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The Moth

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The Moth

  • Moth - Over The Rhine
    "Moth words: Detweiler and Bergquist music: Bergquist recording: Amateur Shortwave Radio same old question without words so familiar seldom heard if I answer I confess I am only just a guess and with my"
  • Moth - Honeydogs
    "You, swore you never found anything about me you could adore Now it has come to pass And I can't you off of my ass You, took me for a ride Off the road you strayed Like a moth, flying into the light"
  • Moth - People In Planes
    "Moth on the wall you never fall You just disappear from view You don't even have to try To make a nuisance of yourself You deny all knowledge That anything ever happened here Did it ever happen"
  • Moth - Hellyeah
    "I’ve been cast out, sequestered. Pushed the fuck around. Blindsided, beaten, locked up and bound. Always thought i was human but maybe i was wrong. i’ve been treated like an animal since the day i was"
  • Moth - Moe.
    "Now somewhere between the plastic, dog eared flaps of the kitchen screen door Rests a little gypsy moth, it got burned out from the war It was a big one, the war that is, it was a Sunday afternoon The"
  • Moth - Ours
    "Out of the pan into the fire Out of her hands into a liar It would be better If everyone gave what they wanted And they said what they won't It would be better It would be better Hate on the left of me Pain"
  • Moth - Audioslave
    "Thought I was different and it seems I'm just the same As a game I put my hand over the flame I thought I was smarter as I flew into the sun But it turned out the way it does with everyone Oh, oh I don't"
  • The moth - Alimee Mann
    "The moth don't care when he sees the flamehe might get burned but he's in the gameand once he's in he can't go back, andbeat his wings 'til he burns them blackno the moth don't care when he sees the flameno"
  • The Moth - Aimee Mann
    "The moth don't care when he sees the flame He might get burned, but he's in the game And once he's in he can't go back, He'll beat his wings till he burns them black No, the moth don't care when he sees"
  • Killer Moth - Warcloud
    "Killer Moth The killer moth, live in church, I harm lots Spiderman, standing on the ceiling with my fucking arms crossed The killer moth, the Shady's tape, crystal lakes Pistol charades rape, Swiss chandlers"
  • White Moth - Xavier Rudd
    "tiny bones and skin, sand on your feet these healthy children, the fruits of your tree turquoise flotation, the Indian sea we can float together you and me yeah we love you it's a beautiful day thankyou"
  • Rear Moth - Psapp
    "Hmmmm� You're a lovely fade out You're the last part of a now Only when I�m sleeping do I see Oh I want for nothing It's the hardest part of all What can keep me up and let me fall Hmmmm� Sometimes"
  • Silk Moth - Simon Says
    "Hello Mr. Double Face you think you're so Beautiful Disguised in all your plastic smiles tell Them all they want to hear Leather jacket fits so nice while I am so Pitiful Bottom line name your price then"
  • Holding The Moth - Underworld
    "With a glass eye on you with a glass eye on you electric eye on you who loves to be touched with a glass eye on you electric eye on you who could dance like you, dance like you, pleasure dance like you,"
  • Moth Into Flame - Metallica
    "Blacked out Pop queen, amphetamine The screams crashed into silence Tapped out Doused in the gasoline The high times going timeless Decadence Death of the innocence The pathway starts to spiral Infamy All"
  • Moth In The Incubator - The Flaming Lips
    "Something in you, it jitters like a moth And I see that your arms are out to God And oh, they kill you when they talk It makes a mountain peak seem little when it's not Your incubator is so tight (2x) I've"
  • Moth And The Streetlight - Sheila Nicholls
    "I knew I was treading water, And your baggage floated all around. There were no life rafts, Should I grab a suitcase? It was sink or swim to higher ground. An' I stretch between, telling you everything and"
  • The Moth And The Streetlight - Sheila Nicholls
    "Verse 1 I knew, I was, treading water, and your baggage floated all around. There were no lifeboats, should I grab a suitcase, it was sink or swim to higher ground. An' I stretch between, telling you"
  • Flame To The Moth - Pain Of Salvation
    "I long for the summer I long for the sun, gently touching my face I'll open my eyes, let it burn every splinter Unleash desert storms on its way to my heart And I had this coming every day of my life This"
  • Moth Of Many Flames - Spock's Beard
    "Take a giant leap Off the only ledge you know Kiss the ground above your head Surf the blue sky down below Taste the air that's burning sweet With all the words you can't take back Eighteen orchids at"

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