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The Living Blues - Shylina tekst

Wykonawcy (1993)

The Living Blues - Shylina tekst

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The Living Blues - Shylina tekst
  • Bob Dylan Living The Blues
    "Since you've been gone I've been walking around With my head bowed down to my shoes I've been living the blues every night without you. I don't have to go far To know where you are Strangers all give"
  • Płomień 81 Tekst
    "To nie jest kiepskie bla bla, to zabije cię jak Kain Abla Klasyczne jak Duck Down rap propaganda Znamy kilka miejsc niebezpiecznych jak Bagdad Znamy wielki stres z nami dobry tekst, dobry panczlajn Ty"
  • Gabriel Mann Living
    "Living Is Only One Part of Being Believing Is to Know Just What You're Feeling You Weren't Supposed to Think You Know You Heard I'm Sure That You're Knowing You're Growing and It's You Thinking Is Your"
  • James Taylor Living
    "I feel alive I feel so close to you I feel my body moving and you touching me I feel so good I feel so sensual And I feel at this moment that I am living Living, loving Never stop from holding you"
  • Atlantic Popes Living
    "Oh a.m. Sky is blue I wonder how I made it through A million eyes again have never seen Living for a while Sad and warm your smile Living with a broken heart Something in your eyes Told me 'bout the way"
  • Alice Cooper Living
    "Living is only one part of being Believing is to know just what your feeling You weren't supposed to think you know You heard I'm sure you knowing your growing and it's you Thinking is your own world of"
  • Bleach Living
    "You've heard this same old line A hundred times before And I'll come crawling back Cause I can't take much more Can't take much more The things I'm working for Yeah they just don't mean much Cause it"
  • Circle Jerks Living
    "look at all those people livin' in those places the look of desparation's written on their faces no escape, no way out trapped in a circle of doubt are they happy? i don't know pocket your emptiness, what"
  • Vanilla Ice Living
    "Here it is, a dope hit Jealous cause I went multi-platinum Iceman comin with a dope hit Cause a few suckers need their throats slit Lyrics might be simplistic, but I'm no gimp On the strip, cause I know"
  • Society 1 Living
    "Feeling bad Feeling bad Roughed up,laid up, all of it made up Screwed up. scraped up, make sure your laid up Feeling sad Feeling sad Your stuck, no luck, oh yes it must suck Upset, reset, no you can"
  • David Banner Living
    "(feat. Crooked Lettaz , Devin The Dude , Macaffey) I'm livin today I don't know if it'll be alright, it'll be ok If it'll be alright, it'll be ok If it'll be alright, it'll be ok But I'm living"
  • The Cult Automatic Blues
    "Yeah Ooh now baby, baby, baby, baby, baby Hey there people, have you heard the news? Ooh oh yeah The world's on fire, I'm telling you, yeah, I'm telling you Brothers and sisters everywhere, come together People"
  • Derek & The Dominos Blues Power
    "Bet you didn't think I knew how to rock 'n' roll. Oh, I got the boogie-woogie right down in my very soul. There ain't no need for me to be a wallflower, 'Cause now I'm living on blues power. I knew all"
  • Magda Umer Najcichszy tekst
    "Nie głośniej snu Nie głośniej łez Nie głośniej tchu Zdyszanych serc Na skrawkach cisz Bezsennych sjest Nagrywam ci Serdeczny list Odwieczny tekst Jest cichszy od trzepotu ćmy Od szmeru słot "
  • The Black League Sanguinary Blues
    "Woe to thee... Children of the Night Hear the sweetest music playing in your mind? Who hath "The Understanding"? Who knows "The Final Truth"? Couldn't care much less no more... So go and waste your youth 'Cause"
  • Wierni Pare tekst
    "Mam parę tekstów do zarapowania I od chuja pomysłów nie do wyjebania Teraz kto? ja tu Fauda i Crack Ale zostaje parę spraw do sprostowania Ja mam parę tekstów do zarapowania I od chuja pomysłów nie do"
  • Kabaret Starszych Pan Najcichszy tekst
    "Nie głośniej snuNie głośniej łezNie głośniej tchuZdyszanych sercNa skrawkach ciszBezsennych sjestNagrywam ciSerdeczny listOdwieczny tekstJest cichszy od trzepotu ćmyOd szmeru słotW milczeniu mgłyBezradny"
  • Frank Black And The Catholics Jaina Blues
    "I'm working on my Maitri It doesn't matter who you are Just only that you're living I'm trying so hard I'm working on Pramoda I can't say I've gone as far I'm so happy now to see you Yeah, you soul star That's"
  • The Rolling Stones Ventilator blues
    "When your spine is cracking and your hands, they shake, Heart is bursting and you butt's gonna break. Your woman's cussing, you can hear her scream, You feel like murder in the first degree. Ain't nobody"
  • Natalie Merchant The Living
    "What's it like there outside With the living, with the living Here I've found a place I can hide >From the living, from the living Because I don't care to stay with the living Oh, the bottle has been"

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