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The Melodic Dreams Of Air Full Album Stream

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The Melodic Dreams Of Air Full Album Stream

  • Melodic - Killah Priest
    "Yo, yo, what up, son? Yeah Get your weed and your Hemeken It's melodic, yo, yo, who got a stogie on them? Priest, I'm dropping the Killah Beloved, the beloved, beloved brothers come on When doves cry,"
  • Midnight Melodic - Terranova
    "Ya, Turn my headphones up a little bit Yeah huh huh yeah Watch the pendulum swing And look what raz can bring Calm and deadly When these fools try to spread me Better get ready I just drop my new shit While"
  • Midnight Melodic (Chase The Blues) - Terranova
    "Nothing to do today Nothing I want to do Anyway I think I'll lie here for a while And try to escape I'll block out the wind tower Clouds run away Leave me in the sun I'm dreaming On my own Nothing to"
  • Cinderella Album - Bonnie Bianco
    "Stay You are my life you are my only one desire you're the air that I breath tonight won't you stay here beside me stay When I see you there's a glow from the stars above quess they know that I'm so"
  • Black Stream - Dead Can Dance
    "We scaled the face of reason to find at least one sign that would reveal "
  • Binary Stream - Pigface
    "This is a tale spun straight out of my binary core. This is a vision of my world seen through membranous eyes. This is the oceans filled with technicolor nuclear fish, their mutated metal scales riveted"
  • Stream Of Life - Entwine
    "In the state of your mind, burning low. And the fear you hide, seems to grow. The shade of your lies, makes you blind. And you live your life with no desire. It's in your head, it's in your eyes. It's"
  • Stream of Emptiness - Embraze
    "Only a breath of air when a man is dying You look at me and wish the hand is helping You follow the stream of emptiness with your eyes I dry away your tears and fly to the kingdom of bitter memories"
  • Dreams - The Guess Who
    "I was lost and tossed on a misty morning by a drunken sailor and the genie in the bottle let me down, I was raised on Cain, in the name of the Father and the Mother and the brother and the other who was"
  • Sky Full Of Dreams - Osada Vida
    "He was just like poster heroes smiling from his walls Trying to be one, who can save, whole the world In his mind there was story that he could have tell But one really try to understand He was all alone He"
  • Full - Namelessnumberheadman
    "Full stop where you let go - count a moment for your return. One drop, stuttered and slow. Then you're back to approaching. In the pictures year away, the explosions were deafening. In the dark we all"
  • California (Album) - Mr. Bungle
    "Sweet Charity Save me The heavens have opened The storm is over So let's start the parade... Raindrops Will turn to laughter Forever after In your technicolor heartbeat And they say That it helps you"
  • A Head Full Of Dreams - Coldplay
    "I think I landed In a world I hadn't seen When I'm feeling ordinary When I don't know what I mean I think I landed Where are miracles at work For the thirst and for the hunger Come the conference of birds Saying"
  • A Wish Full Of Dreams - August Burns Red
    "Do I dare question it? This world is ending with countless years of false doubting. Let's get up and arise. Speculation. Your dreams are long gone. Now you told me to never hold back mercy. So, this is"
  • Air - Air
    "I am feeling very warm right nowPlease don't disappearI am spacing out with youYou are the most beautiful entity That I've ever dreamed of At night I will protect you in your dreamsI will be your angelYou"
  • Down Into The Stream - Shape Of Despair
    "This day travels within the dense mist and awake this clearer sight as the birth of the night is seen... Though my mind wander like an stream beside, caressing a sigh... fading afar... closing me in, to"
  • Leaf And Stream - Ash Wishbone
    "Find myself beside a stream of empty thought, Like a leaf that's fallen to the ground, And carried by the flow of water to my dreams Woken only by your sound. (Repeat) Alone I've walked this path for"
  • The Stream - Ben Christophers
    "When you drove your car into the stream That was weird you seemed so phased by it In a moment your life turns Like a carousel inside When you found your daddy's heart in you All those things you hated"
  • Lucid Dreams (Pre-Album Version) - Franz Ferdinand
    "Sweet slides on my stereo shortwave ride my rodeo He came from a Salomon, but I'm going to Istanbul So why don't you meet me there? There is no nation of you there is no nation of me Our only nation"
  • The Pond & The Stream - Sandy Denny
    "Annie wanders on the land. She loves the freedom of the air. She finds a friend in ev'ry place she goes. There's always a face she knows. I wish that I was there. She says, ''i'm leaving here tomorrow To"

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