To serve the killing floor, No pity, No surrender, We take no prisoners, We spare no brave defender, No mercy,"
  • Killers - Big Boss
    "There Richmond crack dealers will be executed for a string of murders-only the second applilcation of the 1988 federal death penalty for drug kingpins. Richard Tipton (22), Cory Johnson (24), James R."
  • Killers - Diary Of Dreams
    "5 chambers, 5 saviours, 5 walls, 5 traitors Observing my inhuman environment Nothing here to become attached to Makes it easy to let go ... A plague on you! No placebo left for you. What is sanity? What"
  • Just another girl - UB40
    "I know, and you know it true that this love is really really true and I know, and you know it true that this love is really really true and I want tell your friends, no other kinda way There's one thing"

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