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The Murder Of My Sweet

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The Murder Of My Sweet

  • Murder, murder - David Hasselhoff
    "Read about the ?ideous murder,Profane, religious murder ! The poor old bishop,What a shock ! Seen walkin? wiv ?is daughter,A moment prior to slaughter ! The shepherd tendin? to ?is flock ! ?e died in a"
  • Murder Murder Murder - House Of Krazees
    "check this out eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You never heard of redrum in reverse Bodies in the hearse Now your life's gone cause we wanted you to die Time to kiss your ass good"
  • Murder - Over The Rhine
    "Murder words: Detweiler and Bergquist music: Detweiler, Bergquist and Hordinski recording: Besides Murders just a word for lack of something else to say. Murders just a game for lack of something else"
  • Murder - Silkk The Shocker
    "SILKK THE SHOCKER LYRICS "Murder" (feat. Big Ed, Master P) Y'all niggaz ready for this Silkk the Shocker shit? (Y'all niggaz out there bangin) Switch! (claimin red and blue) Y'all niggaz bout it? Nigga"
  • Murder - General Public
    "what made the truth sound like a lie led step by step into desire choose to be understanding say you don't care when i know you do i can sleep at night, but each time i try you know i dream of you it's"
  • Murder, Murder, Murder - Insane Clown Posse
    "Murder, Murder, Mur...Murder Murder Murder, Murder, Mur...Murder Murder First I plan my escape Nothing on papes and leave the scene without a trace I'm lookin' dead in her face But she don't see me I'm"
  • Murder, murder, murder - ICP
    "Murder, Murder, Mur...MurderMurderMurder, Murder, Mur...MurderMurderFirst I plan my escapeNothing on papes and leave the scene without a traceI'm lookin' dead in her faceBut she don't see meI'm unnoticedI"
  • Murder murder murder - Twiztid
    "First I plan my escape. Nothin on papes and live the scene without a trace. I'm lookin dead in her face. But she dont see me Im unoticed. I head straight to her window for better focus. Hokus Pokus! I"
  • Murder... - Gardenian
    "Why don't you... Feel like I feel The true Reality My words are no lies But yet not devine Murder... My one domain Murder... My life in flames Why don't you... Pull out your head Out from your ass I'm"
  • Murder - Mack 10
    "(feat. Turk) beef done started nigga, ain't no checking out now I'ma bring it everyday til' I X ya out now see with that guerrilla reppin got ya in two some shit you can't handle so nigga fuck you wanna"
  • Murder - Gehenna
    "Thought you were indestructible But now you have lost all control Before this night is over You will feel the power Of my knife carving away at your gut The blood gushes Your life is fading No remores"
  • Murder - Ashlee Simpson
    "I took a dose of your medicine, I don't see what all the fuss is about, 'Cause i'm okay. Soon you will see that I got the ability To get my way. So dont keep me in the dark 'Cause i'll find the light. (Don't,"
  • Murder - Fed-X
    "(feat. Yukmouth & Dru Down) Ok It's, Murder! Wid three holes in a beenie hat pulled down over my face and I got some guns on my waist It's, Murder! I come wid a goon squad mob that'll hit and pop knock"
  • Murder - Alana Davis
    "There's a bleeder in my kitchen And he's pouring on my floor There's a killer in my hallway And he's scratching at my door I think I might have heard some screaming I might have heard somebody cry Now"
    "Your bright light keeps on shining your blue smoke hits my eyes another way of diving so danger has no price The feeling of your slowness traces out of sight these ever returning spirits"
  • Murder - Ashlee Simpson Feat. Travis McCoy
    "They say I get away with murder, ahh I took a dose of your medicine You tell me to leave but I come back again I don't see what all the fuss is about 'cuz I'm okay Soon you will see that I got ability"
  • Murder - Mr. Easy
    "1. Some little bwoy dis me the other day An swear say dem get away But anyweh we see dem bwoy deh a stray Di whol a dem a get spray Mama she a beg an a hope an pray Seh nuh badda wid the gun play"
  • Murder - Nostradameus
    "Deep in the chambers where time's standing still There's mixtures and potions for all of his needs The prophet is glaring with eyes cold as ice A horrible laughter escapes from his mouth Raving in madness"
  • Murder - Shadowkeep
    "I am the ghost of a ghost that lives inside your head The third generation core of a system based on drugs and strain Here from my prison cells I watched over your health But now I want to be free, mess"
  • Murder - Rhodes Happy
    "I believe that we are good I believe that we are good In my heart There's no evil So tell me why Torture is alive and well And death is all too common In our worlds At the hands of human Need to find the"

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