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The Midnight -Sunset

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The Midnight -Sunset

  • Midnight - The Monkees
    "Deep in the bayou en route to LA The merchandise is changing sides People are hiding and waiting all day 'Til midnight comes around That's when it's coming down And the dreams of a boy And his shortcut"
  • Midnight - King Diamond
    "Midnight...I see the snow that's falling Midnight...Still hanging on this wall I'm thinking back in time To when there was still a life Free of misery Oh...But it was never to be Midnight...I see the"
  • Midnight - Porter Wagoner
    "Midnight I've spent another lonely day thinkin' of you Midnight tomorrow is on its way empty and blue I'm so lonely so lonely at midnight for you Midnight oh what a lonely time to weep I ought to know Midnight"
  • Midnight - Asia
    "(Payne/Downes) They put away the DDT now But gave metal to the sea A hundred years can't wait A hundred years can't wait another day The only eagle, only tree Within a desert that was green A hundred"
  • Midnight - Thomas Anders
    "Midnight Under the moonlight You're sayin' with your eyes What I've always known Midnight Wherever you wander The star that you follow Is guiding you home Two hearts Wishing on one star Dreaming together"
  • Midnight - Bertine Zetlitz
    "Keeping afloat after midnight Using your favorite smile Keeping it flowing round midnight You're gonna drift for a while Going too fast after midnight You won't be able to choose Water's too high around"
  • Midnight - Natalia Moskal
    "I don’t need nobody I don’t need nobody but you want show me that you gonna love me I don’t need nobody I don’t need nobody They say hay baby girl be aware of the world [?] you got to love it for got"
  • Midnight - Grant Lee Phillips
    "People living in a house of cards Up to knees in the wreckage when the wind blows hard Made a vow baby that still stands And I'll take that promise to the promise land Take a look around you and the map"
  • Midnight - Omarion
    "Midnight....mmm... Uhhhmmm... It started out like any other day But it was any thing but Something 'bout the way the moon was shining Something seemed so different ooh Got in the car but didn't have"
  • Midnight - Deceased
    "It's midnight!!! The sharpened clock, it tells the time, and yes, It all stands still The missing link, a thousand worlds, What does this all reveal? A given time, another plane, a place for all escape As"
  • Midnight - Beth Crowley
    "I know I’m different, than what you expected. But I’ve been playing a role, It’s time that you know the truth. You may not want me anymore, I’m not what you’ve been looking for, but under these pieces"
  • Midnight - Elvis Presley
    "Maybe it's too late. Sometimes I even hate myself for loving you Trying to be strong then nighttime comes along and I start loving you Wanting you. Where is all my selfcontrol I'm burning way down in my"
  • Midnight - Liam Payne, Alesso
    "always thought i was losin’ the race looking for love in all the wrong places really don’t know how we made it here never thought I was worth what you give never felt quite alive now I am living you kill"
  • Midnight - Rancid
    "No doubt about it - There's no No doubt about it - Come on No doubt about it - Right now No doubt about it - There's no No doubt about it Midnight - I know where I am That's right - I know where I'm going"
  • Midnight - Jessie Ware
    "You’re special your truly you pull me deep into my deepest desire can you meet me in the midnight? call me cause I know you you know me when I’m fading you’re the only one who inspires maybe I love you maybe"
  • Midnight - Magnum
    "I know how it feels to cry But its only lovers know the reason why They stay together And when your time has come Youll soon discover, look at what youve done Could be forever Your open arms say everything"
  • Midnight - America
    "Midnight rolling in, sunlightReaching out for your returnAs you were running through the tunnel of lifeAnd soon you'll dance around the fire of frightTonightWhen you're standing on the cornerAnd the sun"
  • Midnight - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Things will never be the same Still I'm awfully glad I came Resonating in the shape of things to come Never waiting when I know there's only one. Messed it up but rest assured No one ever thinks they're"
  • Midnight - Rock Kills Kid
    "No friends, nothing to do No start, no end Stuck in the middle Of all of these games Running around in an empty room Bumping into the cold brick walls Pierce my lips until blood Starts falling out the"
  • Midnight - Elan
    "Between the lines I get it I read it when you spoke to me last night Don't think I don't know what's going on here And be sure I didn't come to steal your life You leave before midnight, you're standing"

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