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The Offspring - This Is Not Utopia

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The Offspring - This Is Not Utopia

  • This Is Not Utopia - The Offspring
    "Lika a shot without a warning Lies a life tat’s left behind And though i try It’s something i Just can’t unsee It’s burned unto my mind And i wake up in the morning News keeps flahing on my eyes These"
  • Offspring - Del The Funky Homosapien
    "(Del) Aiyyo whattup El-P? (El) Yo whattup Del-phonic? (Del) Nuthin man; I was on the bus the other day man tryin to listen to my Walkman This motherf**ker all in my face Tryin to holla at me and shit I'm"
  • Offspring - Company Flow
    "(del) aiyyo whattup el-p? (el) yo whattup del-phonic? (del) nuthin man; I was on the bus the other day man Tryin to listen to my walkman This motherf**ker all in my face Tryin to holla at me and shit I'm"
  • Utopia - Flesh Field
    "I question this reality, And I criticize its rules. Apathetic misery. This world is overrun by fools. Born from isolation; A pretty place, a utopia. Suicidal revelation; This life is no better than the"
  • Utopia - Sagisu Shiro
    "(Verse1) I'm not aware that I'm not there but over here I've lived my life now I'm dead,I've got nothing to fear I'm living large,yes I am,but we're all the same I don't know you yet I know you 'cause"
  • Eviscerated Offspring - Dying Fetus
    "Immortal Gods Of Life, Cast Into Waves, Bleed For The Maker, Drowning In His Faith, No Ressurection, Crush The Lifeless Spawn, Preview Of Tomorrow, Dying Dead, Already Gone, Without Face Or Features, The"
  • Utopia - Alanis Morissette
    "we'd gather around all in a room fasten our belts engage in dialogue we'd all slow down rest without guilt not lie without fear disagree sans judgement we would stay and respond and expand and include"
  • Utopia - Sofia Loell
    "I see the world with different eyes loud and clear I hold my view I see no reason yet to give up the sweat idea of my utopia Lately I've found myself drowning in coffee and other habits told me to make"
  • Utopia - I Against I
    "I was only twelve years old when i started having dreams aboutPlaying in a band without hypocrisy. but as i'm older now i'veCome to realize that playing in a band is not utopia so here isMy advice. you"
  • The Road To Utopia - Utopia
    "I blink my eyes and then it happens again I lose my way but I discover a friend It's a typical day on the road to utopia I walk along until my feet are sore I rest a minute then I walk some more There's"
  • Utopia - Utopia
    "Its a strange day No colours or shapes No sounds in my head I forget who i am... when im with you Theres no reason Theres no sense Im not supposed to feel. I forget who i am, i forget..... Fascist baby,"
  • Utopia Obtained - Obtained Enslavement
    "I declare war upon a heaven that was ours This I swear - by the ancient gods that the Millennium Beast devoured I'll desecrate - you'll tremble at my feet Step aside - as I place myself upon his seat When"
  • Beheaded- Offspring - Polaris
    "Mommy doesn't have a head any more Keep it underneath my bed on the floor Well that's alright, that's OK She never really used her head anyway Daddy called me a silly bore Bet he won't say that any more Because"
  • Utopia - Goldfrapp
    "It's a strange day no colours or shapes no sound in my head I forget who I am when I'm with you there's no reason there's no sense I'm not supposed to feel I forget who I am I forget Fascist baby Utopia,"
  • Utopia - Armia
    "W tym mieście nie ma cmentarzaPoza tym wszystko tutaj jestKupno i sprzedaż, ręka i czołoSpotkanie na samym dnieMoże tam mieszka jakieś lichoCo dorabia sobie we śnieStraszniejsze niż go malująSwe pocałunki"
  • Unchain Utopia - Epica
    "We're in a time where all enterprises fall We should beware of the wolves that haunt us They are not all the same, cannot take the blame Await the time to unchain utopia Am I the only one who sees the"
  • Utopia Consumed - Abigor
    "Forgive me father for I've sinned I am a child of fire and the master of winds But I'm still wide awake... Fingers grip out of my brain No control - my mind is lame From the earth up to the trees I hear"
  • (N)Utopia - Graveworm
    "World is changing every day World is changing every moment But some little things remain the same They hurt my mind - a real pain! Look around what you see Only hate and misery This world - a poisoned"
  • Amoral Utopia - Technohead
    "Well they say we're depressed hungover and stressed And all that we do is sanctioned by you And the meaning of life Is to breed and survive And so we should strive for this If I walk down the street"
  • The Quiet Offspring - Green Carnation
    "A choice were made and it came clear to me The quiet offspring fucked it up again So I was brought up on the sunny side Got into fake from day one But I knew better then the rest of them Don't count the"

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