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The Melodic Runaway

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The Melodic Runaway

  • Melodic - Killah Priest
    "Yo, yo, what up, son? Yeah Get your weed and your Hemeken It's melodic, yo, yo, who got a stogie on them? Priest, I'm dropping the Killah Beloved, the beloved, beloved brothers come on When doves cry,"
  • Midnight Melodic - Terranova
    "Ya, Turn my headphones up a little bit Yeah huh huh yeah Watch the pendulum swing And look what raz can bring Calm and deadly When these fools try to spread me Better get ready I just drop my new shit While"
  • Midnight Melodic (Chase The Blues) - Terranova
    "Nothing to do today Nothing I want to do Anyway I think I'll lie here for a while And try to escape I'll block out the wind tower Clouds run away Leave me in the sun I'm dreaming On my own Nothing to"
  • Runaway - The Kooks
    "Girl I wanna be good to you, I never wanna do you no harm, I'm caught up in this fascination, Helping with your alarms, Ignore life if you want to babe, Do what you've got to do, I need some time in the"
  • Runaway - The Lovemakers
    "Runaway Runaway Wait a-wait and see Well I've been waiting my whole life baby For what's coming to me Darlin' can't you see That if you want my love then claim it Or else let me be (CHORUS) I need you"
  • Runaway - The Corrs
    "Say it's true There's nothing like me and you I'm not alone Tell me you feel it too And I would run away I would run away, yeah yeah I would run away I would run away with you Because I, have fallen"
  • Runaway - The Adicts
    "I hear people talk I see people walk They seem so out of touch I wanna get away so much All the clockwork toys Are making too much noise It's the machinery It's breaking down O' can't you see Run runaway"
  • Runaway - Hail The Villain
    "Welcome to the end Of everything that haunts me Somehow I pretend All was meant to be I am not the saint here Never the good son Hell has taken over and I know When I say Go, runaway, runaway Where do"
  • Runaway - Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
    "As I walk along I wonder, a what went wrong with our love a love that was so strong and as I still walk on I think of the things we've done together while our hearts were young Im a walkin in the rain"
  • Runaway - The house keepers
    "More than I could More than I would More than I ever wanted from you Things that you said Things that you had Given to me so precious Feel on fire I can't hide it And I even won't deny It's all that you"
  • Runaway - The Early November
    "Alright, now take one look at me,Cause it's the last you'll ever see because I'm leaving tonight.And just think about it, you'll never have to be embarrassed,In front of your friends and family again,"
  • Runaway - Akcent
    "I always wanted you by my side I felt you we`re my guide The one who showed me what`s right I used to think that you we`re my light And trusted in your smile But now you have decide Runaway, runaway, runaway Searching"
  • Runaway - Real McCoy
    "Runaway, runaway, runaway and save your life Runaway, runaway, runaway if you want to survive Runaway, runaway, runaway and save your life Runaway, runaway, runaway if you want to survive Money, sex,"
  • Runaway - My American Heart
    "If you could read between the lines You would know that Times not on our side Gotta go the world is moving Moving Gotta go the world is moving Way too fast So now what can I say? Let's focus Let's focus We"
  • Runaway - Honorata Skarbek "Honey"
    "I got two thousand miles to run and no energy Too much to deal with people keep telling me to run faster A big world that's spinning night through day under me Can't tell my up from down no more, baby"
  • Runaway - Kate Ryan
    "You leave in the morning with everything you own at little, Black caves Alone on the bluff from the wind and the rain on the side, Lonely phase Mother will never understand why you had to leave For the"
  • Runaway - Riot
    "Runaway, all alone, on these streets you call your home Fade to black, painted smile On these streets there cries a wounded child On the run, shadows always falling It's a high price that you pay Runaway"
  • Runaway - Pat McGee Band
    "Gone away and hide your eyes Stay for me with no disguise We should fall, still we can rise Lay it down, your heart, tonight Try to imagine your soul set free Let it go and run to me You've got"
  • Runaway - Graham Colton Band
    "And I am hollow as she beckons me A million years its has taken me The words that are escaping out my mouth She can't find the words to say In a moment she can't take And her wings won't spread to let"
  • Runaway - Cascada
    "From London to Paris From Berlin to Rome You're searching for something A place to call home Been hiding your feelings Went out of control Your destinations unknown Tell me How can it be boy? You're"

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